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Long time no see!

Enjoying nature, fresh air and great views while living in financial freedom is a dream many people have and inherit but few accomplish it and I am happy to finally say I’ve stepped out the doorstep of Poverty House right into the abundant and luxurious Internet-money-life Castle.

I don’t mean to brag or flex in front of others. I mean to congratulate myself on it. And receiving this gift, while it has mended my life and honey coated it, had an expensive price.

Glad to catch up with you all, boiis.

See ya! 😎👌

I am willing to answer any questions and talk about whatev’!

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I actually feel like I can breathe again. God, it’s FRIGHTENING how internet dependent we’ve become in just a short space of time.

Banking? Online. Where’s the nearest ACTUAL branch? No clue.

TV licence? Online.

TV? Online. Music? Online. Shopping? ONLINE. Talking to my family? ONLINE!

Before you even get to tumblr and my fun stuff.

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abel’s back w his get down in the club and then go sob ur eyes out in the corner music

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No matter what happens in your life, there will always be new characters to fall in love with, new ships to root for and new storylines to discover even if you think there won’t be. You’ll always find a new favorite character and that makes life a lot more endurable.

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while all of your broganes sibling ideas are cute and should have 100% happened, the freaks on the internet will be freaks no matter how clear the sibling bond is. just look at the supernatural fandom. people just like being nasty.

I have no real idea of what Supernatural is or what the fandom is like so this is absolutely hauntingly mysterious

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