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#tdp corvus

Soren and Corvus interaction in season 3. It is short but still with the playful banter. Also it is cute at how quick Soren takes the slight praise from Sorvus and claim that simple compliment as his new nick name lmao (when boyfriend doesn’t give you cute nicknames so you made It up one by yourself on the spot lmao. Kinda smooth for slow soren 😂) can we have more of them in the future please. 🤧🤧

(Also Corvus’s exasperated expression was adorable ❤❤)

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Corpeli Headcanons

Corvus calls Opeli opal because it’s the color of her eyes

Whenever Corvus sees Opeli after a meeting, and she’s particularly salty, he says, “Sir Corvus is at your service,” and she laughs every time a laugh only he and Ezran ever get to see.

Corvus gives Opeli a Necklace with an opal pendant to remind her of him when he’s on a mission.

After the first encounter with Kasef, along with the news about the Pentarchy, Corvus searches for Opeli to apologize for misjudging her and to thank her for genuinely having Ezrans best interests at heart. When he finds her (because he’s a tracker), she’s hiding in a corner, Sobbing. She cries for the deaths in the Pentarchy and sobs at the memory of Harrow’s death. When Opeli feels a second presence, she looks up swiftly at Corvus, about to explain herself, until she sees the same pain in her eyes reflected in his. He sits next to her, and she lets him. She starts to cry again and then grape on to his shirt and cries into it. Corvus respond by gathering her in his arms, splayed across his lap with her hand clutching his shirt to anchor herself. They don’t speak. They don’t need to. They both know why they’re in pain, and soon Corvus starts to cry too. Their cries turn to laughs as they start to talk about their memories of Harrow and then shift to childhood stories of Ezran.

“I remember when I first saw him sneaking out with Bait to steal Jelly tarts from the baker. He always offered me one as a bribe to keep his secret. He was 4.”

“He’s a good kid. He made plenty of animal friends on our way back here.”

“I noticed.” Opeli laughs. “It’s not hard to spot a large panther walking through the gates with the king on its back.”

Corvus smiles at the memory of the shocked looks on the face of the council. “You should’ve seen your face. You were so shocked and awed. It’s amazing how quick your face changed from surprise to relief.”

“Don’t judge me. It’s not everyday a large panther comes strutting inside the palace!” She sighs. “You know… I am relieved Ezrans back. I was so worried something happened to him. But… I’m also worried about him now. He a child and he’s responsible for an entire kingdom- not to say he isn’t capable. If anyone can run a kingdom, it’s him!- but… he deserves to be a kid.” She looks out to the window with the light shining through, “I wish he didn’t have to grow up so fast because the situation demands it. I find myself asking if this is what Harrow would’ve wanted for him…”

Corvus takes her hand in affirmation with a slight smile. “Hey… Don’t beat yourself up. I’ll admit I was worried about his rise to the throne. As you said, he’s just a kid. But, having gotten to know him in the short time I have, I’ve seen a kind and compassionate leader with a pure soul. I was afraid he would be surrounded by people who would want to change that about him. But… Seeing you with him- I’ll admit I was skeptical at first- but then I watched how to treat him. You don’t talk down to him like the others do and the way you look at him with pride and hope, it lets me know I can rest easy, knowing he’s in capable hands who will do her best to keep him the same person he is as you’ve described him. And as for what Harrow would want, the fact that you think that way means you are keeping his legacy alive and stepping into the role of his mentor and being what he needs.”

Opeli looks into his eyes with wonder and smiles “Thank you… I- I needed to hear that.”

This moment precedes the talk Opeli has with Ezran in the royal Courtyard by the fountain.

This little corner becomes their spot. They come here to escape their troubles and be their raw selves, anger and all. On specifically bad days, Corvus holds her in his arms as she clings to him. His embrace gives her a comfort she’s never known

Whenever she receives a letter about soldier casualties, she leaves the throne room. Asking to be excused, and cries in a corner praying that Corvus isn’t one of them


Opeli is known for her neutral and traditional values. She’s the voice of reason and moral clarity. Her devotion to justice can make her particularly passionate. However, if anyone were ever to mistreat Ezran, her reactions towards Kasef would be considered a mere slap on the wrist compared to what she would do if you were to make him shed a tear.

Corvus radiates super domestic dad energy. While he looks rough and tough on the outside, he’s a goofball who makes Dad jokes, plays games, and makes silly faces when he with Ezran.

Corvus cooks because Opeli, for the life of her can’t understand how to work an oven, no matter home many times, Corvus explains it.

