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hot older ladies are cougars actually

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Adonis, from “The Stage and the Mirrors”, Transformations of the Lover

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every time i try to verbalize my thoughts on piama x ruelle the only thing that comes out is the emotional equivalent of sustained, fully-body squawking

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i’ve said it before and I’ll say it again but it’s deeply frustrating that no one will tell me that I suck! 

like, I am at best terrible sometimes and at worst terrible all the time but given the feedback I’ve received in the past 90 days I am 1) maybe making a bit too big of a deal out of the fact that people keep setting off the smoke alarm in my house 2) not good at articulating my opinions about what to do about the popular image of dinosaurs and 3) said something snippy about an oxford comma that probably didn’t need to be snipped about.

How am I supposed to make reasonable projections about what percentage of people hate me if no one is willing to tell me they hate me? Would it help if I set up an anonymous feedback form? Literally how do I get you people to tell me that I suck

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Why is it whenever I start to feel okay again something happens or someone tells me something and I feel like ass again :|

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