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Thorquill College!au

You got me trippin’ on my feet
My mind starts racing
And my heart forgets to beat
When you start to walk my way
I forget where I am
Can’t find a word to say
My friends just laugh at me
There’s no cure for this disease

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Marvel: *claims a supporting character is openly queer after the fact without showing it in anyway on screen*

DC: *shows a character’s bisexuality and isn’t afraid to make her the main character of her own show and captain of her own time ship*

Also DC: *isn’t afraid to cast trans actors*

Still DC: *showcases that queerness isn’t different from regular love by showing queer supporting characters with their own healthy relationships. *

Yep still DC: *Has a show about a lesbian character played by a lesbian actress and is shifting the focus of their TVverse to her and another strong female lead moving forward.

Say what you will about DC or the Arrowverse, but it is safe to admit that they dont shy away from giving the LGBTQA+ representation on screen. I like Marvel, and this is just my opinion, but I disliked it when they pulled a JK Rowling. But again, that’s my opinion and I’m opened to having my mind changed about it. Personally, I love John Constantine as a Bi-con. I even have a tattoo of his.

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*It’s christmas and i’m a pisces, so I’ve read a lot about how they’re very passionate and loyal and quick to fall in love so why not give write about that and make it holiday themed as well.
*Imagine that Ragnarok ended well and Loki survived :’’’’) and also this takes place in alternate timeline where no one died in Endgame.
Pairing: Loki x pisces!reader (also inhuman)


Originally posted by foxandspice-xmas

Ironically, you’d the alien you loved dearly in January making it a whole year since you’d fallen for him. Oddly enough too, that was how you met him, when you fell while existing a meeting at the Avengers headquarters. He wanted to laugh but he saw you looked really upset and embarrassed so he opted for helping you up instead. Thankfully that awkward moment introduced you to the god of mischief and who everyone else considered as Thor’s bratty little brother.

You were a new recruit, chosen after the battle with Thanos. You’d battled in smaller fights with the other recruits, he was there at some of them too. This is how you two learned to care for each other. It was odd because neither of you considered yourself heroes but that was the term that everyone else considered you as.

He wasn’t easy to love at first, in fact you almost began to believe he hated you. It was in his nature though, to not show care. He was afraid of caring for anyone at the fear of rejection or betrayal. It wasn’t til after he called you his, that he opened himself up. From that point on you disliked Odin, even if he was no longer in the picture.

On the other hand, you didn’t fear him or what he might do with what you told him. So from the start you were honest and told him who you were as a person and what you’d gone through. Despite his blank stares deep down he had a softness about you after what you’d so candidly spoken of. He felt that your pain was one he could empathize with. 

The revengers, there friendship carried onto your Loki and suddenly the lot of you were close. Thor was so happy that his brother found some peace in you. That his mischief was no longer in anger but as a playfulness. So now came the end of a year and you found yourself with him in one of the safehouses that were meant for missions.

You’d decided to decorate it with the others. He quite enjoyed himself because he used his magic for most of it. It was beautiful though, you gleamed when you saw the finished product. He loved to see that sparkle you got when you were happy. He found that this time of the year brought you so much joy, so he learned to find its fondness as well.

Christmas eve came and sat on the living room floor you shared gifts you’d gotten one another. Because you could, you got him an expensive silk scarf which he humbly took and sported for you at the moment. Then he with a bit of dramatic gesture presented a small dark green box, as you opened it, inside was a beautiful necklace. It had a beautiful green gem and seemed to come from some importance from the way in which it looked.


You looked at him, speechless,  “Loki, this beautiful, it’s- oh my gosh I - I - can’t take this.” You said this with a bit shock still in you. It was something he held dear. He looked at you however, and took the necklace out of its box, “this was one of my mother’s jewels. She was the only one who truly saw me as her son and cared for me. I was cruel to her kindness for me, she however made it a point to give me something of hers regardless. Before she departed to Valhalla she gave me this jewel with the intent of me giving it to my true love as a way to in what you midgardians call “propose”.” His words lingered as he placed the necklace on you.

To say you were beyond moved was an understatement. Tears welled in your eyes, when he got a look at you with it on, his heart fired with love. His thumb swiped a stray tear from your cheek, “my love don’t cry-” “these are tears of happiness, because I do. I do want to marry you.” 

You began to spill a beautiful speech to him about how much his love meant to you. How you even feared he could never give himself to you the way you’d done with him. The warmth in the room grew, his frame coming closer to you until his lips met against yours. There in that christmas night surrounded by both the magic of the holidays and his own, love grew more. That was the greatest gift of all.

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Chapter Summary: You have one hour to decide whether to join Hela

Warnings: Minor violence

(Possible proof reading errors)

A/N: Welcome to the penultimate chapter!


You had no concept of time as you hung there, shivering slightly against the cold of the room.

How long had it been since Hela left? How much more time did you have before she came back and asked you to make the impossible choice?

From the way she’d phrased it, she wanted you to be her personal heavy, fighting her battles for the rest of your miserable life. It had to be worth it to protect Loki though. Maybe you could lead some sort of life with him in between all of this.

The door opens and Hela approaches you.

You feel a bit aggrieved, certain it wasn’t time yet. Your muscles stiffened, weary with the strain and you tried to ignore the pain.

She came up close to you, hand reaching to stroke your cheek, “Hello my little one. I think we need to talk.”

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