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#the flash

@ arrow/flash/LoT/supergirl/batwoman fans (basically any show in the arrowverse tbh)

Can we get rid of this idea that u can’t dislike a character/ship.

Because u get someone who doesn’t like a character/ship, and all the fans of that character/ship basically verbally abuse the person who doesn’t like the character and are just defending their own opinion.

Where has this idea come from that we even have to defend our own opinions? Isn’t it enough for us to simply say “I don’t like this character” and leave it at that? Do we have to justify ourselves?

Furthermore, on the other side of this, there are people who irrationally hate on characters and therefore verbally abuse those who like the character. Can we stop this too please??

I shouldn’t have to justify to anyone why I dislike or like a character. I do, because sometimes it is interesting discussing that characters motives and personality. I do not send hate to other people within the fandom because I don’t like their opinion on a character. I do not say “everyone has to like/dislike this character or else”. Instead, I say “I think this character should be appreciated more” or “I don’t see why people like this character, but I respect your opinion”.

Never, ever, take your hatred to the actors and cast who play these characters. They have real lives too, and your opinions may matter a lot to them. Don’t be that person who harasses them.

If you don’t like someone’s opinion on a character/ship, then simply block them.

If you don’t like a certain character/ship then for the sake of not starting arguments in fandoms, please tag it with “anti character/ship” (as a whole, I am largely against this, because I think people should be able to discuss their opinions on characters like regular conversations in real life, but I understand how upsetting it can be to see someone hate on your favourite character).

Like, I understand feeling hurt that people hate on your favourite characters, or wondering why people like a character that is so obviously “awful”.

This is not an excuse to hurt others in the fandom because of it. This is not an excuse to hate on the actors who play them.

Please be friendly and tolerant because I’m seeing more and more abuse and hate towards other, actual people in this fandom these days.

The same goes with ships.

This goes for every fandom btw, not just the Arrowverse.

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Hi! I just started following your page. And I wanted to ask if you write Superflash Fanfiction? I’m a huge fan of the ship Superflash so I would love to hear any recommendations of Superflash stories or pages.

Hi! First of all, welcome! I’m so happy you’re here, and I’m always happy to see fellow Superflash fans. To answer your question: yes! I do write Superflash fics. I currently only have one uploaded (there’s another, but it’s technically more karivarry), but I have more in the works right now. I’ll leave a link to it in case you wanna read it.

I haven’t actually read a lot of Superflash fics (something I need to change), but I’m sure there are a lot of good ones if you check their tag on ao3! As for blogs, I can’t think of any that are specifically about Superflash, but I do know that @sonorousness has some good stuff in their Superflash tag! If there are any other Superflash-loving blogs out there, feel free to come say hi!

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you know who mary hamilton actually needs right now? barry allen. seriously. his father was falsely accused of murdering his mother and went to prison for it for years. he could give an excellent heartfelt pep talk right about now.

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Can we get uhhhh cisco and hartley flirting when they should be actually you know doing things but obviously telling your boyfriend he looks hot takes priority over whatever important thing it is they should be doing

“Wow,” Hartley breathed, after a moment of silence.

Cisco furrowed his eyebrows.


“It’s just,” Hartley said, stepping closer, very obviously giving Cisco an appraising once over, “I’ve never seen you actually in your Vibe suit before.”

Cisco felt his cheeks heat up under the attention.

“Okay, and?”

“You look good.” He grinned, reaching out to grab his boyfriend by the waist. “Hot, even.”

Cisco didn’t have a chance to reply, because Caitlin was interrupting them with a cough.

“Guys. This is very sweet and all, but Barry is in danger, which is why you suited up in the first place. I really don’t think this is the time.”

“I let you make out with your boyfriend, on my desk, and I never say a word,” Hartley said.

“None of us were in life threatening danger!”

“You were endangering me by being so hetero.”

“Hartley,” Caitlin warned.

“Fine. Go get ‘em, babe,” Hartley said, as he turned to give Cisco a kiss on the cheek before he left, but he had already breached to Barry’s location two minutes ago.

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