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My top three underrated knb characters

1. Alex, Riko and Satsuki

I legit am gay for the three of them, Some of them get hate for ruining their ships but that’s so low?? 😭 The three of them helped their team in their own way, making them improve and grow and i think that’s beautiful!


2. Kasamatsu Yukio

He may be mean to Kise sometimes but this guy believes in Kise the most 🥺 and I feel like he plays a big role in Kise’s character development. He’s also a great captain!


3. Nijimura Shūzō

Where is he? How’s his life? Is he okay? Can he come back? How does he likes his eggs cooked in the morning?

I love him because he is not afraid to speak his mind, He is a great senpai and for me he’s the best captain in the series, Imagine taking care of five chaotic boys? I could never.



Izuki Shun, Imayoshi Shoichi, Miyaji Kiyoshi, Mitobe Rinnosuke, Sakurai Ryō, Mayuzumi Chihiro.

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hey. sorry for the dumb question, but could you tell me who voices sara?

She’s voiced by Teiko Kagohara ( 籠原 帝子 ), who normally goes by just Teiko. This was her first time voicing an anime. She’s from the music group Shoujoshiki Elise. Ikuhara wanted to use their music and decided to cast her as well.

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I'm a Chubby female INFP Taurus. I've been told I'm kind, freindly and sweet. The better i get to know a person, the more I show my bubbly side. I hate seeing anyone in pain and pretty understanding and ready to listen. I'm mormally optimistic but not ignorant of the world around me. I do have anxeity and social anxeity. I'm a naturally curious person. My hobbies include Reading, drawing, surfing the internet and watching anime and cartoons (Part-1)

Next time can you please ask me, because I feel like I have been demanded. Thank you for your understanding! :)

Your match-up: Nijimura Shūzō

  • You both are realists and aware of your surroundings, which make you a great pair due to your maturity.
  • The rainbow captain would appreciate your bubbly and curious side as it would ease him up after a long and tiring day. He would be able to talk about anything with you, which would be especially helpful to him as he would not have to keep his stress for himself so he can get everything off his chest easily.
  • The amount of stuffed animals and sweets you would get from his as a sign of love and gratitude would be uncountable. You would be really cherished!

Originally posted by llunel

Other possible match-up: Kiyoshi Teppei

Match-up based on zodiac sign: Aomine Daiki (virgo), Midorima Shintarō (cancer)

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So I got this in a package few days ago and I just…I’m just so happy I got this few days ago, because it brightened up my whole weekend and day in general since it’s been a bit awful.. (╥ᆺ╥;)

I also have Kise, but I didn’t take a pic of him, because he’s supposed to be a gift for a friend, who likes Kise, but yes, I have to admit….These two idiots are wrecking me up so much istg they’re gonna be the death of me..

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