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I just had the pleasure of hearing Palestrina’s Missa Papae Marcelli performed by the sistine chapel choir (the 2016 recording is amazing) and I realized I feel like renaissance composers are often rarely talked about (at least among my music professors etc) Who are some of you’re favorites, and why (to some extent) is renaissance music not a part of the conversation regarding western musical development?

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Raihan and Leon’s rivarly lasting for years and years until one of them just proposes to the other.

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If we’re friends:

  • Today’s a good day to ask me for photos
  • It’s also a good day to ask for videos
  • It’s a great day to send me things of you


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Tfw you wanna draw so bad but don’t have time to do anything at ALL so you end up aggressively drawing in class whenever the teacher dares to pause and breathe

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replying to people forgetting that this is not my main and they might not know my url: a saga by me

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