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#this is why no one talks to me

Today at work one of the kids asked me and my sister “why is one of you white and the other one brown?” and I was like “I’m not brown I’m just tan” and he went “no you’re brown, you have to be because white people aren’t brown” which I know was just a reference to my skin color because how would he know that brown is a term used to and by West Asian and Middle Eastern people but honestly how am I supposed to respond to that? Cause we’re not allowed to talk about race or color at camp which is its own post all together, so I can’t tell this 8 year old white kid that I’m not brown because I’m East Balkan. But also I’m part Romani so does that make me part brown since Romani are an Indo-Aryan people? But also I’m white passing when I’m not all sun kissed during winter. I just happen to tan the second I step in the sun while my sister only burns. Like if we were working this camp in winter this question would never have come up but now I’ve got a debate on my hands in an art summer camp for ages 5 to 13 about how I can’t be related to my sister because I’m dark and she’s light. 

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Why couldn’t I be a confident and extroverted person instead of what I am now which is a person who won’t text their friends asking them how they are doing cause of a fear that they don’t actually like me and won’t respond.

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hi! my name is alex and i’m from Australia. english is my native language and i’m currently learning Norwegian (at a very beginner level though). I plan on learning Russian and/or Polish sometime in the future and many other languages. so yeah that’s my first post :)

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