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Somatization occurs when psychological concerns are converted into physical symptoms. For example, a person who has just lost a loved one may somaticize their grief through severe fatigue. The prefix “soma” stems from the Greek word for body.


There are many theories about why somatization occurs. These theories involve:

Biological Sensitivity: A person may have a heightened sensitivity to certain sensations, such as pain or nausea. They may be more likely to attribute these sensations to illness. A person may also misinterpret psychological symptoms, such as anxious sweating, to a physical cause. 

Trauma/Stress: Research shows survivors of trauma are particularly susceptible to somatization. Trauma can lead to high levels of cortisol and other hormones. These chemicals can weaken one’s immune system and cause physical symptoms such as dizziness. 

The Unconscious: Somatization could be a defense mechanism, protecting the person from emotional overwhelm. Some psychological symptoms may be so overwhelming that a person cannot face them consciously. A person’s distress may then find an outlet through the body, converting to a physical symptom. 

Cultural Attitudes: Some people may live in a culture that stigmatizes emotional distress. A person may receive more attention and sympathy when they present physical symptoms than when they report psychological issues. A person’s mind and body may “learn” to somaticize distress in order to get help.

Somatization may be caused by multiple factors. It could also have no perceivable cause. Regardless of why the somatization occurs, the symptoms are real and do cause distress. People experiencing somatization can get treatment by finding a therapist.

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Shit just got worse.

I don’t even have words for this anymore..I’m so fucking done.

I build myself up to be able to eat and she does that.. wow thanks for nothing.

I’m done. I’m so fucking done. Fuck everything I can’t do this anymore.

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Thoughts about you #4

I saw in your insta story that you flew back home so i guess, i won’t see you in the office for the next couple of days. How did this make me feel? I have to admit, a sudden sad feeling came over me. Well, not just right now, i’ve been feeling depressed a lot lately.

It is similar when you are mourning. I lost you. Even as a friend. You are still alive but something inside me has died right after our last talk. We said our goodbyes, our last clumsy words to each other. - We tried it but it didn’t work.. and here is this other girl. (She tapped you on your shoulder and called you by your name.) Yes, i know, she is totally into you - i replied shortly like that, i wanted to be cool and also hide my jealousy. How could i let you humiliate me? You didn’t sound too emotional about the whole break-up (well, it wasn’t a real relationship but still) part, you moved on fucking fast, jumping from one girl to this other. I still cannot believe, this is it and you let me go so easily. There must be more…

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i’ve been in therapy for three years, 2 different therapist and there’s times i feel really guilty about it. do u have any tips on how to get over this? should i be trying to end therapy or not need it anymore? that’s not my main focus i feel like i want to go to therapy forever i know that’s wrong but ....... yep here i am

omg first of all i wanna say that it is NOT wrong to want to go to therapy forever. therapy can be just like medication, if you need it for the rest of your life that’s OKAY. ive been in therapy on and off since i was TWELVE and im nineteen now. i don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

you have to remind yourself that your mental health is just as important and should be treated in the same way that you treat your physical health. in fact, some people equate therapy to going to the gym. you do that every week to keep your body healthy and in top shape, why is it wrong to go to therapy every week or every other week to keep your mind healthy and in top shape?

the reason we feel guilty is because we think mental illness is something we have to eventually “get over,” and that’s honestly not the case. the best way to get over your guilt is to acknowledge that you’re only trying to keep yourself healthy and there is NOTHING wrong with that. if one day you’re ready to end it, great! but don’t force yourself. you wouldn’t force yourself to stop going to physical therapy before your knee was healed, or to stop taking your medication before you felt better.

there’s no timeline for when to stop going to sessions, and you can’t compare yourself to others. good luck and i love you xx ❣️

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Remember my post about that forest I walk to whenever things are bad?

This is day 3 of me walking around in that forest. Nothing bad about that. But today I found myself wondering what would happen if I decided to not come back for a 4th time or a 5th what if this is my last time. What if I never leave this place. Just find that little platform up the hill, walk up those stairs and take the fast way down?

You know I’m a bit scared of heights at least if I look down for too long but right now sitting here I think I don’t care about how far away from the ground I am. The only thing I’m scared of right now is coming down, walking out of the forest back home. Back to where the problems are, back to where the pain is.

If I could just stay here forever and end it all.. that would be perfect.

No more abuse, no more hate, no more talking pretending that it’ll change anything, no more crying, no more pain.

Falling, falling, falling, one last time of feeling pain, and then slowly drifting away. gone. over.

