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#tdp ezran

I took a prompt from some people wanting a story about Ezran and Rayla bonding and having a sibling moment. I wanted to get the practice in. I hope you guys enjoy it. @deetheteadrinkingdragon @rayllurn Hope you guys enjoy it.

“You dumb idiot” Shouted Rayla, as she wiped a cool cloth against Callum’s forehead. It was a cold rainy day at the castle,the autumn leaves had all fallen off the trees. The other day Callum thought it would be a good idea to fly, in the middle of a storm. “ I was just trying to impress you, I would do it a thous….” “Shut up!!” Yelled Rayla. “Yeah, but in the mild of a storm when it is damn well near freezing, oh yeah brightly idea..” Rayla nagged on. “Hey I had my scarf on” Pipped up Callum with the sound of clogged nose. “You are glad I think you are cute, next time I will bind you to a tree if I have to if you do that again!! Now get some rest” as Rayla planted a little kiss on his for head and left the room.

“How is he?” Ezran asked Rayla. She responded “Sick as a dragon with hoarding disease but, he won’t die” “ I love him, but he ain’t that bright sometimes” Ezran whispered “Yeah, one time he got his head stuck in a peanut butter jar, it took 5 hours to get his head out of it. After that dad, banned all form of jars inside the castle, and to this day, he can’t look at jars the same. I think he is afraid of them now.”

Both of them laughed quietly to avoid waking him up. “We should go into town and get him something to make him feel better, like Dragon Drops!!!” Shouted Ezran. “What in bloody name are Dragon drops?” asked Rayla? “ Oh they are these tiny little chocolate covered spicy sweets, Callum goes nuts for them!! Mom used to buy out the bakery of them and eat 20 bags in a night!! Callum used to eat them all the time before mom passed away.” “ Well then, lets go get some” Rayla said eagerly.

Down in town in was pouring rain for the past 4 days, Rayla wore her normal “human Rayla” disguse, as the people in the kingdom where not use to seeing elves in the kingdom, but people for some reason adored Gren and Kazi, calling them the power couple, due to both of them being the 2nd had to the generals and people saying they where a stunning example of what peace was. But. Rayla was not used to dealing with the ebbs and flows of other people looking at her as just a elf so she stayed in disguise, which Callum and Ezran kept secret. Going through town a big mud clod hit Ezran square in the face with a large “smack”, knocking him down. “ Where you goin Orhpan King” said a kid, about 10 in Rayal’s eyes. “EZRAN” yelled Rayla as she went to his side. The mud clod had cut open his skin and he was bleeding, “Are you okay” asked Rayla doting over him. “Yeah, I m fine, it isn’t the first time Trin has done this to me, dad sad never to go down to a bully’s level”. “Look at that, he as a sister to watch him, I guess they hired her to replace his mom who died, what a pathetic thing to do for such a little orphan!!” mocked Trin. “THAT IS ENOUGH. YOU WEE LITTLE HUMAN TURD, I don’t know what your deal is with Ezran is but you are going to far!!!” Yelled Rayla at Trin. “Oh and what are you going to do about it? Huh? What can a poor house maid do against me!! I have 10 already, you are replaceable like anything else in this world” mocked Trin to Rayla. “Rayla just leave him, he isn’t wor..” “Not now Ez, I am going to have a little chat to your ‘friend’ about the facts of life” Rayla said with a forceable vigor. “Listen hear Trin, I have no idea what sweet Ez ever did to you but, you throw one more mud ball, say one more insult, do anything and I swear I will get the Queen of Dragons to come to your home and have her EAT you one bite!! Now play nice, be good, and don’t let me catch you messin with…. My brother ever again. His family adopted me, gave me food, a roof, the warmth of a family and if you hurt him, you are messin with me!! Are. We. Clear.” Rayla roared the shocked Ezran. Trin fell over, a look of shock and ran off.

