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#thor odinson

certain people in the arrowverse fandom (and also arrowverse writers *cough* flash *cough*) rlly need to realize that just because two people aren’t biologically related doesn’t mean that they’re not actually siblings and that it is therefore Not Okay to ship adopted siblings or step siblings!

(while we’re at it, this is also a callout for the unnerving number of people who ship thor and loki. they! are! b r o t h e r s !)

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hey guys its my b-day today and i have absolutely no idea how to celebrate it so i’m just gonna randomly post a sketch (which i made actually some time ago) of sleeping natasha, tony, peter.. and thor just being here too 
let’s pretend it’s some kind of alternate universe where endgame ended good and nat and tony survived (except for tony’s hand, sorry) and everyone’s safe at last (just really tired after the battle)
that’s it

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This one is a little short and choppy :\


It was an accident! 

That was all that was running through Thor’s mind. 

He was downstairs in the basement while you were at work, he bumped into a box and knocked it over. It turned out to be a box of Christmas ornaments, and now they were all shattered. 

Thor didn’t know what to do, you would be home any minute! 

Thor had to think on the spot, he ran upstairs and grabbed his phone. He wasn’t super great with technology but you had taught him how to call you and that’s what he needed. 

He called your phone, waiting for an answer. When you answered Thor had to figure out what to say, he needed an excuse to keep you away from the house so that he could fix what he did. 

“Oh, (Y/n) darling, you don’t think you could stop and get something to eat on your way home do you?” Thor asked

You sighed through the phone, “I was on my way home, but I suppose I could stop. Now that I think about it I really don’t want to cook tonight,” 

Perfect. You were going to be delayed getting home, Thor could try and figure this problem out. He could have just told you but he didn’t want to upset you. 

Thor had already broken multiple things since he’d moved in with you, he didn’t want to admit to ruining one more thing. 

As you were out getting food, Thor was running around town trying to find ornaments that looked like the ones he’d broken. Thor went to the mall and searched, he didn’t have all day. 

Eventually Thor did find what he needed, so he raced back to your house, he had to beat you home. 

His stomach dropped when he saw your car in the driveway so he quietly tried to sneak into the house. But you saw him

“Hey Thor,” you greeted 

He smiled at you, a forced and nervous smile.


“So, what happened to the Christmas ornaments?” you asked holding the box out toward him. 

He really should have thrown the box in the trash

“I’m sorry, I bumped into the box,” Thor stuttered. 

The face he made instantly afterwards was one of guilt and regret, something that made your heart hurt. 

“Thor? It’s ok, you know that right?” you asked him the way one might ask a child. 

Thor nodded slightly

“I bought you new ones,” he muttered holding the box of new ones up. 

You took them and tossed them on the couch

“Let’s go eat,” you said heading toward the kitchen.

Thor was surprised, he expected you to be mad but you were being so calm

“(Y/n)?” Thor asked while sitting at the table. 

You dug the food out of the bags, giving Thor a solid “Hm?” 

“Are you sure you are not upset?” he asked taking his food from your hand. 

You sat down with your food, “Of course not Thor, yea I’m a little upset that you wouldn’t just tell me, but it’s nothing to be worried about. It’s easy to replace them,” you responded. 

Thor let out a hearty laugh, “And here I was worried that you’d be angry with me,” 

You chuckled 

“It’s fine,” you said.

Silence filled the room for a minute while you two ate, finally Thor spoke up

“Now might not be the best time but I should let you know that I broke the lamp in your bedroom,”


Thor is clumsy, that’s not his fault. - AJ

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Steve: Okay, alright, let’s hear about the kiss. Was it like- was it like a soft brush against your lips? Or was it like a, you know, “I gotta have you now” kind of thing?

Thor: Well at first it was really intense, you know. And then, oh, God, and then we just sort of sunk into it.

Bruce: Okay so, okay, was she holding you? Or was her hands like on your back?

Thor: No, actually first they started on my waist. And then they slid up, and then they were in my hair.

Bruce and Steve: Oooooh…

[eating pizza casually]

Valkyrie: And uh, and then I kissed him.

Sif: Tongue?

Valkyrie: Yeah.

Sif: Cool.

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Sneak Peek Sunday - Truth and Trickery

Posting this from my phone because I am without a laptop

“Bucky’s on his way to Wakanda to make sure that his Winter Soldier programming isn’t the problem.”

“He should be put in an Agardian cell for what he’s done to her,” Thor snaps at Steve. His head turns back to you when you weakly squeeze his hand and whine in protest.

