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#thank you for asking!
🔦 (o)W(o)alls pwease

🔦-Did you learn anything while writing it? About yourself? Writing?

I always knew it was gonna be hard to talk about the topics Walls deals with, but actually writing it really puts that into perspective, you know?

if anything though I started writing Walls with all the difficult topics because of what I learned about myself. once my repressed memories started surfacing and I remembered the things that happened to me, I needed a way to cope, and so I used this story featuring my favorite characters to do it.

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☠️ and 🎢 for Walls! please

☠️- Did you consider killing off any of the characters? Did you?

yes I did consider it, and not yet… not yet.

🎢- Were there any scenes you were nervous about? For audience reception or otherwise?

I guess I’m always a little nervous about scenes where Devon is really affectionate with Mettaton because I don’t want it to seem like I think their relationship is cute. there are also scenes later on where Devon gets… significantly worse with his abusive tendencies and I’m nervous about those because I don’t want them to be too triggering or graphic.

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walls, 🏟️⭐

🏟️- Who was your intended audience?

hmmm good question. originally I just wanted a slow burn that everyone could read. clearly that did not happen. because of how much sexual content (however implicit) there is, I generally rate it 16+ or 18+ at this point.

⭐- What’s a scene/paragraph you’re proud of?

Chapter 14:

If people wanted advice, they went to Asgore or Toriel. If they wanted self-defense tips, they talked to Undyne. If they had a question about some scientific matter, they called Alphys, or even Sans if she was unavailable. Even Frisk would be asked for help if there was a problem with human-monster relations.

Papyrus might be asked to babysit every once in a while, but no one ever wanted his opinion or advice on a problem they might have. Any time he came across the others talking about their difficulties, they either immediately clammed up when they noticed he was around, or they’d continue speaking in hushed whispers, thinking he couldn’t hear.

Previously, Papyrus had liked to think—or pretend—that it was because he was so great and thus too intimidating to show weakness to. But as time went by, it became harder to deny that they all just thought he was dumb, and easier for him to believe that he really was.

I really like that I came up with this bit because I think it really shows Papyrus’s ultimate problem: that no one believes in him, and because of that, he doesn’t believe in himself.

I also, again, like Chapter 20 a lot because according to readers I did a really great job of making Devon and Mettaton’s date seem fairly normal on the outside, but really creepy and fucked up when you pay attention.

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🎭 💎 walls!

🎭- What was the feeling or mood you were going for?

oof that’s a bit difficult to answer. when Walls had just one chapter so far, most of the current conflict in the story (i.e. Papyrus’s drug addiction, Devon, etc.) wasn’t even a blip in my mind. my very first plans for a Papyton slow burn were for it to be fluffy and not angsty. well. we all know how that turned out.

now I guess the general mood I’m going for with Walls is for the first two-thirds or so to be fairly serious, but with lighter moments mixed in to relieve the readers. the last third(? I don’t really know how exactly the story is split up but I typically think of it in 3 major parts) will I think be significantly more lightly toned until the end of the story.

💎- What was your favorite part?

we haven’t gotten there yet (honestly we’re not even close) but I’m so excited to reach the end of the story. I suspect it will be very satisfying for readers in terms of both Devon’s fate as well as the conclusion of the slow burn.

if we’re talking parts I’ve already written–I’d have to say Chapter 20, not because of what goes on exactly, but because apparently I did a fantastic job with it. if I’m remembering correctly, it is the chapter with the most comments as well as the most emotionally-charged and in-depth comments for the whole story so far, and it’s really inspired me to go above and beyond with my writing!

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📜 📜 about whomever!

I’ll do one of each then ^-^


Whenever Akira is stressed over the amount of responsiblity that the title of Warrior of Light/Darkness has with it, she’ll go and ride on Mr. Chubbs, her fatter cat mount. He may unnerve all of her allies with his soulless eyes, but whenever it’s brought up that he may be a voidsent in the flesh of a dead cat, she just smiles before commenting:

“We don’t talk about Mr. Chubbs condition.”

