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#teen tony stark

Teen!Starker || Introvert!Peter au:

Peter hates parties. He would rather stay at home watching another episode of his favorite childhood shows, but instead he’s being dragged to a party and watching people have fun while he suffers in the corner. So to hide from it he decides to hide in a room, who’s he doesn’t know. While hiding away and listening to music he ends up sitting on something only to realize it’s a human. At first he freaks out thinking this person is dead until they open their eyes.

“Hey, stop yelling!”

“I’m so sorry. I thought you were dead!”

“Well, I’m not. What are you doing in my room?”

“Hiding from the party.”

“Hiding, huh. Me too, my friends threw this party. I just wanted a small get together.”

“Oh well, I didnt want to come here in the first place. I’d rather be at home watching Hey Arnold or even some other old cartoon.”

“Well, today’s your lucky day. I have a TV and abundance of old cartoons.”

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Tony Stark Prompt:

(High School AU)

Tony is tired of being the young, weak, naive nerd who everyone picks on. He wants to change. After a hard summer that significantly hardens the sixteen year old, he gets his wish.

(Or the Avengers get a shock when spoiled rich kid Tony shows up to school looking like a BAMF.)

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teen tony and peter are fucking in the bedroom while aunt may is sleeping in her own room


“One last round?” Tony asked, glancing at Peter, who was chewing last pieces of chips.

“I’m tired, man. And we didn’t even finish the assignment”, indeed, a pile of text books and encyclopedias had been put away before they decided to play video games. “Just thirty minutes, then we’re back to work” was a total bullshit, because they spent around four hours in total on beating each other’s asses in Crash Team Racing, Peter’s favorite Crash Bandicoot edition. They’d leave only to use the bathroom, give aunt May a polite smile and reassure her that they were working very hard.

Tony’s parents were strict about school, but didn’t really care about their son’s whereabouts after that. That’s why he always loved spending time at Peter’s – the cutest boy in the entire city – house, with a loving aunt who actually wanted to know what was Peter up to. That’s also why he did not want to go home. And Peter could see it in his desperate eyes.

“You can stay the night, I think. May loves you since you’ve broken Flash’s nose last time he talked shit about me.”

“Is that so?” Tony chuckled, “Well then, I’m gonna give her my best smile and promise I will do that again.”

A soft smirk appeared on Peter’s face when he recalled the situation. It was very strange and great at the same time, seeing Flash being knocked down to the floor by Tony’s fist. He’d got detention that day, but as he admitted after, “It was fucking worth it”.

May agreed for the spontaneous sleepover, reminding the boys to be quiet, because she had to wake up early the next morning. And not to stay up too long, since they had school starting at 9 AM.

Peter shut the door and looked at his friend, sitting on the floor, writing something on the paper they had their unfinished assignment.

“What are you doing?”

“Finishing this garbage. Rogers will have to bear with this.”

“Let me at least read it, Tony!” Peter sat next to him on his heels and reached for the notebook. “That’s very important to me, do you remember? I need to pass this.”

“You will, Pete. Just let me handle the ending. Trust me.”

Tony’s eyes were vibrant with self-confidence and something else Peter couldn’t quite figure out yet. Something strong, because Tony was an emotional man, never ashamed of his feelings. But he had his secrets.

When Tony was writing the conclusion on their work, Peter went to take a shower, to refresh his mind and body. He’d been up on his feet since 6 AM that day and had around three cups of coffee. Tony on the other hand had so much energy that he attended gym five times a week, always making Peter envious.

May was long asleep when the boys showered and had their assignment rewritten on the computer and sent to their teacher.

“I’m exhausted. This school is killing me.” Peter complained with a heavy sigh, when settling himself on his bed, next to Tony.

“Have you tried talking to your aunt? Think she’d understand.”

“Nah. I mean, she’s great. I just… I don’t know, Tony, I feel like I’m overstressed. And nothing can really help me, unless the school is suddenly closed forever or something.”

“There’s lots of ways to relax. You should search for what suits you best.”

Never stopping the eye contact, Tony watched Peter as he nodded at first, then looked back, the silence making him feel awkward. They stared at each other for a while, both wondering if the other one felt the same.

“That’s pretty obvious, but… I like you, Peter. A lot.” Tony spoke, his eyes focused on Peter’s, to make clear that he was being honest.

“That’s not… obvious”, Peter smiled shyly, his cheeks turning red in a second, “I-I’m… glad to hear that…” His hands were shaking slightly, so he pressed them to the pillow he’d been hugging, refusing to reveal his nervousness. He wanted to be brave, but couldn’t find the courage to respond to Tony’s confession.

“I think it’s your turn now”, Stark gave him a bright grin, reassuring one. “Do you like me, Peter?”

“Y-Yes!” Peter exclaimed, instantly lowering his voice, “I do like you… so much…”

Peter tightened his grip on the old Star Wars pillow, but his arms went weak when Tony gently took it away from him and held his cheek.

“I have a few ideas to relieve your stress, Pete. You just have to ask me.”

