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Thor, bed sharing au with quote 28 please? Thank you 馃檹

Thor Odinson + Bedsharing + “There’s one bed. Oh, what could go wrong?”


“You mean to tell me that you are a billionaire with a multi billion company with anything at your disposable and you didn’t get enough rooms for our mission?” You yelled at Tony over the phone standing in the middle of the hotel waiting room, Thor standing bashfully besides you, right after the attendant informed you and your mission partner that you would in fact be sharing a room for the next week. 

You hung up on Tony, not even giving him the chance to respond before grumbling under your breath “and with my luck there’s gonna be one bed.”

The attendant glanced at the screen of her computer before fear flashed in her eyes. “Um ma'am, that room actually does only have one…”

“Oh my goodness!” You raised your arms in frustration, “There’s one bed Thor! Oh, what could go wrong?!’

He just looked down at your, fearful of what you were gonna do.

Once you both got to the room, and ready for bed, you both looked down guilty at the small queen sized bed. Glancing up at Thor and his massive body you mentally said fuck it. Whatever happens, happens. Plus, this will check something off your bucket list. Cuddle with one extremely adorable Asgardian god.

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Thor: *breaths*

Peter Quill:


Can’t find the original post of this idea, if you find the creator, inform me please so I can credit them.

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Mine *Dark Thor*

Author’s Note: This is my Dark Thor submission I decided to write for @searchforanotherway​ ‘s #AW!Dark!ficChallenge.  So sorry it’s late! I tried to post it a couple of days ago only for Tumblr to suck it into the void and lose it so I quickly had to retype EVERYTHING!  This is my first attempt at diving into the Dark Marvel/Avengers side so I’m excited to see what you all think. VERY Dark so mind all of the warnings little readers. I hope you enjoy it and that it was worth the wait! Feel free to leave comments or critiques I THRIVE on them. Also I may have ideas to extend this into more chapters if anyone is interested :)

A flirty temp working at Stark Tower gets far more than she anticipated when she catches the eye of a certain God of Thunder. And he decides to punish her for her indiscretions with the other Avengers.

Contains: non con, forced oral, fingering, fear kink,  slapping, electrocution, blood, violence, possessive unhinged Thor


You feel your cheeks flush as you meet Thor’s gorgeous blue eyes once more. No matter how many times you interacted with the handsome Asgardian, he always left you feeling flustered. “I can’t believe your brother stabbed you when you were only a child,” you exclaim, tilting your head and touching the hair lying against your neck.

Thor grins down at you as he shrugs nonchalantly. “It was nothing really. Barely even hurt. Our mother made Loki heal me right away so I did not suffer long.”

You laugh softly, allowing your eyes to scan the busy lobby for potential clients. “Well I’m certainly glad it didn’t cause any permanent damage.” You lean forward, subtly showcasing your evident yet modest cleavage. You feel a swell of satisfaction when you see Thor’s eyes flick down briefly.

He laughs cheerfully, “Oh, I was not so fortunate other times. Many years fraught with battles and adventures have left me with many scars.” He says, gesturing to his impressive body, unfortunately hidden by layers of regular clothes. Though you have to admit, he wears the man-bun casual hipster look very well.

You smile warmly up at him and you quickly check the time on your monitor. Damn. “Oh wow well I would love to hear all about them. But if I don’t get these appointments verified soon, Pepper will have my ass,” You say with a sigh as you gather some papers together and sit back down on your chair. You were only a temp at the moment, but you hoped Tony would bring you on as a permanent member soon.

 “Another time then.” Thor promises with a cheeky wink.

Absolutely.” you reaffirm trying desperately to play it cool as you turn back towards your computer. You hear him head towards the elevator and let out a slow exhale. Your heart was fluttering and judging by the subtle throbbing between your legs, your panties were wet. It never failed.