Of course, she also doesn’t mention that when he came wobbling up to her, in Camp Drybone, it had been right after the Waking Sands being attacked, nor does she ever mention that he had a wind-up Thancred with him either.


Normally he has high levels of insomnia whenever he tries to sleep, and when he does sleep, he has dreams or nightmares of creatures that he’s heard of, but as far as he knows, he’s never seen. Dreams of an anata with many arms and swords who guards an orange, fire-like crystal, a Kraken in a sunken temple who ends up ripping his left arm off, and a demon-like being that had been at the center of time.

He normally chalks it up as him reading so many fairy tales when he was young of a group of people saving the world, and looking up to the magicians in those old tales.

As for how he combats his insomnia? Well he will either go drinking until he’s pass out drunk, or go and find the hardest thing to fight and kill without dying himself.

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Dove, hot cocoa, bath bomb, cupcake

Dove - How do you express love?

Oh, through million little things. I smile and hug my friends, I share my food, I embroider gifts for people, I help them with little things. I generally try to love everyone and it’s my goal to show this love to everybody, so there are endless examples.

Hot Cocoa - Three things you love about yourself?

I love my hair- it took me a long time to accept the way I look and appreciate the golden colour on my head. I… well, that is awfully hard to answer. I like how passionate I am about things. And I like my patiance, both when doing something and when dealing with people. I like how people can find solace and strength in it.

Bath bomb - What is the best form of self care?

Going on a very long walk, preferably through a forest, and sinnging. Sitting on the couch and watching some silly series while embroidering, letting your worries disappear into the thread. And of course, sleeping.

Cupcake - Are you in love?

Are you?

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How's the move to NY going? Hope you're having a decent time maneuvering everything❤❤ if you don't mind me asking, where are you moving from?

It went really well! I’m still getting settled in, BUT my bed was able to get delivered a whole lot earlier than it was originally going to be, so that’s helped it a lot! I think this weekend is the weekend I’m going to start looking for a job and get something here soon. 🤞🤞 And I moved from Texas but only took a few suitcases… I still have too much stuff though lol

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weather, loveseat ~

Weather - What do you love most?

That’s quite a hard question, because I love very easily and a lot. But I love art and history, books and my friends and I cannot imagine living without them. So I guess I love them very very much.

Loveseat- Describe your ideal house

Enough space so I can have a small “library” on my own, so I can have cats and a big plush bed/nest by the window. A functional kitchen in which I can bake bread and a garden with an apple tree and a swing, where I would lay in the grass and dream about the unknown.

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ugh im freaking out loads about fic engagement too recently- how do you cope? (also hi :) how are you?)

The fic engagement meltdown for me is always this little blip of ‘omg no one likes this no one is commenting oh god everyone hates me’ when it’s been like…considerably less time than it would take to actually read the dang thing, of course no one’s commenting, they haven’t actually finished it yet.

That super irrational period of time aside, I’m trying not to get too caught up in long term metrics - there are lots of reasons that I’ll never get those like 1000+ kudos, hundreds of comments numbers that have nothing to do with quality. As I feel like the more time I spend in this fandom the more I’ve cultivated a group of people whose opinions I care about and their engagement tends to mean more than the numbers. And I keep reminding myself that essentially fandom is a marathon, not a sprint. I’m just like…keeping going with what I want to finish/what I’m enjoying writing and trust that there will be people who also enjoy it over time.

Anyways! It doesn’t always work and there are sometimes fics that I feel a little sad that they seem to be…like…a little underappreciated. But then again I’ll reread them and be like ‘fuck it, I like it’. I think that also comes from over a decade of writing exclusively for myself. I have hundreds of unfinished fics that I just wrote with no expectation of anyone else reading, so (now that I’m working on some general brain-issues) I’m kind of getting back to the point of being like ‘hey, I like this stuff, these other people whose opinions matter to me seem to like it, so what if the statistics are low(er that other people’s - I will admit to struggling with jealousy occasionally)’

Maybe this isn’t helpful advice but it’s what usually keeps me going!

