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#thor x reader
Hi! I hope I’m not too late! Can I please ask for Thor + cuddling? ☺️

Thor loved the moments before sunrise pulled you from sleep. Your sleepy hands reaching for him and snuggling against him without opening your eyes. Seeking just a little more warmth and a little more comfort before facing the day.

Your breath tickling his neck.

The feel of soft skin under his hands.

The scent of clean sheets and the lotion you loved.

It felt like home.

It always amazed him, the way that sleep changed you. It made you look younger. More vulnerable. But the moment your eyes opened and you smiled sleepily at him, there was mischief and trouble on the horizon. 

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Could you do Thor and "stress"? Congratulations on your milestone!

Thor looked down at the chaos strewn from one end of the table to the other. And you were sitting in the middle of it, hair a mess, in one of his sweaters, looking like you could burst into tears at any moment.

“What are you doing still awake, my love?” he asked approaching slowly.

“Trying to get caught up,” you say rubbing your eyes.

He nodded and sighed. You’d been ill recently. Very ill. The kind of ill that had required a hospital and round the clock care for a few days as you struggled. “You need rest,” he pressed softly, taking a paper from your hands.

You look up at him, eyes glassy with a fever and over bright with frustrated tears. And he softens. It scares him, seeing the signs of fever creeping back in, but your lip trembling as you try not to cry is what makes him pull you into his arms. 

“It’ll still be here tomorrow, my darling,” he soothes, wiping away tears. “Come,” he murmured, “Let’s get you some medicine and get you in bed. I just got you on the mend. I’d hate to see you get sick again.”

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Can you do Thor and ’comfort’? P.S. I love your writing! 🥰

Thor paused in the bathroom where he was drying off after a shower. 

He’d heard a sound. 

A desperate little cry that tore at his heart. He wrapped a towel around his waist and turned towards the bedroom down the hall. He’d meant to join you there once he was clean and suitable to be in the comfortable bed you kept for him. But even now, dripping wet, he couldn’t stay away. 

He just made it to the door way when you sat bolt upright, a soft scream the only sound you made as you panted for breath clutching your chest. Clutching the spot where he knew you’d been shot. Where someone you loved had betrayed you so completely that they’d wanted you dead to keep it from being discovered. 

“Sweetheart,” he said softly, rushing forward, scooping you into his lap, “I’m here.” He rocked you and rested his cheek on your head while you cried. There was no stopping it. There was no quelling the pain that shook your body in tremors of grief. “I’m here,” he murmured, “I’m here and you’re safe my darling.”

“I’m sorry,” you sputter around a sob that half chokes the words. 

“Shh,” he soothes, “it’s okay. You’re okay.”

He wipes tears away and kisses your head, keeping his touches firm, but gentle to try and remind you of where you are. Anything to give you enough comfort to get some rest.

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(Imagine is mine!!!! I made it with Polarr also!!!)

The sounds of the cries of fear and anguish from just mere hours ago when Thanos and his children boarded the ship Thor, Loki, the remaining citizens of Asgard and you were on, echo through your head as you sit next to Thor in the small pod you, Rocket, Groot and Thor are taking to Nidavellir to make a new weapon for Thor so that he can kill Thanos. Thor seems to know what you’re thinking about since he puts his hand on your shoulder in comfort as he stands next to you, looking out the window. You put your hand on top of his and squeeze it reassuringly, and give him a small smile, letting him know that you’re alright and will be alright, as long as he is by your side. Because if he wasn’t, you have no idea as to what you would do without him.

The ship is silent for a few minutes and you and Thor stay in that position, silently comforting each other, at the memory of who you had lost on that ship, just hours ago. The silence is then broken when Groot says that he has to go to the bathroom. “Tinkle in the cup. We’re not lookin’. What’s there to see?” Rocket asks. “What’s a twig? Everybody’s seen a twig.” he continues. “I am Groot.” Groot says. “Tree, pour what’s in the cup out into space and go in the cup again.” Thor says to him. “You speak Groot?” Rocket asks as he turns the captain’s chair around to look at Thor. “Yes, they taught it on Asgard.” Thor answers. “It was an elective.” He continues. “I am Groot.” Groot says which makes Thor turn around. “You’ll know when we’re close.” he says. “Nidavellir’s forge harnesses the blazing power of a neutron star.” he continues as he sits down next to you.

