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i know i never shut up abt luther hargreeves but LISTEN. nonpocalypse au where luther has a blog abt space with sparkly galaxy gifs and constellation maps and long-winded posts abt the horoscope. he has a galaxy phone case and a nasa hoodie and his username on everything is “spaceboy” because he’s not subtle and also would probably be recognised anyway. people followed him for superhero shit and stuck around for the times he’d sit on the windowsill and draw constellations to post in the morning, or go on long, rambling, passionate rants about how beautiful and peaceful it would be up there. when he eventually moves out of the academy, he picks somewhere quiet on the outskirts of town, because there are less artificial lights to block out the stars, and less people to argue in the streets as he stares up at them.

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Why do you ship Klave?

I… have not actually thought about that before, anon. Huh. The simple answer is, he makes Klaus happy. Klaus is my trash baby and deserves some softness. I also love the tragedy of it all. I can’t help it, I’m a sucker for whump.

The more complex meta answer would have to be: he is the impetus for change in Klaus. Admittedly all we see of Dave is Klaus’s romanticised memories. However, those memories drive Klaus to be a better person and I ship that. Klaus himself says, “He was the only person I’ve ever loved more than myself.” For an admittedly self-serving person like Klaus, this selflessness is groundbreaking. (But does he really love himself hmmm) But more important to Klaus’s character development is the fact that Dave becomes his driving force behind getting sober and accepting his powers. It’s reductive to Dave’s character, unfortunately, to render him a literary device akin to a holy grail but tbf we don’t get much of him as a 3D character anyway.

That said, would I like to see Klaus achieve his goal and manifest Dave in s2? Shipper heart cries yes. But would it benefit Klaus’s character arc?….. No. No, yes. Wait. No. I don’t know, I just feel at this stage Dave suddenly appearing and sticking around would undermine the whole thing.

It’s ultimately not Dave’s validation we’re invested in for Klaus, but his family’s. The barber shop scene kinda affirms this, in a way. Dave’s presence is there, is the reason Klaus walks into that place, but he finds something else: recognition from Reginald. He finds out he has potential. He is handed responsibility. And baby blooms with it.

He has purpose, he has potential. He has a lover to see and a world to save. And a brother to find, first of all.

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I need to yell about my feelings for Klaus Hargreeves and Dave Katz and 1x07 The Day That Was in general so I can form a Coherent Thought TM  and finish this barber shop meta. 

Any volunteers?

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I saw a post wondering about why Luther’s hair and beard would lighten so much between his transformation and the start of Season 1, so here’s some theories:

- His hair lightened due to age

- His hair lightened due to stress

- His hair lightened due to Sun exposure on the Moon (most plausible answer since the rest of his body hair stayed dark)

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