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#the basketball which kuroko plays

Went on a hunt through the whole city’s anime shops for these recently. It’s so dead 😭 But I can’t believe I found these, especially Tatsuya 😳

The animal friends keychains were blind gacha, and there were only TWO left of series B (the one Tatsuya’s in). I shot all the shots I could take and got Imayoshi and Mura! Not Tatsuya… but I’m not mad ☺️

PS: every time I found any KnB merch, I’d tear up 😢

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Of course, anyone and everyone experiences feelings of jealousy. Including Tatsuya.

But I’d like to think that he’s above possessiveness and petty passive aggressiveness. He’s used to fans and the spotlight, and he knows the ins and outs of being independent from that kind of attention. Ultimately, he’d trust you, and know it’s possible to be flattered without being attached.

Because you’d chosen him after all.

So he’d completely be cool with you meeting up with close friends or old friends of your preferred sexual orientation by yourself. But not without making sure you remembered you were with him, of course.


It’s a long time coming when you finally make a time to meet up with your old childhood friend. Several years have passed since you’d last seen each other, and out of respect and excitement, you spend more effort to make sure you look extra presentable for your meetup.

Tatsuya notices.

As you walk down the stairs, gray eyes light up at your descending figure. A smile graces his face when you reach the bottom.

“Hey,” he greets as you come to a stop in front of him.

You smile in return. “Thanks for taking me there today.”

“What else would I be doing?” he asks with a soft curve of his lips.

You both walk to the front door to put on your shoes. You’re wearing nicer shoes than usual, and he halts in place when you hold onto his forearm to keep your balance as you’re putting them on.

You pretend not to notice his eyes on your shoes, and his travelling gaze when you’re done.

“Have you eaten?” he asks, when you both make your way out of the door and toward the station.

It’s always sweet whenever he asks, and some days when you’re absolutely starving, he even has snacks in his bag. You know they’re for Atsushi, but he always manages to have some spare for you.

You shake your head and remind him that you’ll be having lunch with your friend anyway. “Have you?”

“Yeah. Atsushi’s been wanting hamburg steak since last night. We went as soon as the shop opened this morning.”

You laugh. Of course. “Sounds like a great time.”

You feel grey eyes on your face, your hair, your shoulders… and everywhere else. Your legs keep moving forward, but you feel a quick fluttering in your chest that sends heat to your cheeks.

“So,” when he finally speaks, his voice is lower. Smoother. “Who do I have to challenge to a duel for you today?”

He’s teasing, and the corner of your lips twitches as you slide your gaze up to him. “This?” You gesture to your apparel, playing along. “You think it’s for my friend?”

He’s still smiling as he hums.

You shake your head. “It’s for myself.”

His lips press together as he pretends to consider it. “Reasonable.”

You throw another side glance at him as you decide whether or not to say the next words on your mind.

Whatever. You feel the back of your neck flush as you come to a decision.

“And if it was for anyone else… it’d be you.”

He stops walking, which makes you stop too. “Is it?”

The gleam in his crinkled eyes sends a jolt to your stomach.

“I don’t know. Is it?” You hope your reply is in the same even tone.

Before you know it, he’s close. You feel his breath on your lips before he leans in, and when he pulls away, there’s a sly curve on the same mouth that was just on yours a second before.

It surprises you because he’s never one for PDA, but you register at the back of your mind that he must’ve already confirmed that the street was empty.

“Have fun,” he says, his tone brighter than normal. And just like that, he continues walking. When you don’t move, his fingers weave into yours and pulls you forward with a gentle tug.

Grey eyes glance down at you for a second and the only thing stopping you from sending a light thwack to his shoulder, is the faint tinge of pink on his cheeks.


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Posting another throwback.

Kuroko no Basuke; Immaculate Anime Winter Cup.
I believe the original Panini America Immaculate design is still the best. I’m surprised I only did 5 of these.

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Looking for someone

If anybody has any information of StrangeStorms, an AO3 author and writer of the Green Tea series, please tell me. They’ve last updated the series in 2017 and were so excited for the next installment that them going MIA for three years is more than strange.