Rayla extended a hand to Ezran to help him up, rain was picking up and sounds of thunder echoed in the distance. They both took shelter in a barn. As the rain poured and the sky shook, “Thank you for sticking up for me, being the son of the king has not given me many friends and many other kids view me as a pathetic mess, Trin lost his brother to war and his father is always away on business and his mother is always off to trips. He has it rough. It is nice to have a what did you say… my sister? Hehehe you are like my sister, you are kind, caring, there for me when I need you.” Ezran spoke looking at Rayla with tear filled eyes “And I always will be Ez, I never grew up interacting with other kids, it was always assassin training this, jump this tree, do 7 backflips. Never any time do hang out or go moonberry picking. It has always been about something. Sometimes I wonder what life would have been like if my parents where never dragon guard and Ruaan and Uthari where just “normal”. Instead of assassins, Runaan could cook, and Ruthari just made trinkets instead of weapons for war.” As Rayla spoke of a different time the sky cleared and the stars twinkled, Ezran huddled underneath Rayla’s cloak and for a while the 2 just sat staring at the stars, grateful for each other’s company. “For what it is worth Rayla, I am glad you are here and I really do love having you here, Callum has always been passive, it is nice to have someone stick up for me and who can enjoy messing with the guards and love to steal jelly tarts with……you are a member of this family, maybe not by blood but,” “I know what you mean Ez, you wee little trouble maker, and thank you.” Rayla muttered. They where there as the morning sun rose to great a new day, so did the understanding of Ezran and Rayla and how life can connect each other in the most mysterious of ways.

“We got you something love” Rayla shouted to a still sick Callum. “Hugh wha……” Callum tried to speak but his clogged nose did him no good. Ezran tossed Callum a large bag of red coated candies. “Dragon Drops!!! Fresh from the Bakery. Made from the spiciest Fireberries” proclaimed Ezran to his half-awake brother. “Aww thanks guys, I lov… love Dragon Drops. Did you guys have a hard time getting them?” Callum asked as Rayla planted a small kiss on his forehead. Rayla and Ezran gave a hearty “nope”. Rayla spoke softly “Now then, get your rest, and we will check in later. Me and the king have some jelly tarts to snag and the baker is not going to give em up easily.”  Ezran jumped up eagerly “I heard today is Blueberry Tart day, I love blueberries the most” and with that Ezran and Rayla went out the door to town in a flash. Callum was getting ready to rest up when a clear empty jar made him jump out of bed and right on to the floor.

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also shout out to ezran in s1 for being the only one in the trio with a brain cell, see case in point:

  • finding the egg of the dragon prince in the first place
  • trusting rayla, the egg, and his heart (which kicks callum into gear)
  • choosing a medium vantage point of going up to the roof with rayla, rather than not listening or just giving her the egg on his own
  • “it is a little strange there’s no one [at the banthor lodge] given that this is where dad was sending us.”
  • realizing amaya likely would’ve been chill with rayla once they told her what was going on
  • wanting to trust rayla with the egg
  • would’ve successfully have stopped the avalanche if bait hadn’t burped
  • “stop arguing! someone has to do something!”
  • saving the egg
  • standing his ground against the illusions
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I was showing my friend Dragon Prince, and she created a theory…

She thinks that Viren used the soul serpent to change Harrow and Pip’s Spirits.

It kind of makes sense if you think about the hinting.

We see Pip several times throughout the first episode,and hes with Harrow when Viren goes to talk to him. The mysterious second talk that we never see. Also, Viren tried extremely hard to keep Callum out of Harrows chamber after he left, and I mean,,, what’s the point of keeping him out unless he’s done something he doesnt want anyone to know about, and that encounter has had no explanation yet.

After that, Pip just disappears for a good long time. Then, we see Pip in a cage, getting mocked by Viren for having “no song for the occasion,” but I sincerely doubt that Viren thinks animals can understand us? Or something to that effect.

And we all know ezran can talk to animals, and that he bonds with them very quickly. So why wouldnt he have his dads bird? Or why wouldnt we see him with his dads bird?

Obviously because his dad is the bird, and would be able to communicate with Ezran, giving it away!

And honestly, going back to my point about Viren mocking Pip… it just seems like a little bit of a weird scene to add in??? I dunno, that’s just what makes sense to me

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How may I serve you?

So I’d like to help the community out, and as an artist (and theorist) it’s pretty important to have more references than just the turnarounds from the character reveals. So here we are! Suggest anything and everything you’d like reference screenshots of and I’ll do my best to provide! From the landscapes of Xadia to the magical butterflies Viren seems so fond of!

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