Shivers went down Peter’s spine when Tony whispered these words straight to his ear.

“Ask you… to do what?”

“Anything. Anything you want me to do to you, I’ll do that with pleasure.”

Peter swallowed, never having felt this intimidated by Tony Stark before. He fantasized about their sexual life for years, even when it was just a silly crush in middle school and Peter didn’t really know how sex worked, and imagined them kissing in bed naked, touching each other’s genitals.

“I… I think I want… I really want to kiss you right now” He admitted with a soft giggle.

And Tony kissed him passionately, caressing his cheek and ear and neck.

Peter didn’t pay attention to when exactly they turned off the big light in his room, leaving the small lamp on the night cabinet only, and when they got rid of their sleeping clothes. His cock was pink, starving to be touched. Tony rubbed his own erection against his, squeezing his soft, bubble but.

“I wanted to taste you for so long, Petey-boy”, Tony whispered. “I’m gonna stretch you out now, if you let me.”

When Peter managed to let out a shaky approval, Tony reached for his cabinet, saying that he saw Peter’s pretty sex toy and lube hidden in there, a few months ago. He’d been jerking off to the thought of Peter fucking himself with it ever since.

Tony marked Peter’s thick thighs with a few hickeys, some of them closer to his groin, some of them closer to his knee. Truth be told, Tony loved these long, slim legs of his, especially in tight gym pants. Now he had them spread right in front of him, Peter’s well trained body flexible enough to expose his hole. The view was marvelous, Tony couldn’t wait any longer. He put his hands on both sides of Peter to support himself and touched the boy’s hole with the tip of his throbbing dick. Peter helped him get inside, both of them making soft sounds of pleasure.

“Quiet, sweet Pete. You don’t want your aunt to hear you’re taking dick right now, do you?”

Peter shook his head, panting, as light pain was filling his hole, just to be replaced by pleasure in a short amount of time. He grabbed Tony’s arms and held onto them when the other one was slowly moving, in and out, Peter’s position perfect for Tony’s dick to brush against his prostate with every thrust. Peter wanted to be loud so bad, he needed to express how much he loved what Tony did to him, how he looked, everything about him. He needed to praise every thrust, but he couldn’t, because aunt May was in her bed, sleeping right behind the wall, clueless about what was happening.

The bed underneath them started creaking when Tony’s pounding got faster and rougher. Peter had to cover his mouth with his hand, and because Tony was fucking him into the mattress, he was clenching his teeth on the soft skin, biting through it at some point.

“Poor baby boy, fucked so good and can’t even scream my name.” Tony leaned in and kissed him.

Peter’s tiny moans and hums were the sweetest thing Tony had ever heard.

Trying not to raise his voice accidentally, Peter stopped hurting his hand and said, “I’m coming, T-Tony…”

Tony knew it was his boy’s first time and he wanted to make his orgasm the best, so that Peter would never forget it. His final pounds were slow, but deep and stronger than before, abusing Peter’s prostate. With one hand, Tony stroked his dick very carefully, stimulating the sensitive spot between the head and the shaft. Peter wanted to scream when the climax hit him, but could only pant breathlessly as cum was appearing on his belly and chest. He didn’t wait long for Tony to fill him, listening to his cute little moans making it worth the overstimulation.

Tony rested on his back next to Peter, holding him close and caressing his face. They were still panting when they heard aunt May’s bedroom door opening, and her footsteps on the corridor. She was heading to the bathroom, they figured, but for a moment their hearts stopped. Peter looked at Tony and vice versa, and when May came back to her room, they chuckled warmly. It wouldn’t be so funny if she suddenly entered Peter’s bedroom and saw her nephew and his friend naked, one’s body covered in cum, though.

“That was amazing, Tony. Thank you.” Peter took his hand and kissed the back of it.

“I should thank you. You’re so beautiful when you’re filled by my dick, you know?” It made them both snort, and Peter rolled his eyes, too proud to admit that it flattered him.

“So”, Peter settled himself more comfortable on Tony’s chest, “What are we now, exactly?”

Tony thought about it for a few seconds, looked at him and asked, “What do you want to be, Peter?”

As cum was spilling slowly from between his butt cheeks, marking the sheets they were lying on, Peter answered genuinely with a smile, “Yours.”

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MIT Tony and Rhodey Headcanons

I just want to say, the idea of Tony and Rhodey at MIT is my religion.