I have some speculations about their disappearances but I don’t want to jump to conclusions. So if you have any info please tell me, they’re an amazing person and their work is a piece of art, if you read their work you’d see that they put a piece of their soul into it.

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Brand New

Kuroko No Basuke Namja Town / Namco Collab Merch ))) 💓

All items are in SGD, mailed via tracked airmail. Mailing is additional.


Pic 1) Prize A Kise Ryouta Neko Can Badge ❌

Pic 2) Prize A Kuroko Tetsuya Rockabye Standee + Postcard Set SGD$20

Pic 3) Prize D 44 mm Kise Ryouta Can Badge ❌

Pic 3) Namco Kise Ryouta 75 mm Can Badge ❌

Pic 4) Silicon Ring (Kise Ryouta / Akashi Seijuuro) SGD$6

Pic 5) Namja Town Tokuten Postcards SGD$4 each

Pic 6) Left Column Neko Postcards SGD$6 each

Pic 6) Right Column Sticker Sets (Akashi SGD$8, Himuro SGD$6)

Tags: kurobas knb Himuro tatsuya Akashi seijuuro Kise ryouta kuroko tetsuya cats

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Time to revisit my roots.

My original Kuroko No Basuke trading card designs. These were all done in GIMP. Long before I knew how to make print ready documents. It was simply for the love of art. And the anime. 

I’ve gotten so wrapped up in printing actual cards for my fellow pro wrestling fans because of their crazy support and demands. I forgot that the first people who found me, we’re fans of this.

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the generation of miracles but it’s things that i’ve said

kuroko: sometimes i wish i couldn’t speak english, or maybe i should just move to east europe so that nobody will talk to me

kise: (my mum: the plate’s hot, be careful) me: I’M HOT BE CAREFUL

midorima: do you think that there’s anime glasses on e-bay that light up like they do

murasakibara: (with a french accent) JE SUIS… er… HONGRÈ

aomine: i am the omnipotent god when it comes to dodgeball (immediately gets hit)

akashi: with chess, you need to think of tactics. know your pieces well. this one right here (points to the king piece) is called dimitri.

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psycho (cheater!aomine daiki x reader)

pairing: cheater!aomine x reader

genre: angst

tw: infidelity, swearing

wc: 596

on the rare occasions i write angst ;-;

Nothing registered in your heart. Not anger. Not sadness. Just cold and empty numbness. Your heart felt like the 1 AM view outside. Frigid, empty, and unforgiving.

The signs were evident since, oh, three months ago. What did Aomine take you for? A dimwit who couldn’t tell the difference between lipstick you had never bought in that shade and paint on his clothes?

Nevertheless, you had still prepared for the inevitable day you would walk into one of his… adventures.

High pitched moans alerted you to someone’s presence. No, it was not porn, even Aomine is smart enough to use headphones while beating his meat. It was a live person. You loosened your shoulders and followed the sharp scent of perfume to the bedroom.

And lo and behold, look what you had found! A half-naked woman with dishevelled hair being pinned onto the wall in a heated makeout session with the man you had called your boyfriend of 5 years.

Eyeliner smudged eyes fluttered open, notifying her of an intruder. She screamed in response. You wrinkled your nose.

“I get that you’re panicked, sweetheart, but seeing that it’s 1 in the morning, please do try to let the neighbors sleep undisturbed, ” you said, breaking the silence. Aomine and his mistress frantically tried to cover up their half-naked bodices. You tapped your feet patiently, waiting for them to recover from the shock.

“I thought you weren’t supposed to be home until next week!” Aomine exclaimed.

“And? You thought you could have more playtime with your little harlot?” The woman in question gasped. You rolled your eyes, which landed on a ruined piece of furniture. The vanity was ruined. All the neatly stored brushes and cosmetics were strewn around the table. Even the mirror was askew. Probably the result of their debauchery.

Your feet seemed to move by themselves, as they brought your body to hers. Her chin was soft, with a stray pimple under her trembling lip. You brushed away a lock of sweaty hair from her cheek. Aomine’s mistress didn’t dare move a muscle.