You had only worked as a temp receptionist at Stark Industries for a couple of months now. At first, it was immensely difficult not to be in constant awe seeing the Avengers coming and going. After all they saved the world countless times. They were heroes and their faces were everywhere. Plus they were all absurdly attractive. From the beginning, all of the core members were very welcoming and patient with you. And thankfully the jitters and your embarrassing stammer only lasted a week. Once you felt comfortable in the new position, it was much easier for you to be friendly and project a sense of confidence. And once you’d built up an amiable familiarity with them, that’s where the flirting began.

You were single so it was all perfectly harmless. But you always feel immense satisfaction whenever any of the Avengers would come talk to you for anything besides just work. Whether or not they were just being friendly or not, it didn’t matter. The attention was always validating. Hell, it was more than flattering. It was downright arousing.

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Why TROS is better than Endgam(AKA absolute trash)


Ok so apparently there’s actually a debate about which is better. First of all. I acknowledge that TROS may not be the best Star Wars movie to ever come out but compared to the trash that endgame/IW are it was 10000x better.

TROS did a pretty good job with character development. Even though I’m not happy that Ben died, he had a purpose. There was no other choice in that situation but to do what he did and his death was more bittersweet than acutely painful. They did a great job redeeming him and the moment he talked to Han Solo made me so emotional. 10/10. the ending was satisfying and it left room for fans to make their own head cannons about the future.

Just some of the best moments

Look at the difference from the beginning to the end. *chefs kiss



Endgame and IW:

Carol?: reduced to a deus ex machina

Thor?: a fat joke; has no purpose for even being there anymore since anyone can use his hammer now

Steve?: threw away his entire new life to go back to the past with Peggy

Tony?: dead when it should’ve been nebula who killed thanos and his abusive dad got redemption

Natasha?: JUST found a family and redemption and happiness but she sacrificed herself for no reason

Wanda: had her trauma erased and basically made to not be taken seriously by the audience when thanos said he didn’t even know who she is. And that’s exactly what happened.

Loki?: died for ABSOLUTELY no reason other than drama; undid his redemption arc

Gamora?: proved the trope that in the end you won’t escape your abuser

Black panther/ wakanda?: reduced to ash in .5 seconds after they were supposed to be this great advanced nation

Banner: basically useless bc he can’t bring out the hulk. This couldve been their moment to truly show what BANNER can do but no. Apparently he’s nothing without the hulk

And that’s just some of the characters they fucked up

1) The movie perpetuated a lot of misogynistic stereotypes (can’t expect anything else from the Russo’s), reducing most of the female characters to emotional wrecks (Wanda, nat), deus ex machinas that are shelved for most of the movie (carol) sacrificial lambs (gamora, nat), and plot devices for male characters (Peggy). And they think adding one “token feminist scene” is going to cover up their horrid treatment of the women in the rest of the movie

2) It supported basically most of the abusers in the MCU. Showing Gamora being sacrificed supported the trope that you can never escape your abuser, Loki being violently murdered for no reason showed that you can only find redemption in death. And tony easily forgiving Howard supports the idea that no matter how bad they are, you should forgive your abuser because they’re family.


3) Thor was ridiculed throughout the movie undoing everything Ragnarok did for his character development. It’s like that movie never even existed at this point. Instead of showing him healing from his trauma his weight, mental health, and destructive coping mechanisms were made fun of by all the characters. Would tony stark ever actually mock Thor for alcoholism when he struggled with the same thing? Would Valkyrie seriously just leave him alone to drink and forget his pain when she went through the same thing?


M4) Another thing is Mjolnir. I get that steve was able to lift mjolnir in the comics. However what exactly makes him worthy. We know that Hela and Odin were able to use mjolnir and there’s a pattern there. People who are related to Thor are worthy of wielding mjolnir That’s why loki was never able to lift it. So why is steve Rogers, a human, able to use it. And with lighting powers on top of that. After the way Thor was treated in the movie (basically being useless until the fight at the end) what is third purpose in being there if now even humans are able to summon lighting like he can?? It doesn’t make sense with the logic they’ve established in the MCU.