[Also I’m doing well thank you for asking! Momentary freakout from earlier mostly resolved haha]

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Can I hear some more about that double blind date au? It sounds like it could be pretty cute, just imagining the Choi twins going out like that together is already amazing, what with Sae trying to be Saerans wingman but getting distracted by Ji-ae, or Saeran being... well, himself? I just love Saeran lol. I do have to say though, for a second I thought Saeyoung and Ji-ae went out to meet another couple and it just so happened that half of the couple was Saeyoungs missing/dead/etc twin lol

Of course!  :3

@crytalstellar & I actually have several versions of our Double Date au, but the double blind date one takes place after V’s after ending.  V and MC decide to set the twins both up for some peace and quiet lol.  Saeran and Saeyoung have already been reunited and V already is acquainted with @crytalstellar‘s oc, Kira.  So when he contacts her asking her for a favour and if she has a friend to bring along, Kira reluctantly agrees and ends up dragging Ji-ae along with her. 

Like always Ji-ae and Saeyoung instantly hit it off, with Kira and Saeran being more reserved; Kira unsure how she feels about the fair haired twin.  However, the more they hang out the more she grows to like him, until they end up dating as well. 

It’s a fairly straight forward slice of life au, but its fun :3
I wrote a short one-shot that takes place after their initial double date [ x ]

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unusual asks 1, 12, 15, 29, 49!!!

1) Do you ever wish you were someone else?

right now I wish I was someone who wasn’t SICK!!!

12)  What do you think about the most?

did I ever have a sense of self?

15) What is your favorite word?

Fantastic, pirouette, persnickety, bubbling, and heaven

29)  Have you ever liked someone who your friends hated?

Yes, and it really is not worth it.

49)  Where’s the most magical place on earth?

For personal reasons, my grandmother’s backyard is a very magical place. However, I did once visit a centuries old graveyard that felt so unearthly. I think in general I just find ruins to be enchanting. Every time I walk through one I can feel exactly how things once were. Sometimes if I focus enough I can hear a thing or two. not often though. 

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Nausicaa and the Cat returns?

> Oh! And Studio Ghibli!

Hi dear! Thank you! ^^ I’m including your second ask in this same answer.

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind: What type of apocalypse do you think you would have the best chance of surviving?

I think I would manage okay if all the electronics stopped working. If the electricity goes as well, I should maybe move somewhere warmer tho.

The Cat Returns: What is the coolest adventure you’ve ever been on? 

Ohh when I went to Chicago with my best friend! 13 years ago. We tagged along with my grandparents visiting their daughter (my aunt). It was fun. We just took the train downtown whenever we wanted and spent the day trying to survive with our English. :’D

Studio Ghibli: Top three Studio Ghibli movies? 

1. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (I KNOW this movie came before Studio Ghibli was founded, fight me)

2. My Neighbor Totoro

3. Princess Mononoke

But I have to say, all Studio Ghibli movies are close to my heart. I watched Totoro as a young child and it left a lasting impression!

>> studio ghibli asks

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Im at home, obviously. Its 3:30 pm and I am just thinking about one of the most amazing people in my life and how thankful I am for them to be in it.

Aw im glad you have someone like that in your life and that youre grateful for them too

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I don't want you to shake your head at me and i'm a bit curious so what about Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea and My Neighbor Totoro ?

Oh yes the mighty head shake scare everyone! Thank you!

Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea: Favourite fairytale?

I don’t have one absolute favorite, but I guess I’ve always loved the Little Mermaid. Also, Beauty and the Beast.

I remember having lots of fairy tale books when I was a child, so I’ve read a lot but I fear I’ve also forgotten so many great ones…

My Neighbor Totoro: Favourite mythical creature?

Oh dragons are my all time favorite, but I also have a soft spot for griffins! Some of that is because their name in Finnish is so cool sounding: Aarnikotka. A treasure eagle.

>> studio ghibli asks

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1, 12, 23, 34, 45, and 50 for a character of your choice! 🥰


12. Is there some particular talent, skill, or attribute that they simply could not give up?

Arisande is very intuitive and *gets* people, knows what they’re trying to say and what they want to hear, and it’s so integral to her relationship to the world that she would be completely lost without out.  Without it, she’d have to do a lot more fighting and a lot less talking her way out of things, and talking her way out of things is her entire jam.