“Did you know he was dating somebody, sweetie?” you asked. Your voice was barely a whisper by now, but you lips were centimeters away from her red ears.

“N-no, no, no. Get your… get your hands off me!” She raised a hand and aimed for your head. Clouds practically covered your common sense right now, as you caught the hand aiming to hurt you.

“Tut, tut. You don’t have to lie to me, you know.” You let out a desperate giggle. “Couldn’t you have said that to Daiki when he brought you over all these times?” In the window behind the girl, you caught a glance a sickly sweet smile plastering your face.

The initial shock was starting to wear off on your lover, no, ex-lover. “You’re a psycho, (Y/N),” Aomine commented. No. I’m just extremely calm in a situation where other people might be already in a mad fit already. But this was a mad fit… of sorts. He put one foot behind the other, to retreat from you. 

A hoarse sound left your throat. It was a laugh. In the middle of this hot pile of shit, you were laughing, Aomine thought. You inched closer to Daiki. He was oddly compliant as you put your two hands on his cheek.

“Oi, what are you-” You gently turned his head around until he was facing the crooked vanity mirror.

“Look in the mirror, Daiki, and tell me who’s the bigger psycho,” you said as you strutted out of your flat. 

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it’s been sooo long since i’ve written a headcanon. enjoy some carrots y’all


Originally posted by ayanoshia

  • so both of you are doctors right
  • and both of you are working together
  • not like in a surgery or something,
  • but like you still have paperwork or something that needs to be sorted out
  • and you’re sitting opposite one another with your laptops in front of you both
  • our mido-chin is all frustrated
  • adjusting his glasses
  • scrunching his nose
  • you’re in front of him
  • unfortunately not paying attention to our little frustrated carrot
  • you’re wearing headphones 
  • with music of your choice blasting through them
  • so you can’t hear shin’s groans or whatever
  • when suddenly you start to shrug your shoulders to the music
  • which is quickly followed by small arm movements
  • until you’re fully waacking in your seat
  • at first shintaro is kinda surprised
  • seeing as you’ve never danced to this extent in front of him
  • sure he would hear the sound of you falling and somethings crashing on the floor of the bathroom when you were showering
  • but he always added it up to your clumsiness
  • little by little he starts to look up
  • he wouldn’t admit it outright
  • but you’RE SO CUTE RN
  • your face looks so focused on the work in front of you
  • but your arms are like somebody gave you 3 whiskeys and told you to go wild on the dance floor
  • eventually he’ll say something about it
  • something on the lines of
  • “what are you doing? you look like a factory chicken who’s about to be taken to the slaughterhouse, nanodayo.”
  • but you both know he loves it inside
  • so you carry on
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“You’ve got to do something about your hair,” Hyuuga said as they were getting ready to leave practice. “It’s getting in your eyes. I am not going to lose the Winter Cup because you decided to look like a bad boy!” 

Kagami frowned, hair still wet from the showers and flopped into his eyes. “I can still play just fine.” 

Hyuuga raised his eyebrows. “Cut your hair or I will cut it for you.” 

Kuroko came out of the locker room and stood by Kagami. “What are you talking about, Kagami-kun?” 

“Nothing,” Kagami said quickly. 

“His hair,” Hyuuga said. “It’s getting out of hand.” 

Kuroko looked up at Kagami, cocking his head. “Why don’t you just get a haircut?” 

Kagami turned red. “Maybe I will.” He turned on his heel to leave. “Come on, Kuroko.” 

As they walked home, Kuroko turned to Kagami. “What’s going on? It’s not like you to let something affect your performance.”

“It’s nothing,” Kagami blustered.

“It’s obviously something, Kagami-kun.” Kuroko leaned towards him, brushing their shoulders together. “You can talk to me about it.” 

“It’s dumb.” Kagami turned red again. “I don’t want you to think less of me.” 

“I’ve already seen you run away from a puppy,” Kuroko said. “I don’t think you can get much more embarrassing.” 

