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#theres only two parts

I… actually have the next part of the 500 special all written out and everything and I’m prolly gonna post it either today or tomorrow…. It’s just that I’m struggling with a part of it because i’m super bad at describing things and I want this description to be good

But oh well, if I don’t post it just because of that then I’ll end up never posting it. So I might as well rip the bandied off now

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chapter 243 of Boku No Hero Academia spoilers


okay y’all i have so many good positive emotions about this chapter it was so good so i’m gonna hit y’all with my reactions no one asked for. so let’s start with the beginning

this right here is a fucking masterpiece


it’s not only just the fact that they’re in their street clothes in a destroyed room but like they’re so fashionable like holy shit Horikoshi be out here blessing our eyes this cleard my skin and cleaned my house

then this fucking scene between Izuku and Inko


bruh this had me fucking crying it was so pure freakin inko out here saying she’s worried about Izuku but knows that he’s strong enough to fend for himself like fuck

then Haws over here being a double agent


y’all look at him being smug and shit i fucking love him he’s such a good double agent boy. he’s been made a top player in the liberation army bc of his connections and he fucking knows it and is using it to take them fuckin down good bird boy.

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