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#thank you!
馃摂Do you keep a traditional diary?

Off and on I do! I have a travel diary I use consistently when I travel. I go through phases where I really need to write I go through phases where I really need to read. I’ve been reading more lately.

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7 and 9 for the risky asks, 1, 3, 7, 8 and 10 for the really risky asks!!

7. when i was one, uhhh right before i was gonna take a shower, i rushed out to look at myself in the mirror and then i peed SVJJGSGUSUSGUAUSGIA

9. GOD… like my first personal blog url was like? vsmolmedium in reference to pearl fey from aa

1, 3, 7, 10 are answered!

8. i drink water without ice!

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93. how old were you when you realized you were into girls?

18-ish, I think. I came out (initially as bi, so hello full circle though I prefer queer now) at 18 but I’m not sure if I’d started to catch on before my birthday.

Send me a gay-ish ask

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the 100 tag: s1 or s4 ?

Thank you for the tag @rondasloves @immortalpramheda @natassakar  💖

season 1 or season 4?

bellamy or clarke?

mt weather or polis?

the delinquents or spacekru?

heda or chancellor?

lincoln’s journal or jasper’s goggles?

alie or mccreary?

may we meet again” or “whatever the hell you want”?

black rain or acid fog?

raven with a computer or octavia with a sword?

marper or memori?

clarke and madi or clarke and abby?

lexa v.s. roan or bellamy v.s. indra?

echo’s warpaint or anya’s?

I won’t tag anyone as I think everyone has done this now! But if you haven’t, consider yourself tagged by me! xo

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I just have to say that I've been around for a little while but I love your writing! I am always looking forward to Mending Fences and Guns and Roses being updated. And your Indiana Jones crossover is something that I honestly didn't know I needed in my life but now that I have it I love it. From one Minnesotan to another, keep up the work because it's all amazing!

Omg this is so nice I wanna scream and jump and cry and die a little bit! Thank you for the wonderfully kind words! I’ve really enjoied writing all three of them, especially the Indiana Jones crossover one.

I always love finding other Minnesotans here! Someone who understands the pain of winter 😂

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25, 30

25. what do you wish cis people understood?

a lot of things but most of all i just wish they understood that they dont and never will face the same level of pure hate that trans people get. (thats more specifically for cishet people tbh)

30. who is the transgender person who has influenced you the most?

uh honestly i’m not sure, there’s not really a straight forward answer for this! maybe im overthinking it idk

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(totally not saha) seb aho :)

First of all, he’s officially listed as 6′0″ on the roster and that is a lie. I feel like that man barely clears 5′10″ on a good day. 

He had an awesome season this year and I think he’s only going to get better. He’s going to be the captain of the canes one day. He totally deserves the stardom he gets back in Finland. He’s definitely one of the players that I’m really excited to watch next season. 

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you deserve to have good things happen to you. :)

♡ ahh thank you so much!! ♡

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Barbie pink! Safe travels!

If you could make one extravagant purchase for yourself, what would you buy?

*looks at the sashimi boat price on the menu* …someday…someday

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4, 27, 46, 75, and 90 for the Pokémon asks. I could ask more but I don’t want to bother lol

Thanks so much for sending me this @dbzebra ! (Thought everyone would just ignore this cause thats usually what happens when I post these things I never really get asks) But I really wanted to do this one so Im happy you did! Oh and your not bothering at all! :)
Ok here goes..

4) Turtwig, Chimchar, or Piplup?

Has to be Piplup! I have only seen clips of Diamond and Pearl but Piplup is one of the main reasons I want to watch. Such a personality. Plus I love penguins so it’s just too cute! It’s also a water type right?

27) Pansage, Panpour, or Pansear?

Alright this one is one of the few ones I really can’t answer cause I have no clue of who these Pokémon are I’m sorry 🙈 but on a whim I’ll say Panpour cause I love water types most of all.

46) Tyrannitar, Flygon, or Salamence?

Flygon don’t know much but I do know it. And I love it as Mallows ride Pokémon in Sun and Moon.

75) Tornadus, Thunderus, or Landorus?

I actually can’t even give this one a guess no clue sorry .. again 😅

And last but not least
90) Nurse Joy or Officer Jenny?

Oh that’s tough one! I guess I have to say Nurse Joy cause in a way she kinda reminds me of a veterinarian only for Pokémon of course and long story short I was gonna be that for a very long time. But also she’s a lot more prevalent in both the games and the anime in my opinion then Officer Jenny at times so makes her character and the much needed pokemon center stand out more. But I do love them both.

Thanks so much again for these! This was fun! :)

Originally posted by shelgon

Anyone feel free to send me stuff. Especially about pokemon lol

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hey bby i hope u feel cheer up soon! 馃ズ馃挅

kajskssj ur the sweetest,, thank you love 💗💖🌸💓

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Hello thank you for your emoji!!!

As a child I wanted to be an artist and now I am in art college studying animation so my wish came true!!!

Thank you for your emoji have a nice day! ❤️❤️❤️

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