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Thor- Carry

Thor came through the door of the house and, like magic, he felt the tension of the day, the negativity he was carrying fall from his shoulders. 

He suspected it was magic. A sigil or a charm you’d put in place to keep the peace when Loki came to visit. Still, whatever it was, he was grateful for it now. It had been a long day of Midgardian politics and egos and he was craving your sweetness. The feeling of home. 

The house was quiet. Dinner was put away, kept warm in the oven for him. A record was playing quietly. And he could hear the crackle of a fire. Gods. He never knew how good something so simple could feel as he hung his hammer and his armor on their appropriate coatrack. 

He moved quietly, careful not to startle you but when he stopped in the doorway of the living room, he melted. You were fast asleep, snuggled into a small mountain of blankets with a stuffed bear tucked into your arms tenderly. You looked comfortable. Safe. And he was glad, even if he was sad to have not been here to make you that way. He sighed and scooped you up gently and kissed your head, making you fuss at him sleepily.

“I know you were cozy,” he chuckled, “But you’ll hurt your back sleeping on the couch. You need to be in bed, love.”

“I missed you,” you murmur, nuzzling into his neck.

“Did you?” he hummed, shifting your weight in his arms gently, “Well, I’m here now my darling… I’ll cuddle you back to sleep, hmm?”

You murmur wordlessly, already most of the way asleep again and he smiled, kissing your forehead. He wasn’t ready for bed yet, but even if he had to carry you, he wasn’t going to miss tucking you in.

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I just finished To Be Seen and UGH! My heart! It was beautiful! So well written; I laughed and I cried and I certainly wasn't expecting the ending. I can't wait to read through the rest of your fics; love your writing! ❤️

Yay!!! To Be Seen!!! That story is so dear to my heart. I love it so much. I was so emotionally driven with that story and it was a true journey so hearing that you love it makes me so damn happy! I hope you enjoy the others.😘😘😘😘

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He comes alive after midnight

Pairings: semi Dark! Thor x Fem! Reader

Warnings: not really canon to MCU storyline, Ragnorak! Thor, semi darkish Thor??, very obsessive, pet names, angst?, fluff?, mentions of smut, after Thor: Ragnorak, language, also infinity war/endgame never happened, Steve and tony are on good terms, bucky is here too, maybe dub/con?? I don’t know but there it is just in case, language

Summary: Ever since Thor returned back to Midgard safely, he has wanted to recently reconnect with his former mates, one more so than the others that he craves in the midst of nightly hours…

A/N: Based off the song by Camilla Cabello. My first dark! Fic so let me know how it went😂


The day had started off on a rough start. You just got back from an 8 hour flight from Budapest while on a mission with your teammate, James Buchanan Barnes. He’s as mysterious as the next avenger, but he has good morals and a good heart. Then, you rarely even had time to rest as Tony wanted to call for a team briefing over the next few weeks. When you arrived at the door of your room, you got a message that was sent to everyone that read it was of importance that everyone came to the hanger as soon as possible.

With groans and tired feet, you made your way to where you were told to be. Everyone was huddled around something someone, embracing hugs and welcomes. When you got a glance at just who they were all chatting to, you felt your eyes widen and your heart clench.

Thor Odinson.

Only near 3 years ago did you last see the long blonde. Well, now he was a short brunette. He left without another word to you, leaving you all alone with a broken heart and messy mind.

After that day, you swore off men and dating for as long as you deemed necessary, vowing to never let the god even come near you if he was unlucky enough to cross paths with you once more. And here he was, in all his majestic glory. You were going to make a break from it, yet his blue electrifying eyes made contact with yours and you knew that in an instant you were trapped. “Y/N!” He called out to you, running past everyone to stop right in front of you.

Everyone knew of your guy’s relationship, not knowing how it ended and only presumed that it was still continuing. They watched in admiration at the reunion, one you weren’t particularly happy for.

