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#this is why no one talks to me

I hate callout/cancel culture.

I hate false accusations.

I hate people who purposefully make false accusations about someone else just so they’ll get more attention.

I hate people who think declaring someone has mental illness is a real and valid excuse for doing despicable things. Mental illness isn’t an excuse for your toxic behavior. Having a mental illness, whatever it is, doesn’t make it okay to be abusive. I really don’t give a shit.

I hate the mob mentality on this site.

I hate people trivializing very serious words that have very serious meanings on this site.

I hate people who say you can’t support “problematic” things when by their definition of “problematic”, everything under the sun is problematic in one way or another.

I hate people who hate on, harass, and threaten those who hate harassment and abusing others. Emotional and verbal abuse count as abuse. Abuse doesn’t have to be physical.

I hate people who think that girls and women are all lovely, innocent people who can never do any wrong. I hate people who think girls and women can’t be liars. I hate people who think girls and women aren’t capable of despicable actions. I hate people who think girls and women can’t be abusers. I also hate those who think girls and women can’t lie about abuse.

I hate the misogyny and racism on this site. That does not contradict anything I said before, and if you think it does, please know that I hate you. I hate people who claim to be against misogyny and racism, but then in the same breath say misogynistic and racist things.

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“I was searching for something away from Formula 1 that would make me a better Formula 1 driver. So I was trying to find things that the other drivers - which I’m racing - don’t have. And I still think that in some circumstances, thanks to rallying, I scored more points in 2010 than if I hadn’t done it … It’s true that I payed a big price - and I’m still paying it - but it was not fully for fun. There was more behind it. I wasn’t talking about it, because what really happened is that I had the desire of becoming a better, more competitive driver, the desire to improve and have something that others don’t have, because I think every moment we can learn something. I wasn’t happy to be as good as I was, I needed more, and I thought rally would give me this. And it really did; the problem is that I payed too high a price.” (x,x)

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