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#the penumbra spoilers

hey gamers I’ve been postin’ a lot and that’s because for me to get into the school I want I have to turn in a filled sketchbook of drawings!

…in two months.

SO! Wips run amok and so here’s a leedle nureyev to brighten your lovely days! this was the original doodle before I erased it and did the complete drawing!


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Also??? Just the massive switch in Juno and Peters relationship this season is so good. I mean, it used to be that Peter Nureyev, Duke Rose, Rex Glass, whatever, was always hitting on Juno, making his attraction and compliments very clear, and Juno could sit back and choose what to accept and what not to.

He ignored most of Rexs compliments but started accepting towards the end. Duke was mostly business, but kept throwing him off guard with a well placed compliment here and there, and peter was always consistent with his attraction to Juno.

But in Man In Glass? All of a sudden, it’s Juno who’s throwing out signs that he’s interested and open to a relationship, whereas Peter is shutting him down at every opportunity. And of course, Juno doesn’t barrel ahead like peter does. Peter was confident enough with his seduction that he didn’t let it stop him every time juno yelled or shut him down. And part of that was for Rex Glass’s mission, sure, and part of it was because Juno is now dealing with the fallout of his own mistake, sure, but it’s also a bit of a difference in personality. Juno waits until Nureyev is opening up before he uses his name again. He always moves to apology, but let’s peter avoid talking about it until it becomes clear that they won’t get the mission done unless they face their issues. He’s open and even flirty during their dance, but he’s tentative and clearly unused to being the person who flirts instead being flirted with.

Anyways, it’s a fantastic new dynamic and I can’t wait to see where it all goes next. Whether Juno keeps up that flirty role, whether Peter gets a hold of himself and swoops back into his role as the home fatale, or if they both meet each other in the middle and both show a clear, consistent flirty interest in each other.

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Thief among us

Guys holly shit listening to a thief among us and I am DYING

This book!!!!!

The fucking back and forth

25 minutes!!!!! 2 minutes then

What a fucking idiot

To whom am I referring? Bitch both

Your FoSssils

There could beee there could beee

Perseus Shah is such a bullshit

The thief is hiding in this room right now!!!

Noooooo detective Shah dooooooo something!!!!

Peter is Really just a Shady bitch bleeding rich women of their money huh?

Shit tracks

This will be a considerable challenge for me. High key what a little shit

To Carry all of the things

Such dumby energy

Blair Rockridge, what a dumb icon

Hearing Miasma again makes me sad as hell.

What a liar Peter

Oof mudermask time

Are u sure bout that Pete

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Murderous Mask / Man in Glass Parallels

1. Juno uses Agent Glass, is told to use first name or else he’d sound like Rex’s mother, chooses to keep using Glass, but also obliges with Rex on occasion.

2. Juno uses Ransom, is told to use different name, Juno uses Peter, is told to use last name or else he’d sound like Nureyev’s parental figure, Juno reluctantly agrees.

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