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Originally posted by raenchels

Dominant function: Fe
Auxiliary function: Ni
Tertiary function: Se
Inferior function: Ti

Fe (Extroverted Feeling)- Chelsea demonstrates her dominate Fe in her advocacy for vegetarinism, animal cruelty, and global warming. Her deep passion even led her to becoming class president and leading a protest. She is also very responsive to the needs of those she cares about; she often neglects herself to make Raven happy and/or fix her problems.

Ni (Introverted Intuition)- Chelsea is a nonconformist and very much an opposite to Raven and Eddie who are both sensors. She would rather go camping and be out in nature than go shopping or be raging at parties. She is quite spiritual, often mediating and taking care of her spiritual health. 

Se (Extroverted Sensing)- Chelsea prefers to have a plan but can live in the moment, improvise, and enjoy herself. I think if this wasn’t the case, she and Raven would have a hard time being friends. 

Ti (Introverted Thinking)- Chelsea’s logical functioning is clearly her lowest trait as she lacks common sense and takes a long time to catch on to things. 

Note: Chelsea’s enneagram type is 9 wing 8.

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I know that I started with Raven’s Home, but I just had to stop and go rewatch That’s So Raven.

I wonder what happened to Eddie over the years between the two shows.  Considering the actor’s problems with the law and drugs in recent years, I doubt that we’ll see him, but a mention of him would be nice.

I loved Raven’s style.  Why don’t today’s shows have such amazing wardrobe departments?

I also wanted to see the relationship of Raven and Devon before it ends in divorce.

Raven’s style and fashion designing was prevalent from the beginning.  The poor thing is being wasted making clothes for dumb rich bitches’ dogs.  I understand that she is a single, divorced, working mother trying to make ends meet, but still…

I wonder if Cory or Raven’s parents will ever make an appearance on Raven’s Home.

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Disney Channel Masterlist

Good Luck Charlie

Amy Duncan

Teddy Duncan


Bertram Winkle

Emma Ross

Jessie Prescott

Rhoda Chesterfield

Suite Life Of Zach & Cody/Suite Life On Deck

Carey Martin

Emma Tutweiller

London Tipton

That’s So Raven/Raven’s Home

Chelsea Daniels

Raven Baxter

Wizards Of Waverly Place

Alex Russo

Theresa Russo

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No shade to Netflix because Netflix is still Netflix but one thing about Disney+ is you know you’ll never have that moment when you mindlessly scroll for 30min looking for something to watch. In fact just opening this damn thing for the first month is going to be like “What DON’T I want to watch???”

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