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I am dead.

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This is another interesting side to the defy mess and R&L being absolute heroes.

If you don’t want to sit through the whole thing, Mythical come in about 15 minutes in.

Now I’m gonna go cry at how incredible they are.

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I have been with these boys since the beginning, I have watched both their channel and their content grow and transform. To hear the kinds of struggles and hardships these boys went through breaks my heart. I am well aware of the Defy fiasco and the shady business that went along with the eventual shutdown, but when you have people willing to make videos such as these, not only do you get the truth, you get the human side of the story as well. It’s easy to write off such an occurrence with YouTubers because, unfortunately, content creators are not often taken seriously by society. So when you have 5 grown men, who are practically on the verge of tears, speaking about the effects the whole situation had on their lives, it might give those people a different outlook.

I have never seen this close-knit group in such a state of vulnerability as I did while watching this. You can tell that the raw emotions felt are genuine and by Warp Zone making the choice to share their side with us, it helps us fans put into perspective exactly what kinds of trepidatious uncertainties were plaguing their minds while they awaited the answers concerning their career.

So I just wanted to expand on how grateful I am for them showing us the uncut, unedited, full display of truth, and for allowing us to have an even bigger insight and understanding as to what happened. The return of the channel feels like even more of a victory now and I can’t thank Ian, Smosh, Rhett, Link, and Mythical enough for playing such a monumental part in helping to restore the greatness that is Warp Zone and for giving these 5 hilariously talented and hard-working individuals a second life.

Here’s to the future! 🖤

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I knew I was right to hold on to that hope, my boys have returned!

They were one of my first YT channels and also one of my absolute favorite YT channels! These 5 incredibly talented, hardworking, hilarious individuals had to endure a lot of crap with the Defy fiasco, but they still chose to persevere, stick together, and I’m so happy to see them succeed through it all!

Odom, Davis, Ryan, Brian, and Schro I can’t wait to see what this new era brings! 🖤

The Warp Zone is back baby! 🙌🙌🙌🙌

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They back babey :::: )

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Great shows often take great care to open episodes with a credit sequence and theme song that reflects the nature of the show. They hint at what’s to come… getting you in the mood.

The opening credits to “Westworld” are a good example. The music is mysterious, establishing the western setting of the show with a modern style. The imagery - white skeletons and bodies being 3D printed interspersed with both old and futuristic images. And of course the player piano which was probably the first programmed machine you could buy!

After seeing the opening credits, check out this video of an A Capella troupe called the Warp Zone singing the theme… a capella!

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