Slightly shaking your head, you breathe out a pained sigh and flinch in your spot. “No. I don’t want to see…” It’s hard to talk, every word making it harder for you to breathe as you rest your hand on your stomach. “It’s better if he goes to Wakanda,” you whisper, your head lulling to the side and touch Thor’s arm as he shifts of sit beside you on the hospital bed.

Thor takes your hands off your stomach and strokes the back of your hand. “You should get some rest, my love,” he whispers, pressing a kiss on top of your head as you try to shake your head.

“No. I want to know what the doctors say. If our baby-”

“(Y/n), please,” Thor softly begs, squeezing your hand before bringing it up to kiss the back of your knuckles. “Rest. You’ve lost a lot of blood,” he reminds, a quiet mewl leaving your lips as you lean closer into his body.

Steve watches the action intently, smiling to himself at the memory of the times when one of you were injured on missions. That smile falls quickly when he realizes that he will never share moments like that with you. It’s certain that you won’t be coming back to Earth after all that’s happened. Thor won’t allow it.

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Summary: After the accords and the conflict between Captain America and Iron Man the government decided all super-heroes need therapy. While Captain America, his best friend, and Iron Man have their fights; Thor and Loki try not to kill each other. How can you help them? The only way you see is helping these heroes relax…

Pairing: Loki x Reader, a hint of Thor x Reader (you’ll see)

Warnings: angst, language, dirty talk, sex as negotiation strategy, smut, unprotected sex, rough sex, anal/vaginal sex, double penetration, oral (female receicing (barely), fingering, ass play, hair pulling, manipulation, ‘heat’, degrading, a hint of dub-con (blink and it’s gone), voyeurism, semi-public sex

Therapy for Superheroes Masterlist

“I don’t like this concept of therapy. This can never work, Midgardian.” Loki is arrogant, glancing at you now and then but most of the time, he ignores you, playing with his fingers.

“Well, you still can go back and let Thor rip your head off.” Smirking you cross your legs, licking your lips to make another note.

“Oh, you like playing games, huh? Did you play with my brother too? Do you think I don’t know he took you to Asgard to show you he’s the better brother!” Loki is smirking as he gets up to tap your shoulder and your room changes into Thor’s chamber.

“I think you should stop this right now, Loki. Tricks are not allowed today. Sit on the couch and tell me about your and Thor’s problems or just sit there and let the hours pass.” Pissed at his arrogance you form your lips into a thin line, ignoring the trickster’s presence.

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Art for a collab with @quietlyapocalyptic!

Read “Hold On To Your Belief” on AO3 😋

Real talk tho, Loki’s hair in this. I swear to gosh. Especially the hairstyle in the last two pics. I had to draw that one twice. Also! My first Thor! He potato

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Thorquill College!au

You got me trippin’ on my feet
My mind starts racing
And my heart forgets to beat
When you start to walk my way
I forget where I am
Can’t find a word to say
My friends just laugh at me
There’s no cure for this disease

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Diary Entries of Robert Bruce Banner #1

December 14th, 2019

I never really liked Christmas, but I guess this year is different. Dad and Mom never celebrated it, we never had family to celebrate it with so it was something they didn’t bother with.

Tony always invited me to the Avengers Christmas party but I always avoided it, but this year I went and actually enjoyed myself. Steve whipped up some kind of festive drink, it had vodka and some kind of peppermint? I don’t know. I didn’t enjoy it too much but drinking socially is okay.

We swapped gifts but I unfortunately wasn’t ready and didn’t have anything for my friends, but they assured me it was fine. I’m still gonna go out and buy them gifts because I felt bad and I care about them.

I’m glad the meaning of Christmas is changing.

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I just realized that my otps from two of my main fandoms have the same initials!

Thor Odinson/ Bruce Banner

Thorin Oakenshield/ Bilbo Baggins

And there’s even a kinda similar dynamic between them??? Strong prince with long hair, norse roots - and a slightly nervous , well mannered, highly educated man who is reluctant to join the fighting but is a valuable part of the adventure/mission.

What do I do with this knowledge???!?

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so I really want to find one specific fanfic and I forget what it called so I dunno what else to do than ask you guys,

it’s loki-centric and it isn’t shippy, it starts out after infinity war and explains how he came back from death, later I think that he and thor are staying in hotel for a bit and thor just can’t stop drinking and loki ends up just packing his stuff and leaving. he goes to… Norway, I think? and gets himself a cottage. blah blah some shit happens and he develops an eating disorder not because he’s insecure but because he was so depressed that he refused to eat until it became a huge problem. someone finds him and gets him back to thor in new asgard. more shit happens and he actually joins the avengers into going back in time.

that’s all I remember tbh

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