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You'll probably hear about it soon, but the first taiyangxsummer comic by Cosmokyrin has finally been dubbed on youtube. Thought you and your friends would love to know...even critics of the canon couple are impressed with the comic!

I managed to find it real quick so everyone can see. The comic itself was really good so I’m excited to see it dubbed (unfortunately I can’t watch it until I get off work but the rest of you can!) seasonal depression otp

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“But Ozpin, can’t you see that I’m super duper in love with you, but I can’t tell you that because showing any kind of genuine human emotion besides broody angst might wash off my protective layer of edge”


“Yes, I too as anyone with working eyeballs could see am deeply in love with you but unfortunately I can’t tell you either because I’m too busy making out with this mug”


“Oh Mug-kun. You’re the only one who truly understands me. Why must our love be forbidden? When will the day come that man and cup can live together in bliss?”


“That mug will never love you like I do! I will fight it to the death to win your affection. Then we can get married and I’ll stop whining to my best friend Tai (who is very handsome and funny and I never appreciate him enough) about how much I’m pinning after you. Just like I’ve been doing everyday for fifteen years”

//they aren’t dolls. They are action figures//

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qrow: hi could i ask how exactly does one accidentally set a lemon on fire??

tai: Microwave for 40 minutes 😔

raven: why were you microwaving a lemon???

tai: I read boiling lemons helps cover up bad smells (I wanted to cover up the scent of burnt oranges) but I didn’t own any pots

summer: Did you burn an orange too? How???

tai: Microwave for 40 minutes 😔

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The rest of the students all scowled, eyes screwed shut, except for Qrow. Professor Mikado was frowning at him, and as Summer watched, he pulled a loose bullet from his sleeve and tossed it gently in his face. Aura sparks flickered red as it bounced off his defenses and clattered to the floor. “Mr. Taupe, you will find the exercise more effective if you attempt it.”

“Why would I want to lower my shields if you’re gonna throw things at me?”

Summer snorted, aura flying back out into place as she tried not to laugh, and she wasn’t the only one.

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Ozpin—Losing an Argument With Yourself

[Link to Masterpost]

Sunlight drenched the large tower room, beating through the glass walls and turning Ozpin’s shadow into a pillar that reached to the far wall and disappeared into empty air.

I’ve always loved sunsets.

We all have. He smiled, a thin and tired thing. Like-minded souls, indeed. Do you think the God of Light’s curse could be so specific?

“Quite a show,” Carmine said, bringing them back to the present. “But even with the change in partners, they didn’t do too poorly. Nowhere near the slowest times.”

“I fear that was the result of individual ability, rather than actual teamwork. They resoundingly failed to communicate. But what is your impression?”

Carmine chuckled. “Nah, you’re right. Look at their weapons—a spear and a shield? They’re designed around each other, to the point where Taiyang doesn’t carry a firearm. Gungnir is a little more well-rounded, but in practice Summer’s far more comfortable fighting at a distance. Her teachers’ assessments at Signal confirm what we saw in initiation. She can handle herself in a close-in fight, but she’s not where she could be.” She sighed heavily. “And for a silver-eye, that means she’s not where she should be. She’s too reliant on him.”

And that was the crux of the matter. He’d promised Claret he’d keep her daughter safe, and—short of locking her in the Vault for the rest of her life—the best he could do was surround her with allies and make her the greatest warrior she possibly be. 

Problems arose when the two things appeared to be at odds with one another. It’s concerning that she hasn’t unlocked her Semblance as of yet, either. We’ve coddled her too much.

She’s capable, certainly, he argued. Her grades are proof of that.

A wonderful vase, but unfired. And if there’s a bubble hiding somewhere in the clay…

“Well, it’s only the first week,” Carmine said, jolting him from their thoughts. “We’ve got some time with her yet. Did you mean for them to get partnered with the Taupes?" 

