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#tdp opeli

This is Corvus and Opeli’s first interaction. Watch as the space between the two diminishes scene after scene.


We next see them get closer when Kasef starts attacking Ezran. This is important because it’s showing the link that is going to make them get closer over time. At first, you would think it’s their mutual dislike of Kasef. But it’s actually their mutual love for Ezran. However, Kasef does ignite something in Opeli; you can see it in her face. It’s this moment she becomes a mom.


At the accusations of Ezran failing as a son, Corvus goes protective dad mode. In a sense, Corvus isn’t just speaking on Harrow’s honor, but his own. The fact that he jumped in the way he does shows that he has a parental attachment to Eszran. And in the corner, we see Opeli immediately taking notice of Ezran’s feelings and is getting ready to rush and comfort him because her inner momma bear was just activated.


After that outburst, we see that the space is almost completely diminished between Corvus and Opeli. And it’s right then that we see a wordless exchange between the two. We see them look at each other at the same time, meaning they have gotten close enough to understand what they are feeling and communicate without words. This look is an agreement that says, “welp, we have a kid now.”


“And we’re going to protect him with our lives.”


Shortly after, Opeli seeks out Ezran and comforts him in a very gentle and nurturing manner. This scene is vital because we’ve seen that Opeli is very traditionalist and by the book whose motivations are all for the best of Katolis. Even earlier with Claudia and Soren, she was very set on extreme punishment and got frustrated. But here, here we see someone who’s heart aches for this little boy and throws away her rulebook to be there for him.


After Kasef, something switched in her brain that made her become a mom, and it shows. Because here, we see that she genuinely wants what’s best for Ezran.


This is proven in this scene

Her smile is reassuring because it conveys that she will support him no matter what.


Corvus gives the same smile as Opeli. A smile of pride.


Opeli being who she is, does not hide the realities that are coming his way and tells him the battle that lies ahead is not going to be easy. Her questions are not to discourage him but to ask if he’s certain this is what he wants. 


Overall, it is Opeli’s comfort and guidance, along with Corvus’s loyalty and protective nature, that makes Ezran put on the crown and embrace his new title as king because he found strength in Corvus and wisdom in Opeli.


That is where the episode ends…

Episode 3:

The next episode’s arc with Eszran opens with Corvus and Opeli on either side of Ezran watching as he plays with his pet. As they both wear smiles of pride and adoration. They are side by side as equals, taking responsibility for Ezran in equal parts.


You want to know why?


They’re a family

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Corvus: What are you guys going to be for Halloween?
Amaya, signing: Gay.
Crow Master: Sad.
Opeli: Guys, seriously-
Lujanne: Sexy.
Ezran: Minecraft.
Soren: Also Minecraft.
Gren: Minecraft as well.
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A family isn’t always a mom and dad and their kids. Sometimes it’s a ten year old king, his mage half brother and his elf assassin girlfriend, his human assassin adoptive dad and royal advisor adoptive mother, his royal baker, his dorky and himbo crown guard, his deaf lesbian aunt and her tsundere elf wife and their strawberry ray of sunshine son, his glow toad, and his best friend whose a dragon.

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Image one: I wonder why Amaya thinks Janai thinks she’s cute… :3

Image two: Janai tried sign language, thinks she did it right, but she didn’t and now Amaya is laughing.

Image three: This one is pretty self explanatory

Image four: I meana lot of character beside the main one travled really fast, like it took them maybe a day and a half to get from Katolis to the Dragon Queen, I like the idea that everyone else had to take time getting to places as well. A lot of time, so they would, you know, spend time with eachother :3

(this is me trying to cram in silly things that happened between character I ship)

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Hmmm that dark mage suuuuure looks like Viren and Claudia…eh, I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

Wow, I actually wasn’t expecting Sol Regem to talk. But I guess he couldn’t be much an antagonist if he didn’t.

Aaand Sol Regem is a huge jerkwad. But we already knew that pretty much.

Callum: “Wow, all this stuff about senses and appearances kinda sounds like Moon Arcanum stuff” Gee, Callum, maybe that’s cause she’s a MOONSHADOW elf. Just a thought.

*Zym hides behind his wings* Oh baby…nooooo… :c

*Sol Regem breathes fire*
*record scratch, freeze frame* Callum: Yep, that’s us. You’re probably wondering how we ended up in this situation.


*Zym holds onto Callum* Awwww, baby… ;w;

Sol: “What are you doing?”
Rayla: “Uh, I am bowing, great dragon!” She is such a dork I cannot

Callum: I understand, I’ll just go back home. :c
*Sol Regem laughs*
Me: Aw, he’s gonna reward Callum for his selflessness by letting him pass! :D
Sol: Home? No. Two choices: you all die, or the wretched evil human dies.
Wow, dick. D:

Rayla: Callum is noble and true. He’s smart, and brave, and kind and he’s…
Me: Yeeees?
Rayla: My friend.
*flips table*

Wow, so you use Dark Magic once and it sticks with you forever? That sucks…

Okay, this episode is a lot funnier when you know Sol has to charge his fire breath. “HE MUST DIE!! Just…gimme a few minutes here…any second now you’re gonna die– *egg timer* There we go!”


Sol: “TIME IS UP!” Dude your flame is clearly only half-charged, you’re bluffing.

Only you, The Dragon Prince, only you could make a dude putting his smelly, filthy scarf around a girl’s neck romantic.


*Sol Regem gets stuck in the arch* And we’ll never see him again…

*Zym kicks dust onto Sol* I’m just gonna be squealing “Baby!” all season aren’t I?

*cut to Viren* Oh not this bitch

Opeli: Hey so can we just like, kill Viren? That seems like the simplest solution.
Honestly same.


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