You had a mean gaze, never wavering as he approached you. He saw the look, and his face fell. “My love, what is the matter? Are you not glad to see me?” He asked, he unconsciously raising his hand to cup your face, but you pulled your head to the side before his palm made contact with your cheek.

Oh. This was a change for him. He was expecting a big warm welcome, a bright smile like always and maybe experience Valhalla with you later. But no, you seem aggravated with his arrival; the sheer audacity of him returning offending your whole being.

The hangar was soon cleared out. Everyone got the message. Apparently his farewell was harsher than realized.

He furrowed his eyebrows, you staring blankly at his chest with your arms folded. “My love…? What is the matter?” “Don’t call me that. Ever again. I’m done with you Odinson, I have been for the last 3 fucking years.” You turned on your hells and left the hanger, slamming the door open and stompping your way back to your room.

Thor was left utterly speechless by your sudden confession. He didn’t even know you two were over. And for fantasizing about you for the past 3 years while he was away? There wasn’t a chance in all of Asgard that he will let you go so quickly…


He saw you again at an team dinner Nat set up with Steve, sulking in the corner and downing a midgardian liquor drink. He stood intently at the opposite end of the room in a cashmere white sweater Steve lent him, a drink in hand that was infused with a few drops of an Asgardian liquor he brought with him before his home realm was destroyed.

“Pointbreak! What’s the deal between you and Ms. Lonely over there? Gosh, I need to give you a new pet name to match the new cut…” Tony asked, muttering the last part mostly to himself. His voice broke Thor out of his gaze, a worrisome smile being plastered on the tall god to his avenger friend. “I do not know my dear friend. She seemed all but feathers upon my arrival and I yet have discovered to as to why…” Thor answered truthfully, catching a glimpse at you as you still sat at the bar; Nat now sitting beside you and talking. “Well she’s heartbroken. You left as for not a really dependable reason as to why. We all dealt with crap when we were hallucinating, even her, yet you totally ditched after the battle without a proper goodbye. You can’t really put it past her.” Tony said, downing a sip of an alcohol drink he had in his hands. They both looked over to you and looked at each other. “But why say goodbye when I would see her again? And I thought she would happy to see me once I came back to her earlier in the noon. Yet she threw daggers with her eyes that could feel like it would pierce at my skin for eons.” Thor said, looking at the significantly shorter man. “For as long as I was away, I only thought of her. Her soft smile, her warm gaze, her lips that tasted like the finest fruit on Asgard. Norns knows of how many nights I-” “Ah ah! Bit too much information there Casanova.” Tony chipped in before Thor could give any more details while he was away.

The billionaire sighed and looked around the room. “Look, just show her that you care for her. Show her how much you missed her. And if that doesn’t work, just buy her something expensive or cook her dinner. Works like a charm for me and my darling.” Tony advised, shrugging it off and taking another sip of the expensive drink. Thor thought about is words, taking them in and giving a brief smile. “Okay Stark, I will take your advise, and in exchange, I give you my gratitude.” Thor smiled against his glass, taking a gulp himself before looking over to you. You were no longer there. “Just don’t hurt her any Mora, ‘kay? It was already bad enough the first time around for the girl.” Tony spoke out, seeing Thor setting down his glass and beginning his exit. Thor smiled at Tony.

“I wouldn’t dream of such a thing.”


You finally made it to your room after the dinner was done. Nat managed to convince you and drag you there against your protests. You could feel his eyes lurking over your skin, taking in every detail as he stood across the room. It made you feel like you were being undressed by his eyes, something you weren’t exactly keen on.

You had to remind yourself that he was no longer worth it, God or not, he left you nonetheless and expected everything to go just as how it used to be.

Nat had distracted you for a bit, but you still felt his searching eyes here and there. You left almost an hour after you arrived. You weren’t particularly hungry and the alcohol you downed still gave you a buzz. You weren’t exactly in the partying mood anyways. All you wanted was a steamy shower and to complete reading some chapters in your favorite book that was tucked away on your shelf.

So that’s what you did.

The shower was long and relaxing, taking your time to get every dirt and grime you didn’t get after returning, and washing off him. His lingering eyes that made you feel tainted and unclothed in, the smell of his natural musk that still managed to reel you in.

