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#the taste of growing up

oml idk if i told y’all but yesterday was my first aerial class in a month and i was wearing my rolling stones shirt and this little girl from the acro class, probably 6 or 7? walks over to me and goes ‘excuse me? i like your shirt!’ and i was like awww thank you so much!! do you like the rolling stones? and she nods and she’s like yea!! and i’m like did you go to the concert last week? and she gets super excited and goes yea!!!! and we talked about how great the concert was :’) then i thanked her again and she had to get back to class but basically it was the sweetest interaction i’ve ever had ever :’))

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I wonder if my intellectual faculties were damaged at all from my upbringing. There’s a great degree of intellectual impairment among feral children - which I wasn’t in the technical sense, being older when they took me out of society, although there were a lot of similarities. I struggled a lot with math, though that might be from a lack of an education.

I could read anything I wanted at least, they’d get books for me, and I had the internet which I spent mostly on learning (and torrenting anime, apparently) and that first boyfriend once said to me, “You’re like if scientists took an animal and taught it all things and all human knowledge, and then said ‘Oh, but we forgot to teach it how to eat.”

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