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Runaan: Point is, we need to try it.

Tiadrin: But that’s illegal.



Tiadrin: I’m just fucking with you, I’m in.

Lain: I’m in too. I heard the word “illegal.”

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My dear friend! Haven’t seen you in a while-

I know it has been just a couple of days. Still, sit down and let me pour you some coffee. Coffee is obligatory this time.

Yes, you are right in your guess! This Is Weiss Schnee, an heiress to the Schnee house of Del Bar, known as the Snow Knight. Yes, you heard me right. Even though she has an elder sister Winter and younger brother Whitley, Weiss is the one to be the next head of the house. Her sister rejected this… honour a while ago. She is one of the most famous knights across human lands and is an honourable guest in every kingdom. Do you see the scar on her face? It was left by one of the assassins she had to fight when she was only 14.

The first impression of Weiss is quite contradicting. She is both closed and cold person, as well as loyal and devoted. She is a riddle, as well as is her family in general. 

Her fighting style is unique and origins from the style developed by Schnee family centuries ago. It was said in family chronicles that Schnees were able to use Moon magic in combat even without Primal Stones. It was considered just an old fairy tale until Weiss proved it to be partially right, as she was able to use the magic of pieces of Moon Primal Stone, which were considered to be an honourable, but useless relic of past by her father. However, she still wishes it never happened. She almost let her mother be killed on that day by the assassins. If Winter was not on time back then… Weiss prefers not to think about it.

Weiss is allowed to present at the Council meetings of Del Bar, even though she is not on it. The court magician Watts, however, seems to be against this idea. He also does not like Weiss having an ability to use Moon magic. 

Besides the pieces of Moon Primal Stone, Schnee family keeps one more relic - a mirror, which was once upon a time confiscated from the Dragon Family as a prize. Weiss always wondered why it was kept out of the sight from everyone (but not from her, obviously, because she was a good student and learned something about secret passages when was a curious kid). When she was small, she often came in the secret room to investigate the mirror and just to play.

She liked to ask it questions.

It’s not like the mirror could respond back anyway, right?


Here, she wears a light-blue jacket over her armour (official look). The pauldrons have a sign of Del Bar on them. The medallion has a sign of Schnee family on it. Weiss’s weapon is usually attached to the chain on her belt. 


On her face is a scar, left by an elven assassin who was along with a couple of others sent to eliminate her family. They never succeeded.


The boots are embroidered with the snowflakes which look similar to the sign of Schnee family.


Once on a cold night, Weiss meets two elves - Moonshadow elf Blake and Skywing elf Sun. She considers them enemies at first, but soon realizes they fight against common enemy - Moonshadow elf Adam and his followers. When Weiss gets the permission from the king Ironwood to leave the kingdom, she soon joins Blake and Sun on their way to Xadia, even though they do not trust each other much. During their travel, Weiss discovers that she can use Moon magic without Primal Stones, which makes her question her general attitude towards magic and elves. In Xadia, Blake and Weiss separate from Sun and meet Sunfire elf Yang and her half-sister Ruby, who have their own special quest. Soon they realize that the threat of war is upon Xadia, because human troops crossed the Breach under the lead of Cinder Fall, dark mage from Evenere, and with support from Schnee family. Weiss realists that she needs to stop her father, because his actions will lead their family to doom. She also realizes the threat that Cinder represents and an urge to stop humans from using dark magic.

The situation gets even more complicated when they run into Earthblood elf Oscar, who has a rare, among Earthblood elves, gift of blood magic, and his friend Silver Fox, who claims to be cursed by a powerful Startouch elf.

Some words from the artist (aka me):

1. Weiss’s jacket is supposed to be just slightly blue. Hello again colouring problem. And she is not falling, she is leaning forward, trust me.

2. Weiss’s nickname is well-known to the elves of Xadia, and Yang makes too many jokes about it when they meet. 

3. Weiss met Cinder a couple times. She knows that Cinder has an apprentice, young girl Emerald. They seemed… shady. 

4. The mirror in the secret room went missing several months before human troops entered Xadia. Weiss hates to, but does indeed draw connection between these two facts. She has no idea how to connect them properly though.