Not this time, you weren’t gonna go through that pain again.

When you exited fully clothed, you saw Nat sitting on your bed. You held onto your chest and gave out a surprised chuckle. “You scared me Nat, Jesus I didn’t even hear you enter…” You said, walking her way but stopping short. She seemed different. Off. Her eyes lingered in your form, her eyes catching notice of how a single stray water droplet fell down your forehead and onto your neck. She stood up from the bed and smiled. “You know, living with a trickster practically your whole life really teaches you a thing or two…” She spoke, her eyes sparkling. She walked over to you, slowly transforming back to ’her’ original self. It was Thor. He stalked over to you, backing you into a wall and caging you there. You felt small under him, his frame towering over you. “Please do not fret my love, it tis only me…” He said upon seeing your eyes widen and sensing your heart quicken. He lifted up your chin with his finger, his lips ghosting over yours and smiling.

You should have kneed him in the crotch, slap him, something! Yet you didn’t. You hated him for what he did to you, you wanted nothing more than to get as far as you can from him, but you stood idly against the wall as he still stood seemingly menacing before you. The dim yellow hue from your lamp only added to that sense. Half of his face was blacked by a shadow and the other was painted clear with the light; a contrast you found dangerous and alluring at the same time, but you would never admit it.

“Why so tense my love? I heard you just came back from a rendezvous in a foreign place. Would you like me to ease your stress my little dove?” He cooed against your neck, starting his assault onto your body as he placed chaste kisses among your collarbone. You bit your lip at the friction his rough lips causing on your soft skin. “I told you to never call me that again…” You told him, placing your hands on his chest to push him back. It did absolutely nothing to him. Instead, he just lifted up his head to you, his eyes taking in every aspect of your beautifully shaped face. He smiled. “Would you like me to call you something sweeter? ” He asked, a soft laugh emitting from his lips soon after. He then started his trail of kisses on your other side of your neck. You took a sharp breath as he found your sweet spot, him chuckling at your reaction. He knew all to well where it was, he just wanted to tease you.

“How about just as Y/N. I do not want to hear your pet names. I told you Thor I am done with you.” You stated, pushing against his chest a little harder now, this causing him to step back some. His eyes raked over yours.

“And who said I was done with you?” He purred. “You have no idea of the nights that I only thought of you. The pleasantries in the midst of nights that would be granted to me just from the memory of your face as you laid in bed with me. I couldn’t stop myself from thinking if when I will see you again my love.” He confessed, walking towards you a bit more so there was barely enough room between you two. “Y-You h-have?” You don’t know why you responded in such a way. Maybe it was the alcohol that still gave you a buzz. Maybe it was because of him and his he came back into your life. Or maybe because it was that you hadn’t had sex ever since he left and you wanted him desperately here and now.

His chuckled was whisked against you face, the smell of the sweet liquor he downed earlier evident in his voice. “Oh I have my love, and I was hurt when you treated me with hated eyes.” He began kissing your neck again, you letting him this time. Maybe it was because you missed him so much. Maybe because he was stirring up feelings in you that you needed to be satisfied with. There isn’t a good reason to pinpoint why you had grabbed his face and connect your lips with his. He responded immediately and grabbed hold of your cheeks, allowing small moans to escape your mouth. It was a battle of dominance, one he quickly gained victory as he picked up one of your thighs, this prompting you to jump slightly to wrap your legs around his torso. In this moment, you completely forgot as to why you were mad at him. How could you be so mad at someone you love?

You moaned against his lips as you felt the bulge against your legs, him smiling against the kiss and nipping at your lips. “My love…” He moaned, taking off your top and continuing the kiss afterwards. Your exposed chest was pressed against his, the friction between skin and cotton almost irritable yet still desirable. He carried you off the wall and placed you on the bed. You let a whimper pass you as you felt his lips make a hot trail down your body by peppering kisses along the way…


You were in utter bliss for the next few hours, craving his touch as much as he craved yours. You had missed him. You just didn’t want to admit it due to your ego, but now? How could you deny him. Deny his love?

Your head laid on top of his chest, listening to his heartbeat as he stroke imaginary figures on your back. You placed on hand in his chest and his other hand laid on top of it.

