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Peter and Loki’s favorite Christmas

Peter Stark woke with a start, exited for the day ahead, it was Christmas Eve and his uncle thor was coming over

Peter jumped down from the web hammock he had made on the ceiling and went down to the kitchen for breakfast

Peter waved at Steve “morning mum” (this is not stony, Steve just acts like a mother) Steve turned around and looked at Peter “I’m not your mother so stop calling me that” clint smirked while walking past “then why did you answer to ‘mum’?” Steve glared at clint then turned around to finish making the food while muttering about betrayal

Peter sat down at the table around his aunts, uncles and dad “morning auntie Tasha, uncle Sam, uncle Bucky, uncle Bruce, aunt Wanda, uncle vision, uncle Rohdey, uncle Pietro(fight me) and dad” everyone said their good mornings except for clint “hey! What about my good morning?” Peter chuckled “oh sorry, good morning Katniss” clint gasped “HoW dArE!”

Before the arguement could progress any further Steve put a plate of waffles in front of Peter “oh! Thanks mum!” Steve smiled and Peter started inhaling his food

Once he was done he put is pate in the dishwasher then turned back to his family “so when is uncle thor getting here?”

“in around and hour and a half” answered  Sam “ok cool thanks”

Peter went to go to the lounge room to play with the Wii but tony yelled out getting everyone’s attention “no one is to go into my lab today, I have to finish wrapping presents” all the avengers nodded their heads but Peter was half freaking out “that’s what I forgot to do! NO ONE come into my room, I’m gonna also be wrapping presents” he didn’t wait for a response before sprinting off to his room and slamming the door then locking it then started wrapping everyone’s gifts

After one and half hours when Peter was done with everyones gifts he heard a large boom of thunder down stairs so he jumped up, flung his door open and bounded down the stairs while yelling “uncle thor!!” the god turned around just in time to catch Peter in a big hug “hello man of spiders!” he boomed Peter beamed at him when he was dropped for the hug “hello young peter” a familiar voice said, Peter spun around and saw Loki and ran to hug him “hello Loki!”

“I didn’t think you were coming today” Loki shrugged “there’s not much a teenager can do on Asgard” Peter chuckled “well there’s lots to do here, you can help me build my new Lego village!” Peter took Loki’s hand and pulled him up to his room to build the Legos

The rest of the avengers laughed at both the teenagers

The rest of the day went smoothly, the two teens laughed and played video games along with Lego’s, ate cookies they baked with Bucky and watched a lot of Christmas movies

Currently the two were in the lounge room watching the nightmare before Christmas while Peter was fish braiding Loki’s hair “what if tomorrow morning we wake up the rest of the avengers with a Christmas song? None of them know that we can sing or play instruments so it would be a nice surprise” Loki hummed “that does sound like a good idea, but what song would we preform?” Peter thought for a minute “we could do 'have yourself a Merry little chistmas’? I know how to play it on the piano” Loki nodded his head “yeah, ok”

They were quite for a little while before Peter shouted “DONE!” he looked at Loki’s hair triumphetly then took a picture and showed the other teen “good job peter” Loki smiled

Later that night while Loki was fast asleep on Peters bed Peter jumped out of his hammock and put on his suit before jumping out the window after telling Friday not to tell anyone were he was going

Peter quickly swung over to the shops and got a dark green customized jumper with a big 'L’ on the back and a picture of him and Loki sleeping on the couch together on the front, then he swung to the pet store and brought a small green snake, he then made his journey back to the tower successfully getting there and wrapping the jumper and hiding the snake in his wardrobe under a heat lamp without waking the teenage god and falling asleep on his hammock again

The next morning Loki woke the young spider and headed down to the music room to start their performance

(since I’m writing this without the internet just imagine they made a great performance and sucsefully woke the avengers)

“wow guys that was great!” said Rohdey

The two teens smiled at the Praise “FRIDAY please save that to precious teenage moments” said tony “yes boss”

“when did you make that folder?” asked Peter “I made it ages ago just after you started bringing ned over and when you first met shuri and loki” the two boys huffed but then perked up “presents!” they both yelled in unison

they sprinted to the lounge room to see piles and mountains of presents. Not long after the other avengers joined them in the room with their coffees and teas

Tony walked up to the mountains and grabbed the first box “this one is for Natasha…..” he continued to hand out presents. Peter got lots and so did Loki but a bit less because of his unexpected visit. “this one is for Loki from peter” tony handed Loki the gift and he opened it to see the jumper with one of his favorite pictures on it, he turned to Peter and hugged him “thanks!” Peter quickly returned the hug

“…. This one is to Peter from Loki” Peter grabbed the present and ripped the paper, inside was a small box that he opened and saw a locket in the shape of a heart that had the words 'best brother/friend’ engraved into it, he opened the necklace and on one side it had a picture if them hugging after Loki had to go back to Asgard and on the other side it said 'we’ll always be together in heart’ Peter looked at it with tears in his eyes, he tackled Loki into a hug “thank you, this is the best gift ever, I love it!” when they pulled away Bucky helped Peter put the necklace on and Peter swore that he would never take it off

“and that is the last of the presents” tony declared as he handed the last parcel to Bruce “actually I have one last present but its in my room” Peter got up and ran to his room and carefully picked up the snake before hiding it behind his back as he walked back into the lounge room

All eyes were on him as he cleared his throat “this last gift is for Loki, I noticed that you had a certain fondness to snakes so…. I got you one” Peter moved the green snake into view

Loki’s eyes lit up as he scrambled to carefully take the snake, he was speechless, he staired and played with it for a minute “what’s his name?” he whispered, Peter shrugged “he doesn’t have one yet” Loki thought for a minute “I’m gonna name him Pete”

Both boys had huge smiles on their faces and silently agreed

This was the best Christmas ever!

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You ever think the reason Thor was so terrified to get his hair cut in Ragnarok is because after Loki “died” he braided some of Loki’s hair into his own, and he doesn’t want to cut his hair because it’s the one part of Loki that is always by his side, and a constant reminder of his baby brother? Maybe whenever Thor is nervous or lonely he touches the braid as a reminder of the memories he made with Loki. Like when he  disguised himself as a snake a said “MEBLERG! It’s me >:)” and he’s terrified to loose that

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