“Fine,” Kagami said. “I just…I don’t like people touching my head, okay? And I can’t cut my own hair because it’ll look stupid.” 

“How did you get it cut before, then?” Kuroko asked. 

Kagami shrugged. “My dad dragged me kicking and screaming to the barber’s, and then after that, Alex started cutting it for me.” 

“So it’s not everyone you mind touching it, just people you’re not close to?” Kuroko asked. 

“I guess. It wasn’t so bad when Alex did it.” Kagami was still pink, and wouldn’t look at Kuroko. He obviously hated talking about it. 

“Then I’ll cut your hair,” Kuroko said. 

“You–what?–my?–YOU?” Kagami stammered. 

“I’ll do it. I know you better than anyone in the country, so I’ll do it.” 

Kagami frowned. “Do you even know how to cut hair?” 

“I can watch YouTube tutorials. How hard can it really be?”

“That’s not encouraging, Kuroko!” 

Kuroko offered a small, teasing smile. “Would you rather have Hyuuga-senpai do it? I’m sure he’d be thrilled.” 

Kagami sighed. “Fine. You can come home with me tomorrow and cut my hair.” 

When Kagami got to practice the next day, Hyuuga immediately zeroed in on his unruly locks. 

“I thought I told you to cut your hair!” 

Kagami took a step back. “Don’t worry. Kuroko’s cutting it right after practice.”

“That is correct,” Kuroko said, appearing from behind Kagami, not exactly startling him but not exactly not. 

“If you don’t show up with it cut tomorrow, I’m coming home with you myself with scissors,” Hyuuga said. “Kuroko, make sure you cut it.” 

“I will,” Kuroko said, nodding decisively. 

Kagami groaned. He didn’t see why he couldn’t just wear a headband or something. Tatsuya had played for years with hair over one eye, and it didn’t seem to affect him. But his captain’s word was law, and, worse yet, he didn’t want Coach to get involved. 

Kuroko followed him home from practice. Part of Kagami was hoping that he would be able to shake his shadow, maybe try a hack job at home regardless of how ridiculous he would look afterward. 

“I’m going to cut your hair now, Kagami-kun,” Kuroko said as the door closed behind them. “Let’s go to the bathroom. Bring us a chair?” 

All the times he’d imagined being alone in his bathroom with Kuroko had involved a lot more water, a lot fewer clothes, and a hell of a lot fewer scissors. But he obediently hauled in a chair and sat down, waiting for Kuroko to take the first snip. 

Kuroko laid a hand on his shoulder. “You can relax, Kagami-kun. I’m not going to do anything suddenly.” 

Kagami tried to relax but his shoulders just wouldn’t tense. 

“Will you wet your hair down for me?”

Kagami nodded. He turned on the faucet and stuck his head under, fumbling for a towel to get the worst of the drips off. He looked back at Kuroko with a flushed face from the heat of the water and from Kuroko’s proximity. 

“That good?” 

“Thank you,” Kuroko said. “Now sit back down. I’m going to comb your hair first.” Kuroko reached in his drawer and pulled out a comb–and wasn’t it just like them that Kuroko didn’t know he was in love with him, but knew where everything was in his apartment? 

He tensed up again but once the comb drew through his hair, started to relax. Kuroko’s free hand rested on his shoulder, calming him down. 

“Kagami-kun, I’m going to start cutting your hair now. Is that all right?”

Kagami grimaced. “Just get it over with.” 

Kuroko took the comb and held it horizontally through his bangs. He frowned slightly as he began to snip. Kagami waited for the discomfort to pool in his gut, but it never happened. As soon as Kuroko moved the scissors slightly away from his face, he laughed softly. 

“What is it?” Kuroko asked.

“I don’t hate this,” Kagami said. 

Kuroko smiled, small and soft and sweet. “You don’t?” 

Kagami would have shaken his head, were there not two blades snipping away at his hair. “Turns out I trust you.”

Kuroko outright grinned at that. “Kagami-kun, I could have told you that.”

“Well…I mean…” Kagami sighed. “Shut up, you’re ruining the moment.” 

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