5) Going back to loki. Ragnarok already finished his redemption arc. He was ready to go to earth with thor and the rest of the asgardians. He was finally being treated as an equal yet the Russo brothers decided to kill him pointlessly and violently before even the title credits. That’s just disrespectful they reduced him to a plot device for drama, to make thanos seem dangerous. Now, Looking at the scene. Thanos was literally ready to let him go. He did not need to die. Loki had to have known that attempt to kill him wouldn’t have worked after being tortured by thanos for so long. He can’t be killed by a dagger. Loki isn’t that dumb. And he’s not that selfless. He wouldn’t sacrifice himself for no reason especially when he could’ve walked away unscathed. His death scenes was one of the most gruesome, graphic deaths I’ve ever seen from marvel. It made me feel sick. The sound of his bone snapping seeing the blood running down his eyes was it. They could’ve done so much with this character but they chose to do this instead. Hopefully the Disney + show fixes his character arc.


Overall, my expectations were low for both movies. But endgame was the biggest disappointment to movie franchise I’ve seen. TROS was truthfully very satisfying and did everything endgame wishes it did.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk. I hope the sun will shine on us again.

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“You cant have Loki and Bucky, K, you gotta pick one or the other ”

“Thor getting stabbed by Loki is how I feel when you take over my cooking.”


“What a snake. He even looks like one. Hes a snake.”


“Nobody likes the Hulk. No one cares.”

“You look like Loki. Wait now you look like Bucky.”

-My brother while watching Thor: the dark world

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You know what I'm gonna use this emoji too: 鈽 London Sanctum Sanctorum circa 2013, when a multi dimensional event occurs right on top of the city, and circa 2023, when a man claims that he and some monsters that's been rampaging Europe came from another realm. This second one is pretty weak considering the sorcerers could've sensed the lie easily and just not bother to contact Fury, the poor guy, but I'm more interested in the first one. Especially since there were anomalies around for days.

Haha I love it. I’m gonna start with the easier one first.

2023: In the film Peter asks if Fury (or the Skrull playing Fury, lolz) if they’ve contacted Doctor Strange. He’s apparently “unavailable”. So I imagine by this point that there’s some sort of communication line established between S.H.I.E.L.D and Doctor Strange (or the sorcerers of Kamar-Taj in general, since they did reveal themselves in the Endgame battle as being a force that existed beyond Stephen and Wong).

What I imagine going down is someone who wasn’t Stephen answering Fury and keeping the answer very succinct and vague, and that they don’t even bother telling Fury that it’s beyond their purview because it’s not even magic. I could even imagine Stephen never hearing he was contacted in the first place until it was all said and done xD

2013: I have so many issues with The Dark World- definitely my least favorite MCU film (outside of the Hulk, but who even counts that?) Anyway, the Convergence. Who even knows if Marvel was planning on introducing Doctor Strange at this time to the MCU, but for retconned canon events, I can imagine this:

Several sorcerers (including the Ancient One) are actually present just in case the future the Ancient One saw in the Time Stone with Thor stopping Malekith doesn’t happen. She is pretty positive that he’ll manage, but they’re present as backup (and maybe even in civilian clothing to blend in). But they remain subtle, carefully pushing falling debris away from civilians and keeping in the shadows. It’s possible that while this fight is happening, the sorcerers are also making sure nothing from any of the nine realms slips through to Earth (such as a dragon from Muspelheim).

But we know that the Ancient One used the Time Stone to view (and prevent) countless futures. She may have even manipulated events for Jane to get to the Aether so events could happen as they did - who knows? But I like to imagine the sorcerers of Kamar-Taj, especially the Ancient One, playing as chess masters to help manipulate the course of the world to the best future possible.

(What sorcerers were doing during events such as this is actually something I want to explore in what is turning into a rewrite of the MCU in a future fic of mine).

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