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#thank you!
Nah, Roscoe is my favorite, and I live Lisa and Roscoe’s kids, especially Star, they’re so cute. Though Nate needs to learn that if he wants to join the rogues, he better join the real ones.

Oh my goodness, thank you!!  It means a lot to me that you’ve enjoyed it :D  I haven’t written anything in that `verse in a few years, but have been meaning to get back to it eventually.  It’s good to know that someone is interested, so hopefully that helps light a fire under my butt to finish the fic I started some years back.

Nate’s inherited his dad’s status as a human disaster, so he’s got a looooot of mistakes ahead of him before figuring himself out :>  That’s why they don’t get along very well; both recognize themselves in the other and it makes them uncomfortable.  But I adore Nate, and he’s so much fun to write.

Thanks again for your lovely comment, which brought such a smile to my face, and thank you for reading :)

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college protip: if you dont have a stove in your dorm, a clothing iron and some tinfoil can work, and you can explain it away as, well, a clothing iron if anyone questions it (i made many a grilled cheese with my clothing iron at like 2am)

that’s?? genius omg ive never considered that before

there’s a kitchen in the lobby tho fjsjsjns

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"you are beautiful, wonderful, and loved - you are you, and that’s more than enough. take care of yourself, you mean so much to me and i love you!" send this to 8 people to show them how much you appreciate them being in your life, let's spread some love 馃挆馃尫

awww this is so nice i love you sm!! 

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what are your favorite genres of music? any favorite artists? any that you like to listen to when you art™?

I like metal and also soundtrack scores! :D

I don’t tend to listen to just music while drawing (I focus on it too much and end up spacing out more than I actually draw. I prefer to have the tv on), but I love to listen to Hans Zimmer, Matt Richter, or Michael Giacchino’s work before I draw.

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8 - What would be your reaction if one of your parents said they were having another kid?

Aw, man that would have been awesome. I’ve thought about that kind of stuff before, those ‘what if’s’. Like what if Mom hadn’t died? I know Dad had said that they had pretty much decided that four kids were enough, but you know, accidents happen. I was pretty much an accident because apparently they had decided that three boys were enough at one point XD. 

But I think it would be pretty awesome to be a big brother. Hand down my knowledge and expertise. Be there when they needed help, or just someone to talk to. I’d def would want to be a big brother just like mine are to me. 

Of course that never happened, but I can still look forward to being like the cool uncle one day! 

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Peter Gabriel for the celebrity thing :)

nope not my type / alright / cute / adorable / pretty /  gorgeous / lord take me now

he has very pretty eyes, very nice

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Lena de spell

• Favorite thing about them: She’s cool! and her story/arc is great! I also like her personality.

• Least Favorite thing about them: i. need. more. webby. violet. and lena. I can’t get enough. (that’s not Lenas fault though I just hate how the writers haven’t given us mORE)

• favorite line: “Sure, blame the mysterious rebel, playing by her own rules”

• brOTP: Her and Webby!!

• OTP: uhhhhhhhh Her and Webby!!!

• nOTP: um like, anything else i guess

• random headcannon: She secretly really enjoys some of the dorky/non-rebellious stuff webby is into

• unpopular opinion: ummmm idk…i’d be cool if she tried out some different hair colors i guess, I love pink but I think she’d look good in a teal or purple

• song I associate with them: I literally can’t think of anything! I’m not good with songs! I bet they’re are some good ones for her out they’re though, seems like a gal you’d write a song about

• Favorite picture of them:


Originally posted by negsthebest

absolute mood^

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2, 15, 36, 44 馃挄

2: Did you get to sleep in today?

Yup, I have the weekend off, so I don’t have to wake up at 5.40am🤗

15: Are you a different person now than you were 5 years ago?

Much different. I don’t know that person anymore.

36: Are you doing anything else besides taking this survey?

Does dying in this heat count?

44: How late did you stay up last night?

Only till 12am. I’m getting old.

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Thank you for writing Sleepless. I can so feel Kristoff's exhaustion, his frustration, his hopelessness. I had the worst sleep deprivation for close to a decade, and you're portrayal of it is spot on. I'd be willing to bet you've dealt with it too. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us!

Hi!! Thank you for this message! You are right, I’ve had my fair share of trouble sleeping at times in my life - although nowhere near the level in which I am writing it for this story. As you can probably imagine the fic was thought up during a sleepless night. Luckily for me though, the spells of missed sleep are rather few and far between. I’m sorry to hear you’ve dealt with sleep deprivation for such a long time. I really hope you are past that now. ❤️

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14 and 18?

14. Be tied up, blindfolded and tickled by one person, or be able to move freely but be tickled by three people?

Definitely the first one. 👀

18. Wear a shirt saying “I’m ticklish!” or something similar, or have arrows drawn on your skin pointing to your tickle spots?

Oh my god no that would be horrible. Okay, um, I guess the first one, but either wa th I’d never hear the end of it. ;-;

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When did that happen

Well, nonetheless, thank you for all your support! I’m only going to do a raffle when I have 100, so I have kind of more people to choose from

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Pansy + Blaise 馃槒 + Red lipstick 馃拕 thank you and congrats on the milestone!!

omg darling, thank you so much!! @lettersbyelise I see what you’ve done here. 👀

Blaise: Pansy, why is your lipstick in the sink?! 

Pansy: Mh? What lipstick?

Blaise: I don’t know, it’s red!

Pansy: You know I don’t use red lipsticks.

Pansy: …must be Draco’s.

Draco: Hey lovelies, have you seen my lipstick?


Pansy: …in the sink, darling.

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馃弳 beautiful person award! once you are given this award, you're supposed to paste it in the ask of 8 people who deserve it. if you break the chain nothing will happen, but it's sweet to know someone thinks you’re beautiful inside and out 馃弳


Thank you Nadin! You’re the sweetest! 🥰

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