You wanted to regret falling into his love scheme all over again, but he always managed to convince you otherwise.

“My love…?” He called out, gaining your attention. You looked up to him, noe noticing his each eye was a different color. It was enchanting and beautiful. “Yes…?” It was a shaky reply at best, but you were sore and rightfully so. Thor smiled at you. “I apologize for my behavior of when I left you. I never meant to for you to be hurt.” He confessed. Your heart swelled. “It is okay Thor, I forgive you…” You accepted him, your words making him content and happy that he listens to Tony’s advice. “I love you my love.” He cooed. “I love you too” You responded, snuggling closer to the god. You blamed the liquor for such a hazy decision, but you knew your own emotions had a play in it too.

He kept swirling his fingers on your bare back, making the imaginary lines.

“My love, my sweet love. My Queen….”


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Warnings: nudity, self-injurious behavior not involving objects. future intimate moments….maybe. 

Author’s Note: Major hurt comfort vibes. If you’ve ever not felt like yourself this is for you. Also, Thor post endgame but the Guardians work out because let’s be real, none of them cope either. ?/1 

Everyone was still reeling from the recovery of Thor. His hair, usually lustrous and well-kempt, was now grimy and tangled.

“Hello, little kitten,” Thor said in his bathrobe while blending another “skinny” margarita.

“Hey, big guy,” your eye’s glancing at the sun coming up over the cityscape, 7am.

“Have you eaten yet?” You asked, putting down the yoga matt.

“This has….citrus!” Thor laughing at his own joke. It’s timber lacking his usual richness. The

“Yeah.” You said, moving around the kitchen weaving between the various appliances. Your hand was whipping at a rapid pace as he poured some more juice in with the tequila.

Just before he could press emulsify, the sizzling of eggs stopped him. “What’s that,” Thor moved to look over your shoulder, his hair mingling with yours. A silent prayer that the drool would stay in his mouth.

You gestured to the bar chairs, which he readily took. The toaster now fully loaded with a heaping slice of egg bread. Thor resting his hands on the counter shortly before his head followed suit. This morning you allowed him to sip his margarita before the food hit the plate.

As each morning got farther from the first. The booze got pushed back farther. Until you were weeks out, breakfast starting a little later. Thor’s ability to sleep increases. 

“Eggs first, and then margarita,” the now mostly sober Asgardian staring you down unsuccessfully.

“I know small children who glare harder than that.” You said sassily plating the veggie pattie with his hash browns.

Thor ate most of it, only drinking ½ his usual quantity of liquor before the sunrise.

“Darling, how would you like a spa day?” You asked, twirling a grime encrusted lock between your fingertips.

Thor smiled with a mouth full of food. “Good, see you on Peppers floor.
You moved away to prep the space for the much larger person. Spinning, you walked back lightly, kissing his scruffy beard.

He stopped chewing a moment. His hand itching for the cup that had become accustomed to being at his side. If not for your presence, he might have given in. 

Thor eventually wandered down to the obsidian tub, a much smaller cup in his hand. A host of bubbles waiting in the steaming water. A swirl of scents and memories flying at him.

His bathrobe was trailing after him as he wandered into the room. The bathtub the focal point of Pepper’s minimalist design.

His eyes falling on your figure bent over the tub to grab some offending item. Even through his buzz, his body stirred, the attraction was there.

Your body was leaning too far forward, Thor lunging while you eeped. His hands were firmly steadying your waist.

Your hand grasping his much larger one at your waist, righting yourself sitting on the tub’s edge. “Thanks, head trauma is not on my to-do list.” Thor staring at your face, you picked a stray bit of egg off his beard, sinking it into the wastebasket. Thor’s reaction time to slow to give you the hug his body craved.

“Alright, handsome, get in.” Thor smiling while he disrobed. It had been months since someone had complimented him. 

“You can soak for a bit. Then I’ll be back.” The tips of your fingers caressing his crown while you walked his clothes to the washer on the other side of the door.
When you came back 20 minutes later. Thor was passed out. His head hanging over the tub water sloshed over the pristine marble floors.