Terrifying to think about it and seeing it happen while I’m imagining it. I can almost feel it. It’s so real but at the same time it’s not.

I see myself down there on the ground, bleeding, tears in my eyes, shaking, broken and covered in blood, mud and leafs.

I’m still on top of that platform but it feels like I’m not.

After all that I know, I can definitely say that I’m pretty much dead already.

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my therapist said i was lucky to stand the cold so well
it caught me off guard - was I?
I’m like an old evergreen tree, don’t feel the frost
because I’ve felt colder before
even the strongest wind can barely shake me now
I’ve weathered a storm many a time

I’m lucky to have been so resilient
but not lucky to have gotten used to it

-RMR (1/2020)

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Nourish yourself in nature
Get loose with the Lemba method of movement
I’m offering Qigong Therapy and Capoeira Angola classes in Dania Beach.
For private and group sessions call or text me at 718-612-3989
Be well
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Okay so i have a question. Can a therapist send you to a hospital or force you to recover? Because i’m thinking about telling my therapist about my bad eating habits (i don’t want to call it an eating disorder because i don’t think i’m sick/thin enough to have an ed) but i’m scared that she’ll tell my parents or that she’ll send me to a hospital or something.

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#asquoted #linkinbio #childanxiety #parenting #westchestermoms #scarsdalemoms #eastchestermoms #anxiety #childbehavior #therapy #counseling #peacefullivingmhc #lmhc #parentinghelp (at Westchester County, New York)

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I think I’m finally gonna tell my therapist i like girls. I don’t know why is it so hard for me to tell older people I’m not straight.

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#1cin Hey this is to Dean. It's Cin. I haven't disassociated in a while, I know it's been ages since I sent in that ask but I want to thank you for helping me get through that stage. I considered going to a counsellor or a therapist but there was no way to do it without anyone finding out and I couldn't explain it to anyone. I'm doing better, haven't considered cutting in ages. I do have this thing though where I scratch myself,

not enough to bleed just really hard in a single stroke. Is that considered self harm? Is it worse or better than cutting? I’m not sure. Anyway I need help with another problem as well. There’s this lgbt writers contest I want to enter. There’s this great prize I could really use and I love writing, however I’m only out to a few people, and my family isn’t apart of that select few. If I win the prize I’d need them to handle it since I Don’t have control over my bank account yet. I want to enter but I’m scared that if I win I’ll be outing myself to my family. I don’t think I’d be in any physical danger, but emotions and potentially hugs would be involved and all of that either makes me uncomfortable or terrified. Please help me my emotions keep going from confidence to crying

Hey, Cin, you’ve got Dean.

It’s good to hear from you. I’m glad it’s been a while since you’ve dissociated and that you’re feeling a bit better overall. I know it can be tough to take that step and get in touch with a counselor or therapist, but don’t completely count it out, alright? And even though it’s hard to open up to someone, and you feel like they won’t understand, people can be more open and accepting than you might think. If there’s someone you really care about and lean on, think about giving them a chance.

With the scratching, I’m glad you’re not cutting yourself, but it’d still be better to find a different way to help yourself through difficult times or moments other than hurting yourself in some way. We’ve got a whole lot of self-harm alternatives on our resources page, and if you find a couple that you think might work for you, we can always talk through those, too.

I know why this is a tough decision about entering this writers contest. In the first place, I always think we should follow and do the things that we love, and I would hate for you to miss out on this opportunity, since writing is something you really like to do. But I get that not being out to your family makes this a lot more complicated. If you feel safe enough, maybe come out to them before you enter the contest? Then you might have their support through the rest of the process. But I know that it’s a really scary thing. I do think, though, that it’ll probably be better for both you and your family if you come out to them at some point (unless you’re really afraid for your safety afterward), and this might be a good opportunity to do that.

Don’t let fear get in the way of doing the things that bring you joy. Fear doesn’t deserve that much power. I hope that helps.

Always here,


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When I was in one of my last sessions with my NY therapist, I told her that I hadn’t needed therapy this often and this intensely since the days when I was really struggling with my eating disorder at college. I was saying it because I was disappointed with myself. I couldn’t believe I’d let myself get so bad again and that I needed so much help. Again. I was ashamed. 

Her response was, “I don’t think that’s anything to be ashamed of. It just means you are showing up. You’re doing something kind for yourself. You’re putting in the necessary work now so that you will be better in the future, and most importantly, you’re keeping yourself safe. There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of that.” 

