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I love this lyric video so much it shows that you shouldn’t segregate woman and men and no matter if your a man or a woman you should be treated equally your so inspiring I love you so much I also believe in everyone being treated equally and loved for who you are not your gender or looks. I also believe that you shouldn’t be stereotypical and like things because you have to for example who says woman can’t like the color blue and men like the color pink when you describe a gender why do woman have to be pink and men blue why can’t we choose our own lives without others saying we have to do that because of our gender. @taylorswift @taylornation

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One week ago. My dad was attacked by someone on the street who tried to steal his car. The man drove on my dad’s leg and he’s now stuck at home because he can’t walk for at least 6 weeks.

Friday for my bday we watched miss Americana together because my dad really likes @taylorswift and today as I’m stuck at home with him because I’m ill we decided to watch the reputation stadium tour and my dad told me “Taylor’s musics makes me feel better”

I love these father/daughter moments and it’s always with Taylor Swift show :)


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@taylorswift talking about her “shame/hate” sprial mmediately brought me to tears

Sometimes it gets better for long periods but other times it doesn’t… eating disorders-self body shaming

how women judge their bodies is insane

I’ve been keeping tally of my food because I’m going to Mexico and I know there will be photos and I can’t workout hard enough because I have a foot injury from wearing heels too long and too often at work so I’ve been juicing, not eating or hating myself if I eat what I want or 3 good meals.

Even if I could workout I would find another reason to shame myself.

I’m down to my “goal weight” but when it comes to meeting any image goal like she said it’s “fucking impossible”


Let’s just scream it out & move on & love ourselves

And it shook me because I’m on the struggle bus right now and it’s causing me great stress

There have been times in my life where looking at a photo has also caused me to cry and cover mirrors in my house because I knew I was telling myself lies but I couldn’t stop.

Reminds me of the days I binged listened to “Tied together with a smile”

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*Taylor sitting with Joe pictures exists*

Swifties’ captions:

“You’re my, my, my, my lover..”

“I love a London Boy.”

“And at every table, I’ll save you a seat, LOVER!”

“You’re so Gorgeous”

“I don’t wanna look at anything else now that I saw you”

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