“I’m gonna owe Pepper a week of therapy free for this mess.” In looking over the man in front of you, you knew it was worth it.

You grabbed the crystal pitcher a faucet with warm water pouring into the gallon container. You crouched pouring the water over his head, the blond hair drawn and matted.

You sat meticulously untangling each strand. Gobs of conditioner falling onto the floor. One might view it as a waste, but each attempt released more strands from the confines of the past grime, sweat, and particulates. Each strand was bringing you closer to the man in front of you.

When Thor awoke an hour later, the first left third of his face was untangled. He stared hazily at his own reflection. Milky white conditioner still clung to the golden locks, but it was always him: longer, a little damaged, but ever his.
“Hey, sleepyhead.” You whispered, fingers still meticulously working through a strand.

Thor wiped the condensation from his face. In the absence of liquor, he felt for the first time his new features. The once chiseled face was fleshy. While he was still distinguishable, the feel of the added flesh felt unnatural.

His hands were moving down his throat to his shoulders. The once pronounced deltoids now hidden but no less firm. His arms still sizable but lacking the definition. The urge to continue below the water halted by his conflicted feelings.

You stopped your ministration on his skull to sit back, fingers cramping. Thor staring at his own fingers as they curled and unfurled themselves. The same callouses from his youth yet so unlike his own.

“How have I fallen so far?” Thor whispered, swallowing loudly. While he understood that his body was no failure all served their purpose. He felt out of touch, like his body was not his own.

His hands grasping for the cup. Much of its contents sloshing on the floor in his haste.

His hands gripping the cup in a vice as he stood abruptly. His naked body on display while cup fractured into the cooling bath.

You stood strolling towards the shaking male. A human walking towards a frightened and injured animal. Grasping a large towel, you moved to wrap it around him. “Come on, careful.”

Just as you moved to cover him, he strode to the mirror. His hands griping at his own flesh. The tears finally falling as he pulled at his stomach, thick fingers pinching at his excess. Purple blossoming in his fingers wake.

You sprinted forward small delicate fingers wrapping around his left hand.

“No, Thor, stop, don’t hurt yourself.” Your arms wrapped around his one, face pressed against his bicep.

“No,” you repeated your lips, pressing on his slick skin. Thor dropping to one knee as he wept. His large frame shaking as he lent into you.

You falling somewhat gracefully onto the floor with Thor’s entire body weight on top of you.

Stroking his hair, his head resting on your clavicle.

“What happened to me?” Thor asked, gripping your wrist.

“Everyone fails at who there supposed to be.” Thor’s head whipping up blue eyes boring into y/e/c. Thoughts of his mother racing through his mind.

“There is NOTHING wrong with you. You’re going through some things. When everything is said and done, you’ll come out exactly as you should.” Thor pulling your hand to his lips like a beggar tasting food for the first time.

You used your free hand wrap him in the white towel. His large frame scarcely concealed within the layer of white.

Come, your actions said, tucking the towel around him while you moved to the closet.

One hand, always in his palm as you moved through the guest room’s choices.
The Guardians had been fun for Thor, but now he needed to heal, to deal with his trauma.

“We’ll need to go shopping for you.” Thor’s body visibly clenching at the thought. On Asgard clothing just appeared via a tailor, gifts, or his mother. Now he needed to fend as a mortal, no crown or kingdom. His figure wandering towards the bed, slowly dragging himself until he sat sloppily on the covers.

You sighed, smiling at the large man. Grabbing a spare towel, you placed it on his head, drying the one side while you worked the conditioner in and out of his locks.

“I’d rather not,” Thor laying his head on your chest through the towel.

“I know, but the alternative is walking around naked. Sadly that’s illegal.” You whispered the last part lightly.

“Midguardians.” He grumbled childlike in his anger over earth’s customs. There was a whole holiday in Asgardian culture about nudity. While it was an option to partake, it still existed.

“Why can I not have your information system simply send me things?” He flopped back onto the bed. The mania over for now.

You laughed, forcing yourself not to stare at his exposed waist and thighs. the well-endowed man unaware of his attractiveness.

“I think you’ll find our tailors undecided on what sizes actually are.” Thor was throwing the towel away, his hands itching to grab at himself. You sat down, handing him a pillow to grasp instead.