I sort of just nodded and continued crying in the moment, but now, reflecting on that, I have to say I agree. Someone going to therapy once a month is not necessarily in a better place than someone going once a week. Asking for extra sessions to get through tough times isn’t weak at all… it’s brave. Sure, maybe I could have made it past each breakdown by myself, but what is the point in doing that when I have someone who is willing to help me? So I can say I’m strong? So often, the standards of “strong” that we apply to ourselves are complete bullshit. She was right. I was strong by showing up for each appointment and I was strong for participating in therapy as best as I could. I was strong for using therapy as a lifeline. I was strong for keeping myself alive. 

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Often I wake up & have to remind myself: “There is nothing wrong with me. I have patterns to unlearn, new behaviours to embody, and a lot of wounds to heal. But there is nothing wrong with the core of me and who I truly am. I am unlearning generations of harm and trying to remember the good parts of life. It takes a ton of time and maybe one day I will be ok.”

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Ich weiß nicht wie ich anfangen soll. Alles was ich schreiben könnte, wäre sowieso falsch. Und überhaupt - Alles was ich mache ist falsch. Alles was ich bin ist falsch. Das ist es wohl, was mit diesem Zitat gemeint wurde: »Immer wieder behauptete Unwahrheiten werden nicht zu Wahrheiten, sondern was schlimmer ist, zu Gewohnheiten.« (Oliver Hassenkamp). Die wiederkehrenden Gedanken, die schmerzhafte Gewohnheit sich selbst ein Messer ins Herz zu rammen & dieses flaue Gefühl im Bauch als hätte dein bester Freund dir gerade gesagt, was er angeblich wirklich von dir hält. Wie dumm konntest du sein, zu denken jemand könnte dich WIRKLICH mögen?

Schwachsinn. Das ist alles nur in meinem Kopf. Aber es fühlt sich nicht so an. Ich zerstöre mich selbst - Mein Kritiker zerstört mich selbst. Er kommentiert jede Situation, jedes Verhalten, jedes Wort & JA ES IST WAHR - Ich bin mein einziges Problem. Wieder einmal schmerzhaft wird mir klar, dass es tatsächlich genau das ist - Natürlich nicht ohne kritisch mit mir selbst zu sein. Zwei Jahre Therapie & unzählige Tränen haben mir gezeigt, dass es nicht weiter geht ohne zu kämpfen. Gegen mich selbst, also gegen meinen Kopf, gegen diese Stimmen und ich bin bereit dafür, dass es zu Ende geht. “Gib auf! Gib endlich auf!” schreie ich in Gedanken zu der gemeinen Stimme in mir selbst, und bin dabei nicht ganz sicher ob sie mich gerade wieder einmal fertig machen will oder ich sie. Denn ich bin sie. Oder sie ist ein Teil von mir. Ein fucking Teil von mir, der für immer da sein wird. Aber ich werde nicht zulassen, dass die Stimme für immer Macht über mich hat. Sie hat schon so viel zerstört und ich stand mir im Weg weil ich das Gefühl hatte, egal was oder wie ich es mache, dass ALLES falsch sei. Aber das stimmt nicht.
Ich bin sehr stolz, dass ich schon etwas gelernt habe mein Gedankenchaos zu sortieren. Und egal was, ich weiß die Stimme hat NIE recht. Egal was sie sagt.
Nur weil du einen Fehler machst, bist du noch lange kein Versager.
Nur weil sich ein Freund nicht bei dir meldet, heißt das nicht, dass du unwichtig bist, sondern nur, dass er gerade Anderes zutun hat - Genau wie du manchmal anderes tust anstatt den ganzen Tag am Handy auf Nachrichten zu warten.
Nur weil du heute zu viel gegessen hast, heißt das nicht, dass du unattraktiv, hässlich und zu fett bist.
Nur weil du deine Interessen vor die Anderer stellst, bist du nicht egoistisch sondern selbstfürsorglich. Du bist Wichtig. Weil du der Lebensmittelpunkt deines Lebens bist. Deine Gefühle sind wichtig. Du bist verantwortlich für dein Glück und glücklich sein.

Das hier sollte gar keine Motivationsschreiben werden sondern einfach für mich selbst eine Erinnerung daran sein, einen Fick auf die Stimme im Kopf zu geben. Weil sie nur lügt. Sie kritisiert einen auf ganzer Ebene und verletzt tief, zerstört langfristig das ganze Selbstbewusstsein was man hat. Aber es wird besser, wenn man daran arbeitet. Es wird zwar dauern, denn das Verhalten ist jahrelang trainiert worden, aber es ist möglich. Es ist alles möglich. Der Anfang der Besserung habe ich gemacht, Was ist mit Dir?

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