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I wanted to ask my followers first so I have one superm ticket for Paris to sell,veeery close to the stage,the one next to mine, unfortunately one of the people i was going with couldn’t come anymore so that’s why i’m selling message me for more information.I’ll be with 2 of my friends..soo come and join us .We are wild bitches so it’s going to be fun lol for those who are scared I promise you i’m really nice irl and I love meeting new people I bet you’d love my crazy ass 😜

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EPIGRAPH: “The natural balance of the world is upset, and now the wrath of the gods is upon us. You must find and gather the Seven Visionaries—elemental wielders descended from the goddess of creation, Numinous—to bring back peace to its rightful place.”



















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Sooo, let’s talk about a Ten solo album ✨

So, I’ve been thinking…

1. It will probably be the most succesful SM solo debut ever y'all. Like it’s Ten

First they drop the title of the album, preorder record sales, then boom the title track is a comercial success and is played everywhere (I’m thinking maybe Capitol would promote Ten’s album since he was in SuperM but idk due to the fact that he’s not in 127)

But you know what? Ten doesn’t need a big company for his album to be a success. Sometimes I think about Ten leaving SM at some point in the future to start his own company but, you never know.

2. Hopefully Ten will take huge part in everything regarding the creative control of the album.

Since it’s SM idk but wouldn’t it be cool? Like he writes the songs, designs the album covers and takes pics for a photo book and Also illustrates it, I would pay good money for this.

3. Good Promo

Ten already has a fanbase any artist would die for. And everyone’s eyes will be in the album so, hopefully he will get to promote it on tv shows and music shows too.

But, if the album in fact is also promoted by Capitol, it will most likely be played everywhere :)

4. The sound and themes

I see some more ‘follow your dreams’ kinda vibe in the main track, the rest of the songs might contain the must have love songs every album has (he’s already making them from what we’ve seen in dream plan) , also maybe a song about the fans. It would Also be nice to see more of Ten’s songwriting skills. Hopefully the album will have deep, ingenious and meaningful lyrics and themes, Ten is like this type of visual person so maybe he can play with methaphors in his writing :)

5. Aesthetic

As for the aesthetic of the So10 era, I think maybe something we haven’t seen from him yet, he’s played around with neon and bright colors in dream in a dream and then this badass concepts in Jopping and Regular, and a kinda romantic Style for the Take over the Moon era so maybe go for some other theme? Surprise us Ten!!

I Also think he would create some sort of story for the music video. That combined with his always awesome dance skills would really end me.


Originally posted by reallyreally

I couldn’t resist putting this gif is the only good thing in this freaking app

Hopefully, the So10 will come soon ✨

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Ten: I can always sense and recognise other Time Lords!
Also, Ten: Doesn't recognise Jacobi!Master and only recognises Simm!Master from his voice
Twelve: Doesn't recognise Gomez!Master even after the snogging
Thirteen: Doesn't recognise Dhawan!Master, shut it Graham she's having a bad day!
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Happy WayV Day 💚

I wasn’t there since the day one, but i’m glad that i still have the opportunity to celebrate the first anniversary together. I promise myself to work harder for them. I love them so much as they help me a lot by just existing 🥺💚 I will always be by their side and support them with all my heart ❤️

Kun, Ten, WinWin, Lucas, Xiaojun, Hendery and YangYang, I love you guys so much, thank you for making me smile since the day one I found you guys, I wish you all the best and fortune for the future 💚 and also, I’m really looking forward for the first album 🥺💚

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How do you think shower sex would be with lucas, or any of the other wayv members, would be? I just really like your perspective and writing!!!

Kun: I think he would ditch the shower sex and move onto the bath sex. If he’s taking a shower with you, he’s more likely to wash your hair and smell your shampoos. Bath sex with him would be cheesy and romantic. I’m pretty sure, at some point, he would try singing to you. Tries missionary but it gets to awkward and messy. He figures out that you riding him is the best option, but he’s too scared to make any noise because the sound in the bathroom is really acoustic. 

Ten: I’m convinced he would finger you underneath the water, use the shower head on your pussy to make you come. Shower sex with you would be all about taking care of your needs before his.  I do think he likes a more calming atmosphere, and I do think he would play soft music. It would be impossibly steamy in the bathroom, too, and you’ll be sweating. Fucks you against the shower wall, his hands moving down the glass door to wipe the condensation away.

WinWin: I think he would be good at it. I feel like nothing would be that awkward with him. He would know where to rest his foot, which angle to penetrate you from behind. I think having shower sex is kind of scandalous to him. He gets a thrill out of pressing you against the wall and just going for it.

Lucas: Takes you from the back while you’re bent over. I think it would be hard for him to find a position that makes both of you comfortable. At first, it would be a little awkward while he found his footing. I think he would end up hitting his elbow on the wall wrong or accidentally ramming his head into the shower door. Definitely thinks it’s the sexiest thing he’s ever done or will ever do. Enjoys watching the water cascade down his own body.

Xiaojun: I don’t think he’s into having shower sex. I think he would complain the entire time about it. It’s too slipper and wet. He can’t properly see. He could probably touch you better when you’re dry. Would he do it? Absolutely. I can’t see him enjoying anything other than using his hands, but I definitely think he would do it.

Hendery: For sure wants you to blow him in the shower. He’ll join without an invitation, too. Seeing your naked body does things to him, so he’ll start getting a little hands-y. Loves when you get down on your knees, loves the way you look when you’re wet, loves to see you enjoying yourself. I also think he would love coming on you instead of in your mouth because it can easily be washed away.

YangYang: I don’t think he would be as into having sex in a communal space. If he does, it’s in the bath and it’s completely unplanned. He would be laying in the tub and you would be leaning back on him. The whole experience would be more about foreplay than actual penetration. I can see him soaping up your titties or just feeling your body underneath the water. 

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