This art was based on the concepts of Weiss from volume 7 of RWBY and on turnarounds of General Amaya and King of Del Bar from seasons 1-2 of The Dragon Prince.

Thank you for your attention people! Stay tuned, more fun stuff on this crossover us coming later ;D be happy stay positive have fun enjoy your day ✨❤️✨

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A surface-likable white male creator getting essentially a free pass from accusations of workplace abuse and dodging any and all questions about it by calling people mean and that they’re exaggerating because he fulfilled a pale-skinned hetero ship that people are losing their minds over because it’s decently written and not claw-your-eyes-out-bad, as well as the barest hints of “LGBT REPPPPPP” (that I personally don’t think is even that good in context).

Meanwhile, queer or otherwise marginalized creators get absolutely hounded for either being far more daring or working under bad circumstances/the best with what they’ve been given.

I’d say I expected better, but that would be a lie.

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The things we leave behind.

Back on my bullshit ayeyeyeyeyeye
A little concept for Naymora’s first life as Aaravos’ daughter :)
She failed to free him from the mirror and instead died at it. He couldn’t watch her fade away, but if he had, perhaps he’d have realized that she just recited a reincarnation spell. Whoops

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Rayla:*sharpening blades*…….




Rayla:You keep staring, why? Trying to draw my blades again?

Callum:N…no, I’m just you know….sitting around. *looks away*

Rayla:….*slowly starts sharpening again*……

Callum:……*looks at her*

Rayla:You’re doing it again!! Stop being weird!

Callum:I’m not being weird!

Rayla:Then why are you just staring at me?

Callum:Because……*blushing* I’m admiring how beautiful you look while you work.


Rayla:*blushing and raises hood* Why are you always saying dumb things? Can’t you just draw or something?

Callum:*pouts* Sorry, my bad hehehehe *opens book to draw*

Rayla:….*peeks at him*

Callum:….*smiles* Yes Rayl-

Rayla:Shut up it’s payback!

Callum. Seems fair I guess. *draws calming.*

Rayla:*Admiring him “secretly”* (He has no right to be this cute)

Soren:*whispering* I thought they were already dating. What’s with the weird flirting?

Ezran:Normal flirting is still too hard for them.

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AAAAAAAND while I’m on the self-indulgent train, here’s all the art I drew for my fanfic The Bridge Between, which is an AU Season 3 (I wrote it in September, shh) where Callum gets an illusion disguise, picks a fight with some jerk at mage school, grows wings and then meets his Skywing Elf dad. 

Read it! I had fun with it and y’all know I’m on this half-elf train until it crashes so woooo

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Tired: Self-inserts are dumb, no one over the age of 15 does that, it’s not cool, people are gonna think I’m a loser for making my elfsona, especially since I’m fat and the elves in canon are not.

Wired: I’m 33 and I’ll draw whatever the fuck I want. ITS ELFSONA O’CLOCK, BITCHES!!

Haven’t named her yet, but I did roll a d10 for wings/no wings, and got a 10 so hell yeah wings. I imagine she’s probably some kind of messenger/scout/bard who travels around with news and stories (especially if said stories make her look cool, and she is not above embellishing), but nopes out as soon as anything actually dangerous happens, retreating to watch from afar and take notes.  

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I already had two elf oc’s which you can find here, so I thought why not give them an alternate look that follows The Dragon Prince, bcs oh boy did I binge that and absolutely fall in love.

Elion (left) I ended up choosing Moonshadow elves, partly because the overall look is decently similar to my original design, I thought it suited him best.

Aias (right) was also going to be a Moonshadow elf at first, but I didnt think it fit well with his original design, and thus I decided the look of Sunfire Elves suited him a lot!

I’d probably still keep them as boyfriends/husbands even in this au

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So if you guys haven’t watched The Dragon Prince on Netflix already, I really think you should go and watch it now!

I binge watched the whole thing in a day and a half and I am obsessed! The story, animation, world-building, characters and all around plot is freaking awesome (okay the whole entire show is awesome) and with one of the creators being the head writer of Avatar: The Last Airbender…you won’t be disappointed!

Can’t wait for season 4!

Go watch it noooow!

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