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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Ant man and the wasp theory

So I’m watching ant man and the wasp, and I get this theory, since ant man went to the quantum realm at the end credits and couldn’t come back because of thanos’ snap, it said in endgame that in real life,it was 5 years but to him it was 5 hours.

So… does that mean that for Janet, (who stayed 30 years in the quantum realm) it was 30 hours for her? I mean, she couldn’t survive 30 YEARS in there without food or water.

And somehow she aged quickly in there, like, for every hour she was in there, she aged one year.(Hence the white hair)


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Characters: Hope Pym x Reader
Warnings: Swearing 
Synopsis: You’re the newest lab assistant, Hope’s mad about it 

AN - Tester Fic, you like this character let me know and I’ll keep writing for her! 

“You two finish loading these up for me, I’ll be right back” 

You watch sadly as Hank leaves you alone with his daughter, Hope. It wasn’t that she was a horrible person, or that you even disliked her, you admired and respected her for her abilities. But she hated you. Ever since you’d been hired she’d suspected you of ill intentions, you’d been accused of stealing her father’s inventions more than once. 

You move back and forth from the lab table to the storage fridges on the wall, the quicker you got the particles put away then quicker you could excuse yourself and leave. If you were somewhere else then there was less chance of being accused of theft. 

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