“No one will recognize me,” Thor said like a small child who’s prize had been taken.

“Not likely,” he side-eyed your comment while squeezing the pillow to his chest.

“On the bright side, it means rest.” You fingers gently grazing his bicep. Your face was hopeful that he would remain calm.

Thor turned over, flashing his still sizable backside. Even with less definition, you blushed.

“Very mature,” you stood moving back to the closet. Each time you would turn to hold something up, he would contract some muscle, making it dance. You were going to hurt Parker for showing him that vine.

You threw some baggy pants, a shirt, and a sweatshirt understanding his discomfort with his newly acquired abdomen. When you bloated once a month, you couldn’t be bribed out of certain clothes.

“Get dressed,” you said firmly, not wanting to allow him to wiggle out of the event.

Thor’s blue eye’s peaking from behind the pillow. Your legs moving quickly to gather up your keys and wallet. He could not lose what minimal motivation he had left.

Upon your return, Thor had swapped his baggy pants for sweats and was struggling with a shirt that didn’t quite fit. His still bulging biceps stretching the material. The frame that had saved worlds hulking through.

Thor ripping the shirt in half out of frustration, throwing it on the floor. HIs forearm covering his eye’s in frustration. The clothes on Asgard were made for him every inch gained or loss accounted for by tailors and magic, never himself.

“Hey,” your body swiftly closing the distance to stand between his splayed legs. Your hand not daring to grab the sweatshirt for fear of him revolting against that one as well.

His head flopping onto your person, fingers carding through his hair tenderly. The towel now long forgotten on the floor.

“How about, you wear one of my sleep hoodies.” Thor nodding while you walked hand in hand to your room.

His choices as you rummaged through your drawers were a pink hoodie that said Cadillac, Michigan, and a red one that resembled his cape with roses all over it.

Thor sliding the well worn Michigan hoodie over his broad shoulders. It fit just perfect, it was snug but not tight. The material felt like a hug that didn’t end.

“Alright, ready to go?” Your palm cupping his face sweetly. He nodded, following your lead like a child nervous about meeting the world.

End Note: Will Thor be okay shopping? Will he become sober enough to make a move? I don’t know! Like, Reblog, and send me your comments. Maybe this series will get somewhere XD

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Originally posted by silverofthunder

This is part 3 of Rocky Start
It’s also day 16 of my 365 days of fics.

This part is kinda filler I don’t really have a summary of it. Sorry it’s short.

Thor Odinson x OC Alva

Warnings: None?

Let me know if you wanna be tagged.

Part 1  Part 2

Keep reading

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hi there, i was wondering if i could get a beatles & a marvel ship (if you don’t do two, then just beatles please!)? i’m 5’4 with blonde hair, glasses, & average build. i’m very much a stereotypical gryffindor lol in that i hate to lose, think in very black & white terms, and am chomping at the bit to help whenever needed. i also love to read, & drink tea! i’m really confident in myself, but i don’t do well with handling emotions/conflict. have also been known to be an emotional drunk!

It’s ok, bc I can do both! The most I do at a time is three!

For The Beatles, I ship you with…

Paul McCartney!!

  • Paul loves that you are a Gryffindor bc it means you can get him to relax
  • One day it had snowed like a monster overnight and he wanted to stay in and write some songs but the melody wasn’t coming to him, so you convinced him to go outside for sledding and snowball fights. He laughed so hard after he hit your stomach but you got him back
  • Then he got the idea on how the melody should go and hurried inside, with a kiss on your nose!
  • You both cozy up with him writing his songs or petting his dog, Martha, and you reading with hot chocolate
  • He even loves to surprise you with breakfast in bed when you wake up!
  • On band game nights, you are both an unstoppable team, and lord help the other band members who get in your way with your competitive streak and Paul’s perfectionism
  • When you both moved in together, he admires how the sunset falls on your on your new windows, making your blonde hair glow and he just loses it inside

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As for Avengers, I ship you with…