The three of them go on family outings to destress from the hectic palace life and have fun in the forests of Katolis playing hide and seek. Hide and seek is always deemed as unfair because Corvus is a tracker, but Opeli is the only one who’s ever been successful in evading Corvus, and he loves it.

Opeli and Corvus are the parents who go to a parent-teacher conference meeting and say “that sounds like a you problem” to anyone who criticizes Ezrans empathic tendencies towards animals.

Corvus and Opeli don’t get angry with Ezran. They’re the epitome of “we’re not mad. We’re just disappointed” parenting.

Whenever Corvus is scheduled to return home from a mission, she waits impatiently at the castle gates with Ezran on her lap. When Corvus enters the gates, Opeli and Ezran run to give him hugs. Opeli gets there first and leaps into his arms. Corvus returns the embrace and spins her around in the air. Once Ezran and Bait catch up, Corvus and Opeli let each other go so they can give Ezran one gigantic group hug with Bait in the on his forehead.

Corvus always comes back from a mission with a present for Ezran as a souvenir to remind his he was thinking of him while he was away

Opeli always gives Corvus a trinket of some kind before his missions, so he “remembers he has someone to come home to.” She tells him to return it to her when he comes back to know that she was with him in his thoughts and heart while he was away. He answers it every time. And when he’s away, he always says “for my family” to remind himself why he’s fighting

Ezran does the same as Opeli, always giving him a piece of his clothing to “keep his scent in case he needs to track him down from kidnappers.” Ezran laughs at this joke. Opeli and Corvus are left terrified at the possibility, and as Corvus is about to tell Opeli to keep an extra eye on him, she tells him, “don’t worry, I got it.” already knowing what he was gonna say.

Ezran has a picture of the three of them (and bait) in his room next to his bed.

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Tdp Season 3 spoilers

I have so many things to say about this season! It was so good. I’m in love with this show. Now that’s it’s been a few weeks and I’ve managed to gather my thoughts into coherent words,I thought I’d share them here:

-alright, I’m gonna start of by talking about Corvus because he’s my favorite and deserves more attention:

  • Corvus is just so,,,, good? I love him
  • Pretty much all we saw of him this season was him standing behind Ezran and nodding in agreement with everything he said
  • Idk why but that really cracked me up for some reason
  • “who are you?” “I was requested specifically”
  • I stan
  • Hopefully there’s more of him in season 4

-Okay Soren is who everyone is talking about, but like,,,,I love him

  • I’m so proud of him making the decision to leave his sister that had to have been so hard
  • He ‘killed’ Viren, and that broke my heart
  • Like I wanted him to, but also it caused him so much distress that I felt so bad for him
  • He apologized for calling Callum the 'step-prince’ and all the other mean things he did, I screamed
  • I legit thought they were going to ignore all of that but they didn’t
  • I’m so proud of my son he deserves the world

-okay I’m really worries about Claudia and I think everyone else is too

  • Half of her hair is white?!?
  • I’m not Claudia’s biggest fan, but I understand that she’s a well developed character and I enjoy that
  • I wonder if/how she’ll get a redemption arc
  • Part of me thinks she’s gone to far
  • But the other part of me hopes that she’ll turn around, I just don’t know how she will
  • Maybe there’ll be an arc where the dragang is trying to get rid of dark magic and Claudia ends up helping somehow?


  • Callum has wings! He can fly
  • But also he looks dumb without his jacket lol
  • Now he has three? spells he can do, that’s so cool,,,I hope he learns more magic in later seasons
  • Also when Ibis was trying to tell him that humans can’t do magic and he just did the 'fulminis’ spell, I died

-Okay the broken link symbol was so cool. I didn’t notice it on their flags the first time I was watching but it’s so cool that they did that,,,, also Marcos is so good I’m glad he got his moment of glory

-Aanya! I wish there was more of her, but at least the little bit we got of her was golden

-Aarovos scares me

  • He’s so good at manipulation
  • What is his plan? What is he doing? I have no idea and I’m scared for my children
  • Also what did he say to the Sunfire Queen? I have an idea:
  • During the Sol Regem backstory thing, that one old dude had that staff and he said he got it from one of the great ones
  • Basically I think that either the Queen’s grandma gave it to him and she was banished. to keep their reputation the Sunfire elves covered it up
  • Or she was killed by aarovos to make the staff

So yeah, I might add on to this later, but this is what I have so far. What did y'all think? Sorry I’m late to the party

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