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#the penumbra podcast

I don’t think we’re gonna see anyone from the Citadel in the next episode. At least not yet. If at all, because we have no idea what time period we’re in right now. I’m kind of leaning towards Olala possibly being a descendant of monster/human parents from the First Citadel, and it’s certainly possible for survivors to have escaped from whatever happened there and their descendants stick together for a thousand years, but idk. If I’m right about her parentage it feels more likely for this story to be taking place soon after the fall of the first citadel. Unless she’s a different being all together in which case, who knows!

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[id: six small digital portraits featuring sir damien & quanyii from the penumbra podcast, merle highchurch from the adventure zone, simon rojo-flores from escape from furance, aradia megido from homestuck & lapis lazuli from steven universe. a second variation of their portraits where everything is the same except merle, quanyii, simon, aradia, and lapis are coloured in more natural human hair/skin tone palettes.]

just wanted to draw various characters ive decreed to have big filipino energy (tho definitely not the full roster i have in mind!)

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Today on Penumbra Patron makes I love: “I’m not a scalie but I’m also not a coward” and “Lizzard Kissin’ Tuesday Crew”. Thank you for your service.

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Look at my pining, angsty and emo playlist for Jupeter and the Aurinko gang that was inspired from the fact I am unsubtle and want to have pining salsa music playing in the background when two exes are dancing.

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The year is 2025. Welcome to Night Vale has ended with an incredible final season, but new books are still being released. The TV show is currently nominated for a dozen Emmy awards, including Best Show - which was won by the Bright Sessions TV Show last year. The Alice Isn’t Dead show has released several trailers and season one will come out soon. Death By Dying and The Strange Case of Starship Iris are on their third seasons. Within the Wires is on a fifth. The Penumbra Podcast is ongoing, with Juno and Peter happily married. Fans have raised enough money for a liveshow tour in ten cities. Lauren Shippen and Gabriel Urbina have both published three books, including a book series that Gabriel began for Wolf 359, and one book that they co-authored. Dylan Marron is running for president. Cecil Baldwin is starring in an oscar-buzz movie. Podcasts are widely recognized as a creative art form but not to the point that any large corporations have invaded them. 

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two slow dancers, last ones out

image description:

1. a digital drawing of juno and peter slow dancing. juno is wearing a purple ball gown and peter is wearing a purple suit. juno has dark brown skin and messy, dark hair that is shaved on the sides. peter has pale skin, glasses, and straight dark hair with grey srands that is tied back in a low bun except for one strand that is hanging down his forehead.

2. a closeup of the drawing, showing details like the piercings in their ears, their makeup, and their eye bags.

ID end.

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