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giff eh be om det inte var vad du vill vad du verkligen verkligen inte att jag kan komma t ex att det blir förvirrande i Gbg den är amazing hem till dig då o kolla på din julgran

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I love this Aero Self Tanning Foam Ultra Dark by bondi sands because it is very easy to use. The product comes with an application mitt which is also gentle on the skin. You first apply a small amount of product to a mitt and then gently using sweeping motions, apply that mitt to your skin. You can also re-apply after 30 minutes for a darker tan. I have a light brown skin tone and this product gave me a very natural looking tan. I loved how quickly it helped my skin tan. The instructions are easy to follow. The texture is foamy and the color of this product is brown. The scent is that of coconut. I like that the scent is pleasant and it isn’t too overpowering. I love the packaging too. All in all, this product is a much safer option than tanning beds and gives an even and uniform tan on your skin. I used this product without any fear or hesitation. It works much better and easier than other tanning machine options. I’d definitely recommend this product to everyone.
to everyone. #ad #FreeSample

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a weird a sh*tty thing that I made on Toon Boon at my animation course.

few parts become weird because I cuoldn’t finish with some frames plus something wrong happened (and I don’t know what is it?)

However, I hope you like this thing

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Source: Stop Caretaking the Borderline or Narcissist - How to End Drama and Get On with Life

The second chapter talks more about the Caretaker role. An excerpt:

Being a Caretaker to a [borderline personality/narcissist] is equivalent to being g a full-time, unpaid therapist even though the [borderline personality/narcissist] is an adult who should be caring for him- or herself. [They] need you to nurture, need you to listen, be caring and concerned, take responsibility got negative feelings, and create a world that is no longer scary.

I got a 175 (Self-Defeater). What did you get?

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- Fantasy short story
- DnD-esque world
- 900 words
- Suitable for everyone, no warnings
- Based on this prompt by @writing-prompt-s​ and @eeveemaster547​ [pictured below]


When my friend first joked about picking the lock, I laughed. We both did. But something about it stuck in my head. What would happen if you lock picked the Door of Paths?

Not I knew nothing about picking locks. So the first step to—possibly—answering this question was learning to do so. I got a job at a locksmith. It would be easier for me to learn the slow way, from someone who knew the trade, rather than trying to follow web tutorials. It was a while before they taught me to pick, though. First, I had to learn all about the different kinds of locks and picks and a bunch of new terms. The knowledge was great, but it sucked to feel back in school over one curious thought.

I might have given up if I hadn’t already put in so much time and effort.

I began practicing on every lock I could. Old padlocks, my car door, apartment door. It was a slow progress, but I was gradually mastering this craft. I didn’t want to try the Door of Paths until I was sure I could do it; and then if I couldn’t, then I’d know I’d never be able to.

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Interesting story

“The whole idea behind Pymetrics is that instead of using a resume, you are looking at people’s cognitive, social, and emotional aptitudes,” Polli says. “It’s also much more future-facing and potential-oriented, rather than backwards-facing and sort of only talking about your past experiences. It’s a much more holistic, hopeful view of someone than, Oh, this is what you’ve done, and this is all you can do.”——Bias, in Polli’s view, is a human problem. True, it can pop up in the algorithms that humans create to sort through job applications. But it’s at least as much of a risk in the people who review resumes and conduct interviews, who are naturally prone to make unfair judgments based on everything from a person’s name (pdf) and gender to their appearance and speech patterns. Algorithms, Polli suggests, are at least more trainable.——“It’s hard to remove bias from algorithms, but it is possible,” she says. “It is not possible to remove bias from humans.”——Those assertions are up for debate. But at least one thing is clear: Companies love the idea of algorithms, which promise to evaluate talent at far greater speed and lower cost than regular flesh-and-blood recruiting and hiring processes allow. Pymetrics’ client list includes big names like Unilever, Nielsen, LinkedIn, Accenture, KraftHeinz, MasterCard, and Boston Consulting Group. Venture capital is betting on Pymetrics, too. The company’s primary backers are General Atlantic, Jazz Venture Partners, Khosla Ventures, Salesforce Ventures, and Workday Ventures, and it has thus far raised $56.6 million in funding. At the same time, the AI-driven hiring tools provided by companies like HireVue are also becoming increasingly widespread.—-And so the salient question at the moment isn’t whether companies should use machine learning to filter job candidates. It’s already happening. More relevant is the matter of whether the talent revolution already underway is a fair one—and what more can be done to ensure that algorithms alleviate, rather than deepen, the longstanding problems in hiring.

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Blessings are poured over you during testing times. But your heart and mind may be so fixated on the whirlwind that you don’t see the goodness around you. And even if your eyes see it, your preoccupied mind might not acknowledge it.

So take a deep breath, watch the sun rise over a new day, listen to the birds chirp, watch your beloved ones walk and talk around you, go to work or school and struggle through the day – because even in your struggle, there is peculiar and wondrous beauty.

Via Fajr Literary

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Mulai lagi lelah yg membuat aku serasa gilak. Fisik, pikiran yg gak terkontrol, khayalan yg harapannya jadi nyata tapi gak akan pernah jadi nyata, aku capek serius capek. Setelah sekian lumayan lama aku gak ngerasa sakit ini lagi, utk malam ini, tanpa permisi penyakit ini datang. Setiap sebelum tidur aku berharap besok paginya gak pernah bangun lagi untuk hidup, nyatanya pas tengah malam terbangun dan terpikir bakal jumpa malaikat pencabut nyawa, akhirnya aku juga tetap berdoa agar aku mati dalam keadaan khusnul khatimah (biar malaikatnya gak serem dan bisa masuk syurga). Besok pagi terbagun, hidup, bernafas, melakukan hal yg harus dilakukan dan berbuat dosa. Aku gak akan pernah bisa belajar dari kesalahan. Yang aku bisa hanya ngeluh sampek aku mampos. YaAllah maafkan hamba, hamba lelah hidup : (

Doakan yg terbaik

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