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#they didn't vibe

my only complaint about the episode: a lot of shit happened in a very short amount of time and therefore made it feel very rushed.

If it would’ve been a two parter, they could’ve build more suspense and shown us how everybody was dealing with the situation.

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I would love to know what you come up with the myth matchups! I hope this works: - Puts down self and praises other's, cursed and laughs at the dumbest things, doodles a lot but never seems to get it finished, gets down but tries to remain with a positive headspace, likes shows with horror themes (but gets scared by them bc lil dumb babie), cartoony logic, extra, loves to explore the fantasy world a lot, trippy/moody colours, stays reserved but lets out chaotic energy when with the right people.

i diagnose you with…wolpertinger!


first: think of the potential chaotic energy stored in a jackalope; now multiply it by 10, maybe even 50 and you have yourself a wolpertinger! (okay maybe not That chaotic but you get it) and though they’re not initially scary because they’re babey™ and so are you, i think there’s some horror potential hidden in there somewhere, especially with those big ol’ fangs of theirs! plus they tend to mostly keep to themselves, but i think they’ll let loose when with the right creatures.

(note: myth matchups are closed!)

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So my Queering Pedagogies class got out early because the cishet guy in our class decided that he had to ask if he could “spread the message of god” in class because he’s been “called to serve god.” Like I knew he was odd, not talking at all in our discussions and then asking this one girl last class if she was christian, but then today before class starts he just asks somebody in class (while misgendering them, mind you) if they believe in god and then once class starts asking that whole thing, completely flummoxing and making uncomfortable not only our teacher, but most of the class as well. This has been an odd ass day.

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also I told myself I was gonna shut up about this but

It really can be fucking anyone!! It makes me so goddamn furious to think about.

Like, this is a person that I constantly see in the forums. They have replied to my threads and threads I have been in. They have a million goddamned 1x1 roleplays with people who probably don’t even know.

It’s just. I hate that the norm is that trust in and of itself is a risk. I hate that I have to be so vigilant over my followers and the people I talk to in a space where people as young as THIRTEEN are. It’s disgusting and it’s discouraging to say the least.

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Hello! Is it all right if I get “I’ve been falling in love with you since the first day we met” with Sam? (Or if you don’t feel like doing an angsty one, how about “streetlight” with Shane)(thank you! And happy Valentine’s Day :))

The night sky beams soft pastel colors the soft hues of blue and purple mingle behind the stars and shine down on the valley. It wraps you in a feeling the city never gave you. Comfortable, happy, home. You shuffle closer to Shane, kicking at the small pebbles that litter the path. 

The scent of alcohol still lingers in the air, settling in the small space between you and you can’t help but laugh. You snort into your hand and Shane wobbles closer. 

“Hmm, what are you gigglin’ for?” He stumbles over his own feet. “What’s so funny?” 

You smile at him and he only manages to away before the blush conquers his face. “I…I never thought I’d be here. Ya know? I always thought I’d stay for years working at my stupid desk job with my stupid coworkers and my stupid tiny apartment.” You groan, hands pushed out to express your anger. 

“Sounds stupid…” 

“It was stupid!” You kick a larger rock, not missing the pain in your toes. “But…” You watch the night sky, swaying in your spot. “I…This is not stupid. Being here in this valley is the best choice I’ve made in my entire life Shane.” You turn to him. “Being here with you isn’t stupid. Living in this valley isn’t stupid.” You stop and smile to yourself. 

The streetlight glows high above you. It coats you in a golden light. Shane looks heavenly underneath it. His smile stretches across his cheeks and the pink from his cheeks mixes with the glow to make a sweet honey orange. 

The alcohol in your system only spurs your forward, leading you with a courage you never thought you’d have. 

“I…hmnn.” Shane tries but words fail him and his eyebrows furrow as he watches you.

“I…I never thought I’d be happy again.” He’s quiet, barely above a whisper but with you so close it sounds perfect. “I never thought I’d feel love again.” Tears pool in his eyes and he holds you softly in his grasp. 

“You’ve made me feel alive in so many ways. I’ve never seen the town as something I could ever learn to love. I never thought I could be something I would learn to love but you,” Tears slide down his cheeks and he chokes on his own words. “You gave me everything I’ve been missing.” 

“You gave me life.” 

And he ducks down to kiss you. The alcohol buzzes in your bones and you press against him. You don’t notice the tears that slip from your cheeks until Shane’s wiping them away. 

“Thank you. Thank you so much.”

The faint streetlight frames you both in a warm light. You kiss him and kiss him and kiss him. Without the light you’d miss the way his lips wobble, tears streaking down his face and he kisses you. The way he holds you as if you’re his everything. 

And in light of the streetlight, it shows you how it feels to be loved. 

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