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Did You Know: Arena claimed that it has been 492 since Tiber Septim’s unification of Tamriel, even though it had only been 389? The original plan was to have each Era be equal to 1,000 years in length, which would put his unification of Tamriel back another 104 years. Even more bizarrely, as 3389 - 2896 = 493, the originally intended number was also wrong, or they were counting the unification as a specific anniversary that had not been reached that year yet.

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Dragons Keep, Riften Reborn

After the war is won and Ulfric is dead, there is the Moot. As predicted, Elisif becomes the new High Queen of Skyrim. Queen Elisif has no idea how to make a battle work but turns out she’s wildly loved by the people. Even ex stormcloaks begrudingly ammit that at least she has good intentions, I can’t deny that

One of the first projects of Queen Elisif is Dragon Keep, a giant orphanage in Riften where once Hronorall Orphanage stood. The new orphanage is way larger and secured, providing at all the war orphans (which are defintely more than the dozen or so kids we see in game that’s a nation we’re talking about) a refuge and the chance to be adopted. The Orphanage will also teach the childrens to read, write and basic math and provide occasions to the best brains despite the humble origins. Costance Michel is still there but with the way bigger dimensions of the orphanage she’s only assigned to help the original section of the building -the childrens who were under Grelod abuse-

The reborn Thieves Guild, who has returned to the ideals of the Grey Fox under Guildmaster Fa'Ir, protects the orphanage from any corruption, while the Skyrim Legionaries who were recruited during the civil war and have taken the place of Jarl Laia city guard are prtecting the city and the orphange from any exterior danger.

Under Guildmaster and secret Penitus Oculatus agent and infiltrator Fa'Ir, the Thieves Guild becomes a weaponized shield against corruption. Oh they still steal… But their stealing is like the Oblivion times, which quickly gain the support of the population and control crime under a single group with standars on what is crime.

Of course, Jarl Maven Black-Briar is… Relieved and happy to see Riften returning to such fast. Her name is acclaimed as an example of virtue as the Jarl who wiped out corruption and protected the common people. And if this result was reached by being blackmailed by Oculatus agent Fa'Ir who made the guild more powerful than Maven and has some documents who could destroy her… Well that’s not something that people has to know. Maven is still well liked and Jarl, she could have got a way worst ending.

Of course, Jarl Black Briar is more than happy of paying the creation of Dragons Keep orphanage with her personal money, as sign of good faith toward Riften and appreciation for the Empire.

Thank you, Jarl Maven! Truly the best leader Riften ever had!

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A babey girl. Her name is Evandrel. She’s about 75-100 years old but acts like a teenage human. She is smaller than her mother (Evandrel is 4’10”, Savannah is 5’04”.) and not as magically adept as either of her parents, but she doesn’t let that stop her from adventuring around Solstheim and possibly beyond.

She’s got a couple good traits, like being nice, eager to learn, and altruistic. Her bad traits? Well, she has crippling social anxiety. She’s insecure about her appearance especially when compared to pure blood Dunmer. She also sometimes forgets to eat or will lose sleep over magic, staying up and not taking breaks just so she can cram as much study time she can into a day. If it wasn’t for Savannah or Neloth being around, Evandrel would be sick. She is as much of an isolationist as her father but wouldn’t mind company now and then.

She favors the company of Talvas Fathryon the most. He is like a brother to her, and the two clicked not too long after meeting. There is nothing romantic between them. Evandrel has always wanted a little brother or sister to cuddle and love, but her parents don’t want to/the Dragonborn/Miraak situation is too stressful for Savannah to handle a pregnancy, much less raising a child.

Speaking of Miraak, he and Evandrel are going to be much closer than either of them ever knew.

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The Tullius Family in my Skyrim

