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The person I’m trying to be: Allison Hargreeves: beautiful, has her shit together-ish, a movie star, wears Valentino to her dad’s funeral (?)

Me irl: Klaus, Vanya & the sass (but not the brains & skills) of Five: depressed af, chaotic, questionable taste in clothing, too much eyeliner, lack of social skills (“I’d rather chew off my own foot”)

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Goodbye Before a Mission

Imagine: Your boyfriend Diego Hargreeves and you are on a mission with his superhero siblings. After everyone establishes the plan and splits up, Diego gives you a smack on your ass as he passes by. He looks back at you and winks. You blow him a kiss. You’ve never met such a fiery man in your life before, and you love him for it.

0 notes · See All come Allison & Luther get a 5 minute dance scene & Klaus and dave get a 30 second flashback but that 30 seconds has more of an emotional impact than every other romance in the show with the possible exception of five/mannequin

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“Ow!” Five exclaimed, holding his nose while blood leaked past his fingers. He took a few rapid steps away from the wall, staring in alarm. He hit the wall. He didn’t phase through. Five lowered his hands and let the blood flow down his face. It would have normally disgusted him, but the feeling of it was unreal. He hasn’t felt himself bleed since he died.

Chapter 2 of Another Time Around

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