23. What is your character like when it comes to school? What subjects are they good/bad at? Do they get in trouble a lot or are well behaved?

Ari never went to school, but she did learn some things!  She got taught her numbers and letters and things by whoever had time and knew them, which means her early childhood education was in several languages, very patchy, and not entirely cohesive.  She kinda got there in the end, though.  She is very good at reading maps, at tying knots, at painting, and at maths as they pertain to dollars.  Once she could read she did read any books that happened to show up on ship, so she kinda knows… weird pockets of information.

She was a scamp.  A good hearted, well meaning scamp.  She got in trouble sort of an average amount, usually because she was doing something that could have gotten her hurt.  Eventually she outgrew it and moved on to more mature troublemaking, like murdering cultists.

34. Does your character have favorite foods? (breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snacks, etc)

Ari loves a citrus; oranges and lemons especially.  They were always framed like special treats when she was little (can’t let the ship’s mascot get scurvy), and she’s loved them ever since.  She would lose her mind over clementines.  She also got real excited once when they were in town and she saw a lemon tart in a shop window.  What do you mean you can make things from them

She can be coaxed pretty easily into trying a lot of fruits.  She’s not a big fan of vegetables.  She likes seafood.  Shellfish/crustaceans are a good bet.  She really likes big fish, like tuna.

She would love sushi if she knew it was a thing.

45. Is your character the kind to hide their true emotions or do they wear their heart on their sleeve?

Heart on her sleeve!  You know shit done gone some kinda way if you look at Ari and can tell there’s something she’s hiding.

I already answered 1 and 50 for her, so I’ll answer them for… one of my Fallout girls, Charlotte.  blast from the past, not even fic on AO3 for her anymore, goddamn, but I’m keepin’ that Mercer line going

01. What does your character’s name mean? Did you pick it for the symbolism, or did you just like the way it sounded?

I picked it because Codsworth could say it, and because it was cute.  Her full name is Charlotte Jack Donnelly, Charlie Jack to her father, and then later, to some of her friends in the terrible future.  The “Jack” part is after her grandfather.

50. If your character confessed love to their crush, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc, what would they say?

It sounded like “don’t worry.”  It sounded like “we’ll find a way”.  It sounded like gunshots.  It sounded like a long walk over cracked roads, until the soles of your feet feel like they don’t connect to your body anymore.

It sounded like that sharp, cracked sob when he saw his son again.

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🧸 and ♣️!

♣️ Do most members have similar hobbies, or do they vary?

They definitely vary! Quite widely. Lucky loves to collect things, and loves geology and archaeology. Euasteros loves studying religion. Kevin is more outdoorsy whereas Eren likes doing things inside. Andrew basially doesn’t have hobbies. It’s all over the map!

🧸 Do the syskids have a favorite toy?

Eren loves Bochan (his stuffed owl) and his coloring books. Kevin has fewer tots bur he loves playing with my kaiju figures, Pokemon cards, and a Pokemon game my partner got him for Christmas.

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1, 2, 4, 11, 35, 43, and 50 for Ari!

01. What does your character’s name mean? Did you pick it for the symbolism, or did you just like the way it sounded?

I made it up!  It doesn’t mean anything.  Arisande just looked like a nice combination of letters and it sounded nice in my head.  (It’s pronounced air-ih-san-d, and Ari is pronounced Are-e.)

02. What is one of your character’s biggest insecurities? Are they able to hide it easily or can others easily exploit this weakness?

Ooh, hmm.  She doesn’t like her eyes.  She wishes she had, you know.  pupils. an iris.  something other than the solid wall of pearlescent bullshit she has now.  she wishes she could look into someone’s eyes and have them know for sure she was doing that.  she longs to be told her eyes are pretty and deep and lovely and interesting.  And that sounds like a very superficial insecurity, but it also speaks to this like… discomfort, deep down, in what it means to be one of Ondra’s chosen.  She would rather have been god-touched by… someone else, please.  Someone that doesn’t on the reg threaten to kill her.

Her discomfort with Ondra isn’t something she talks about a lot.


Keep reading

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