  • We start in Oblivion actually.
  • Lysayne, not a Tullius, Dark Brotherood top assassin and future Listener. Lucien lives because I’m a clichè who wants nice things (i still have to work on how she becomes the Listener but the general concept is that Lysayne stops the purification). Lysayne x Lucien
  • Gonna change the order of quests so the killing of the guy in the imperial prison happens after she becomed Listener, it’s just a general contract she’s doing but then she has to play prisoner when the frikking Emperor of Tamriel shows up.
  • She’s not sure she deserves all this heroism stuff but of course after what happened she goes to search for Jauffre asap and the main questline starts. Lysayne x Lucien becomes Lucien x Lysayne x Martin because as I said I’m a clichè bastard and of course Lucien steps in to help Lysayne when things escalate. Main quest goes as normal and Lysayne goes in a bit of depression after Martin dies
  • She’s pregnant omygod but they dont know if its Martin or Lucien the father of course the Empire would be like super interested in the baby but Lysayne wants to kinda avoid any association with the elder council now because she fears she’ll lose the baby like she lost Martin
  • She marries an imperial legionarie who distinguished himself in the battles of Bruma and Imperial City in exchange for the Blades promise to hide her son, the Elder Council makes the new Lysayne Tullius, wife of Tiberio Tullius, Countess of the rebuilding Kvatch but she spends all the time with Lucien, then the baby is born and some time after that she becomes Sheogorath, which is know by the Blades who completely hide the baby from Lucien too (Lucien is of course heartbroken)
  • They probably get all reunited when Lucien dies and he’s in the Void, Martin in Aetherius and Lysayne in the Shivering Isles. Little consolation
  • Anyway the baby is given to Tiberio Tullius -which is a decent enough man and accepts to fake it was Lysayne and himself son-
  • Pre-Great war Marcus Tullius (our General Tullius in Skyrim) is the heir to Country Kvatch but he doesn’t care much. He has no patience for politics and in the rising years of the Thalmor he wants to join the Legion. His parents agree on the condition that he will give them an heir because they dont want to lose the “we are the HoK descendeants” honor, Marcus agrees. He’s not a very present husband but it’s what you can expect from a marriage of convenience.Valania Tullius is born, Marcus join the Legion and for when the Great War happens he’s General. He has a second son he calls Octavian around the end of the war or right after that. Everyone knows his story from that
  • Valania Tullius proves herself talented in enchanting, illusion and alteration. She’s probably the most suited of her family to ruling and nobility life but she still leaves to study at the College of Winterhold (in fact, she’s the first Tullius to arrive in Skyrim) and spends years there. The title of Count/Countess of Kvatch fall in the hands of some distant cousin probably. She does the College of Winterhold questline, rebuilds the College as Arch-Mage and other magic related quests like Shalidor Labyrinth, helping Neloth and the Undeath mod questline on the good guys side/stopping the ritual. She usually travels with Teldryn Sero as bodyguard and love interest while she fights with alteration and illusion (Apocalypse Magic mod)
  • Valania is a very high-class lady being born in nobility but years and year in Skyrim made her understand nords very well, altought not always LIKE them. She loves elegancy and cyroodiil habits and has an account opened with Radiant Raiment, visting them when she’s in Solitude and having clothes and jewels sended to her from Cyrodiil. She has also an habit to address people as “My dear” but despite her spoiled appereance she’s very adaptable and takes no shit. She coul swim in a pool of mud in an ancient ruin and look dignified. As Archmage she exchange letters with all court mages and other magical institutions. She has also a strong momma instinct
  • Octavian Tullius is her younger brother. He knows magic too but only fire magic and only in a military use. Like his father, he’s a soldier of the Imperial Legion, unlike General Tullius, he craves power and promotions. Despite this tho he’s honestly loyal to the Empire, thinks the cause is righteous and can be very rutless with who takes arms agains the Empire but his ambition will not make him betray the Empire or his values
  • Like he can put rebels corpses as example and then go to help this random farmer who has nothing to pay him back because it’s the right thing to do. He simply has an abit to demonize who takes arms against the Empire. At the same, he wants promotion and will plot to take power in the ranks but if he has to choose between saving the Emperor with his body and letting him die and become Emperor he will take the blade for him because that’s HIS emperor and he swore loyalty and DAD HAS RAISED NO QUITTER
  • Out of legion affairs he has “bitchy bastard” or “helpful” as only moods. Or horny pansexual idiot. Would totally drink a coup of milk in the middle of Windhelm
  • Gives the Forsworns back their land with King Madanach in exchange for Forsworn accepting to be yes indipendent from Skyrim but still a province of the Empire and their magical support in the next great war, Madanach accepts because Madanach is smart and why the fuck should he care about Tiber Septim worship being outlawed anyway
  • It’s Octavian a good person? MEH. That’s up for debate I suppose, but he generally does always good things for Tamriel, from stopping Lord Harkon with the Danwguards to put the bleeding province back under peace and normal life which is what the average nord farmer Jim wants
  • Dragonborn canon suck so Octavian ruins Hermeus Mora plans. Octavian and Mora are direct enemies, Octavian has a good relationship with Meridia, he did not interacted with other princes (he has done the Namira quest but he never talked with Namira becasue has soon as all the cannibals were reunited he killed them and saved the priest) (Also Molag Bal isn’t around from ESO here, he’s been replaced by @the-sixth-house-unmourned prince oc)
  • Disliked Serana a lot at the start of Dawnguard but now they’re friends and he admires her a lot gonna call it character development when he stops trying to murder all undeads on sight.
  • Had a duel against Ulfric
  • Ironically, he was kinda scared to become a new Ulfric when he discovered himself the Dragonborn. Phaarturnax helped him discovering how to search for personal power/ambition without being consumed by his dragon soul
  • His back is covered in long scars after the final battle against Alduin

And that’s all I think, my Skyrim worldspace has some differences from game Skyrim because I like lore despite considering canon an optional guide so I consider things like the old nordic pantheon and the original cities and climates that Skyrim had in Arena. But I’ll probably make another post about that

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