  • Jim is shook when he walks into his dorm room and he’s sharing a room with a kid who literally looks like they’re 12
  • Jim skipped a grade in high school and participated in the ROTC program
  • He’s 17
  • Tony just turned 15 before going to MIT
  • Tony was a workaholic and Jim constantly had to look out for him
  • Tony gave him the nickname Rhodey and he’s kept it ever since
  • Tony sucked at things like remembering to drink water, not saying up for days at a time, and eating dinner before 4 AM
  • Rhodey would just sit bottles of water on Tony’s desk when he got into one of his ‘work moods’ and watch him to make sure he was taking care of himself
  • Rhodey discovered pretty early on that Tony gets migraines from stress and overworking himself
  • Thus, the kid hates loud noises or bright lights
  • Tony always wore baggy sweatshirts
  • Rhodey was the Mom Friend but he was also a cool college kid
  • He didn’t go to a ton of parties or anything, but he knew what was up
  • Tony, on the other hand, was a MessTM
  • He stayed up 24/7 until he fell asleep doing whatever he was working on
  • Rhodey would toss and blanket on him, wake him up and tell him to go to bed, or just carry him to bed himself
  • Tony also sucked at social interaction
  • He was kinda shy as a kid, but he’d say what he wanted to and was very sarcastic and witty but he was quiet when he got into his 'moods’
  • Tony and Rhodey somehow end up at Shield, so Tony just marches straight down to Peggy’s office and they chill in there
  • Tony hacking things while Rhodey’s like wtf he’s a child
  • Rhodey also realizes pretty early on that Tony views Jarvis and Anna as his parents and Peggy as his Aunt
  • Tony sometimes speaks in English terms- like calling the elevator a lift- because of the time he spent around Peggy, Jarvis, an Anna
  • Rhodey and Tony spent Christmas vacation together at Tony’s house
  • Originally Rhodey was just gonna go home, but Tony begged him to come with him and Rhodey knew that Tony didn’t want to be alone with his family
  • Tony’s grandparents from his mom’s side are Italian so they speak it fluently along with his mother. Tony can hold a very very basic conversation, but can’t speak much of the language
  • Tony also named all his AI after important people or pets he had when he was younger. Jarvis is named after Edwin Jarvis (this is canon), Karen is named after his goldfish, and Friday was a dog
  • Rhodey loves horror movies
  • Tony says that he’s fine and watches them with Rhodey but then doesn’t sleep for days
  • They talk about everything together: complaining about professors, plans for the future, favorite bands… eveything
  • Since Howard kinda wasn’t there for the important stuff in Tony’s life, Rhodey taught him things like how to drive
  • Tony can literally only make scrambled eggs
  • When Rhodey’s had a long day or doesn’t feel like trying to make food, Tony will always bring him a plate of scrambled eggs
  • Rhodey is also convinced that Tony runs purely off of caffeine
  • The amount of coffee stains on papers in their dorm room is unbelievable
  • Since it’s 1985, they listen to 80’s rock songs together and occasionally go to concerts and stuff on breaks
  • Tony has a hard time sitting still so Rhodey got him little trinkets and stuff to fiddle with
  • Rhodey gets things off the top shelf because Tony’s like 5'2
  • Rhodey is also one of the only people who really knows Tony and what to do in certain situations. He knows that Tony has panic or anxiety attacks sometimes, he knows about Howard, and he knows how to handle Tony when he’s upset
  • Tony ranting about Star Wars and Rhodey having to read things about the movies later because he’s never seen them and isn’t really a big sci-fi fan
  • Tony then making Rhodey watch all 3 of them with him and quotes all the movies
  • Tony hiding his hands in the sleeves of his sweatshirts
  • Them helping each other on homework
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Summary: You’re new at Tony’s high school and accidentally bump into him. After he shows you to the office, you can’t stop thinking about him, only to have him show up on your front lawn that night.

Warnings: fluffy, I can’t believe that I used a freaking quote from Romeo and Juliet, considering that I don’t like that play at all…

Marvel Masterlist


Originally posted by hisduckling

You hated the fact that your parents had to constantly move around thanks to their job. It always meant that you had to leave everything behind and start another life in a new city and you’d never know how long it would last. It’s why you never really made any friends or looked for a serious relationship. It was just easier that way to be there one day and then disappear the next. 

But (apparently) this time would be different. You parents had said how this was the last move of their career and that they would finally settle down. No more moving. Obviously, you didn’t quite trust their words just yet. 

By now, you should be used to walking into a new school and have weird looks thrown at you, right? Wrong. You always felt that same wave of nervousness as your eyes travel over the new building in front of you. Your body flinches slightly at the strangely familiar bustle of high school students around you. 

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First Date au: Peter finally grows some fucking balls and asks Tony put to a date. A casual date that should’ve been just thai food turned into them having the time of their life.

“Tony where are we going?”

“Well you took for thai food, delicious by the way, so I’ll take you somewhere. ”

“Okay but where?”

“It’s a surprise.”

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“If you try to add bleach one more time, so help me I will end you,” threatened Rhodey when the 14 year old reached for the bleach for the third time in as many minutes.

“Which one is the bleach again?” asked Tony with a sheepish smile.

“The one labeled bleach!” snapped Rhodey. “Honestly, I thought you were a genius.”

“Laundry is hard. Why don’t you do the laundry and I just fix it when it catches on fire like last time?”

“You caught a laundry machine on fire?!”

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Tony Stark Prompt:

The Avengers find a young, battered teen genius who helps them defeat the current tech-savvy villain. However, when asked who he is and where he lives, they receive no answer. Turns out the teen has amnesia and can’t remember who he is or any events in his past.

(Hint: Tony is said amnesiac teen genius.)

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