"I arranged for the possibility.” Ozpin returned to his desk and refilled his mug. None of the students had yet caught on to the fact that the launchpads could be manipulated. He didn’t have complete control over the partnerships, there was of course room for fate or the students themselves to intervene—but he could absolutely ensure that two particular children ended up near one another in the forest when he felt the need. “Mr. Xiao Long’s sprain was a brilliant stroke of fortune. The injury wasn’t serious, but I doubt the Taupes would have stayed with them otherwise. It all but guaranteed they would choose the same relic.”

“Hm. There weren’t too many left when they got there, either.” She took a long sip from her own cup. “Are you sure about them?”

“I thought you liked them.”

“Qrow’s a good kid,” she said immediately. “And Raven’s alright. I just don’t know that they're… bodyguard material.”

“A bodyguard is the last thing she needs.” Oz set his mug on his desk and laced his fingers together. “They have the experience that Ms. Rose and Mr. Xiao Long lack, and hopefully their differences will provide a catalyst for growth.” He smiled. “It’s to the twins’ benefit as well. They need teammates with a certain degree of patience. Understanding.”

“Taking an interest, are you?”

“…Raven’s Semblance is… extraordinary.”

“No doubt, but she’ll be a tough nut to crack.”

He chuckled. “Her shell is thinner than I anticipated, actually. I thought for sure someone from team STRQ would be hammering on my door by the end of the week, begging for reassignment.”

“I’m a little surprised Raven didn’t ask to be leader, myself,” Carmine mused. “I assume you picked Summer to give her more experience.”

Oz’s mouth twitched. “If Ms. Rose had brown eyes, I still wouldn’t have picked Ms. Taupe. She doesn’t seem very comfortable around people, with the exception of her brother. Making her head of a team may be asking her to run before she can walk.”

“So, Summer either way?”

“Mr. Xiao Long would be the best candidate. If he’s anything like his father—and Zelenia assures me he is—he’s probably the reason no one’s broken down my door.” He took a long, thoughtful sip of cocoa. “Then again, I rarely choose the best candidate. This is a school, after all. I believe it’s better to choose the person who can learn the most from the position. …I’m not sure if I would have chosen Ms. Rose or Mr. Taupe.”

“She asked me about you. Tried to, anyway.”

Oz chuckled. “Claret did warn us.”

“We won’t be able to keep the truth from her much longer.”

He nodded, swirling the dregs of his cup. “At least, not all of it.”

Carmine sighed, deeply. When he glanced up, she was staring out toward the wilds, into the shadow of the tower. “I just wish we could ask Sterling if we were doing the right thing.”

“…As do I.”

Next Chapter: Summer—Missing Piece

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I thoroughly enjoyed writing the middle section of this. I decided to expand my post about tavern music when the huntsmen and huntresses are out for dinner after missions. 

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Summer, dancing and singing: Hit or miss -

Qrow: Depression is a bitch huh

Taiyang: You hate yourself and there’s nothing you can do ya

Raven: Then you find out that no one would really miss ya

Qrow: “You’ll be fine” yeah right that’s how they always get ya

Summer, in tears: Guys please stop, this has been going on for weeks -

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A concept: Years after they’d graduated Beacon and set up house in a tiny cottage on Patch, Taiyang and Qrow slept peacefully in separate bedrooms one Saturday morning in the middle of December. Qrow was home for a brief rest between spying missions, Taiyang was taking the opportunity to sleep in because Summer had morning parent duty. 

The master bedroom was at the end of the hall. The guest bedroom was the next door in the hallway. Summer quietly crept over and edged both open. 

“Guys wake up! We’re going to be late for elf school!” she screamed suddenly, standing in front of both open doors. 

Qrow jerked upright in bed swearing profusely and looking for his uniform. Tai rolled out of his own bed, fell on the floor, and in an utter panic tried to find his textbooks.

Later that afternoon Summer would still randomly start giggling at odd intervals, tears in her eyes. Both men huffily ignored her to watch the championship sports ball match between the teams from Vale and Mistral.

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