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Runaan: Point is, we need to try it.

Tiadrin: But that’s illegal.



Tiadrin: I’m just fucking with you, I’m in.

Lain: I’m in too. I heard the word “illegal.”

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A surface-likable white male creator getting essentially a free pass from accusations of workplace abuse and dodging any and all questions about it by calling people mean and that they’re exaggerating because he fulfilled a pale-skinned hetero ship that people are losing their minds over because it’s decently written and not claw-your-eyes-out-bad, as well as the barest hints of “LGBT REPPPPPP” (that I personally don’t think is even that good in context).

Meanwhile, queer or otherwise marginalized creators get absolutely hounded for either being far more daring or working under bad circumstances/the best with what they’ve been given.

I’d say I expected better, but that would be a lie.

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Me after seeing 3x08: I really want to see Runaan and Rayla’s birth father fight together. It would be so cool.



Me: Now knowing what kind of friendship and dynamic these two have.


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Also me realising what Ethari being the Remus of the group might mean about how he sees himself:


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Also realising what Tiadrin had deal with, especially from Lian:


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The things we leave behind.

Back on my bullshit ayeyeyeyeyeye
A little concept for Naymora’s first life as Aaravos’ daughter :)
She failed to free him from the mirror and instead died at it. He couldn’t watch her fade away, but if he had, perhaps he’d have realized that she just recited a reincarnation spell. Whoops

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Rayla:*sharpening blades*…….




Rayla:You keep staring, why? Trying to draw my blades again?

Callum:N…no, I’m just you know….sitting around. *looks away*

Rayla:….*slowly starts sharpening again*……

Callum:……*looks at her*

Rayla:You’re doing it again!! Stop being weird!

Callum:I’m not being weird!

Rayla:Then why are you just staring at me?

Callum:Because……*blushing* I’m admiring how beautiful you look while you work.


Rayla:*blushing and raises hood* Why are you always saying dumb things? Can’t you just draw or something?

Callum:*pouts* Sorry, my bad hehehehe *opens book to draw*

Rayla:….*peeks at him*

Callum:….*smiles* Yes Rayl-

Rayla:Shut up it’s payback!

Callum. Seems fair I guess. *draws calming.*

Rayla:*Admiring him “secretly”* (He has no right to be this cute)

Soren:*whispering* I thought they were already dating. What’s with the weird flirting?

Ezran:Normal flirting is still too hard for them.

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a/n: blatantly based off of @eerna’s wonderful pirate au and posted with her permission, hope you enjoy!

“Do you know where he is?”

Rayla’s first thought is that everything about the boy is soft. The childhood clinging to his face although he’s perhaps a year younger than her, the scarf around his neck and fineness of his clothes. Even his expression, wavering and trying to be hard, trying to enforce some steadiness, some sort of intimidation into his voice. To be taken seriously. The Governor’s other son who hasn’t perfected his father’s art of being commanding.

Everything, except his eyes. Sea green and steely, hardened with resolve, they catch her off guard. A little rimmed with red, too from crying. But she supposes his baby brother was just kidnapped the other day. And that ‘he’ must be the one this brother speaks of.

“You’re going to have to be a little more specific,” she drawls, resting one elbow on her propped up knee, hands chained and hanging (the way she will be soon too, she supposes), ever the pirate. Why she’s drawing this out, she’s not sure. Her corridor the jail block is currently empty, but it won’t be for long, and surely this boy isn’t supposed to be talking to her, either.

“My brother,” the boy says, upset and demanding now as he stands in front of her barred cell. “They took him. Your crew took him.”

“That they did,” she confirms, because it must be common knowledge by now. In newspapers and everything. Governor’s son and exotic dragon egg stolen

The boy narrows his eyes at her. She wishes she could remember his name. She knows it must’ve been in the papers, years ago. Something about the Governor getting remarried. What is it…? Clem? It can’t be camel. 

“And they left you behind,” he continues, and she just holds back a flinch.

It’s the pirate code, to leave behind weak links. She’s the one who messed up. They were right to leave her. She doesn’t care. She doesn’t. “What’s it to you?” she snarls. “Isn’t your father campaigning for a noose around your neck?”

“Maybe.” The boy shifts, fidgets with his scarf. His spine straightens. “But that won’t help me find my brother. You can.”

Rayla’s interest piques. It sounds like a deal, a bargain. If there’s one thing she knows as a pirate, it’s how to strike a bargain that gets her more rather than less. “Oh?”

The boy gestures with his hand now, face stern and wagging a finger. “I let you go,” he starts, then stops. “If I let you go, and get you out of here, then you have to help me find my brother.” 

Rayla’s mind races. A way out. Slim and fleeting, maybe, but it’s a way to live. All she’ll need is a ship and she can hightail it out of here. But she can’t let him know any of that, and schools her expression into something she hopes come across as neutral. “You realize the ocean is kind of massive, right? He could be anywhere.” 

“They stole him and the dragon egg. They must be connected somehow.” The boy brow pinches. His voice breaks. “They couldn’t have just gotten rid of—”

Unwillingly, her brain produces everything she knows of the Governor’s second son, which admittedly isn’t much. Sweet looking kid in the newspapers. Big grin. Named Ezran? Young. She grits her teeth. Maybe ten years old.

“My crew isn’t—wasn’t that cruel,” she says, catching herself (they left her, right?) and the boy’s gaze snaps up. She doesn’t know why she says it, even though it’s true. To give him hope, maybe? It’s a dangerous, stupid move. She’s five seconds away from a bargain. She can’t be caring already. 

The boy’s eyes shine with immeasurable hope that’s desperately trying to not grow too big. He coughs. “I get you free from the gallows, and you help me find my little brother,” he says, and meets her eye. “Do we have a deal or not?”

Rayla grumbles for a moment under her breath, already knowing she won’t be able to backstab him now, will she? Damn her. What was it Runaan always called her? Too soft hearted? It sounds about right, as she stands, and nods. “Fine,” she says terse.

He lights up, taking her word just like that. Clearly he’s never been around pirates before. She’s going to have her hands full keeping him alive, isn’t she? He opens his mouth to say something—maybe thank you—when a voice rings out.

“Callum?” Mellow and deep, if concerned. “Where are you?”

“I’ll be right there, father!” Callum calls, and then glances back at her. Steps closer to the bars. 

She isn’t sure whether she’s glad she knows his name now or not. Perhaps it makes this too real. This has really been her day. She’s really going to team up with a wimpy Governor’s son to rescue his baby brother back from her old crew. She’s lost her mind.

Thank you,” he says, every syllable soft like he means it, and maybe it’s sort of okay, if she’s lost her mind a little. “I’ll be back tonight,” he promises.

For the breakout, she assumes when he scrambles away, back down the hallway to lie to his father. Her execution should be scheduled for sometime soon, and they don’t have time to waste.

She’ll have to figure out where they’re going to get a boat. 

Rayla glances out the window on the wall across from her cell, at the peek of the sea and the sun. Stars help her now.

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So if you guys haven’t watched The Dragon Prince on Netflix already, I really think you should go and watch it now!

I binge watched the whole thing in a day and a half and I am obsessed! The story, animation, world-building, characters and all around plot is freaking awesome (okay the whole entire show is awesome) and with one of the creators being the head writer of Avatar: The Last Airbender…you won’t be disappointed!

Can’t wait for season 4!

Go watch it noooow!

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don’t go where i can’t follow

summary: When Rayla realizes the extent of Callum’s devotion to her, it takes a trip back home to come to terms with it. Fluffier than the summary makes it sound, I swear. co-written by me and @spiritypowers. 2.1k

{also consider reading and reviewing on FFN}

She’d figured that it was just one time, when he’d followed her off the edge of the Spire. And he’d been alright; he’d found his wings, and they’d held each other till the ground beneath their feet was finally stable. Then, the war had been over, the need for death defying stunts greatly decreasing, and beyond the occasional nightmare—holding him when he didn’t catch her, and cold sweat coated his skin—she’d put it out of her mind. They’d lived. They were happy, at the Storm Spire, visiting Ez in Katolis, in between her shifts and his mage training.

Then there had been a day where a storm had rolled in, and a near avalanche of ice and rain had rocked the Spire to its core. She’d been carried away by some of it, an onslaught of water spilling off the side, and Callum had dove in after her without his runes or wings, had dragged her body out of the water before passing out himself, both of them having to be revived by some of the other newly formed Dragonguard. She’d been too grateful and soaked to scold him, and intent on making sure he was okay.

And now this. Rebel elves making an attempt on the Dragon Queen.

She sat beside him once he was bandaged up, a little bruised but mostly in one piece, healthy enough to fret over her.

“I can’t believe you charged him like that,” she muttered, “without a weapon.”

Callum frowned; he been disarmed before tackling one of the elves and gotten scraped against the stone peaks. They were both lucky it wasn’t worse. “He was going to kill you.”

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Lain and Tiadrin are Rayla’s parent’s names

Lain and Tiadrin are Rayla’s parent’s names

Lain and Tiadrin are Rayla’s parent’s names

Lain and Tiadrin are Rayla’s parent’s names

Lain and Tiadrin are Rayla’s parent’s names

Lain and Tiadrin are Rayla’s parent’s names

Lain and Tiadrin are Rayla’s parent’s names

  • Lain and Tiadrin are Rayla’s parent’s names
  1. Lain and Tiadrin are Rayla’s parent’s names
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