  • Thor fell in love with your compassionate spirit. How you help others without question. So now when you need help, he drops everything to assist you
  • You both would be the ultimate Gryffindor couple, doing the right thing and having kisses by bonfires
  • Though he prefers to drink the coffee, he loves to take you to a mortal shop and order tea for you. He tried to make it, but used lightning to heat it up and the cup exploded. He was so embarrassed, but you just fell on the floor laughing and he was relieved.
  • He adore your confidence, so you both go to all sorts of mortal spots and he loves how you just take the spotlight and shine in it, so you two go together and dance a lot at clubs to
  • But one time you got drunk and he had to carry you out of the bar to the Avengers place since it was closer and very safe. You began crying over him being the best bf in the world while he held you and the others videotaped it bc it was so cute.
  • Once when you were both relaxing, he took tour glasses and tried them on, but was immediately confused. “They look better on your fair face anyways” he said.
  • Your black and white morality gives him honest counsel too during missions, and so he will thank you and give you a quick hug and cheek kiss with the new knowledge and then you both defeat the villain!

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Heyyyy, so I just finished Heavy Is The Hand You're Dealt and I wanted to say that you're such an amazing writer. The way you entered reader to the mcu event was so good! And Thor's and reader's relationship is so sweet and pure, and tbh I think it's one of my favourite stories here (although steve is an absolute piece of shit in the story, he's my favourite character😅). I swear to God, everything you write is so good!! I'm about to start Pseudo Princess and I'm so exciteddd

Eeeeeeek!! I hope you enjoy Pseudo Princess! HitHYD isn’t done quite yet. There’s one more chapter to go and maaaaaaybe an epilogue. I want to spend some more time with Thor and the reader!😘😘😘

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Summary: You have your last encounter with Bucky on the day you and Thor decide to go back to Asgard. Steve and Bucky watch you and Thor leave through the Bifrost, realizing that it’s for the best. 

Warnings: angst, little fluff, daddy thor, strong language, mentions of attempted rape, mentions of kidnapping, mentions of a divorce, end of a series

Truth and Trickery Masterlist II Marvel Masterlist


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It was days before you could leave the hospital wings of the compound and move into Thor’s room. There, you were basically chained to the bed until he was sure that you have enough strength to travel the Bifrost and that might take even longer than a few days. 

It took months. When Thor finally decided that it was time to go back to Asgard, you were halfway through your pregnancy.

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Congrats! Thor and ‘flexible’ please 😘

“Thor,” you groaned, “Ow.”

The blonde giant of a man chuckled and leaned down to kiss the calf he was helping you stretch, easing up just a little. “You’re the one that wanted to start working out again, love,” he reminded gently.

You sigh and rub your stomach ruefully making him frown, “Sweetheart,” he scolded, “You had a baby. A half Asgardian baby.” He leans up and kisses your lips tenderly, “My baby.” He rubs your calf gently for a moment before switching sides and smiles just a little, “Don’t feel like you need to do this just to be attractive,” he rumbles.

You feel your cheeks heat and he doesn’t look up from what he’s doing, “Because my love, you gave me everything. You gave me a real home… A little extra tummy and some extra curves won’t change that.”

“It’s not for you,” you tease, “At least not entirely.” He looks up, quirking an eyebrow and you grin. “If I get back in shape I’ll have a little more flexibility when it comes to other things…”

The implication in your voice makes his booming laugh ring through the work outroom and you giggle.

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Thor watched the storm roll in on the horizon from his tower and sighed. It had been a week with no word. Not a call, not a text, not a mention on twitter. No word. Not one. And he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t a little worried. A lot worried. 

He knew you were probably just working. That you had a job to do to make sure you had money to get there. Still. Even a Captain of your caliber would have trouble navigating this storm and he hoped you weren’t out in it and you were safe in your bunk, warm and reading yourself to sleep. Still, he had a suspicion that you were not. 

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Thor x Reader


Request: Hey plss a mobster thor x reader with some part in thors pov. Where it’s a typical love story with him being the bad guy and her the good girl whom he is overprotective about

Thor always thought that love was unnecessary and a nuisance. He never wished for it. It made both his father and brother do weird things.

Sure, he loved his mother, but the way his father acted whenever she needed something was pitiable in Thor’s eyes.

Later, his brother, Loki also got married. He talked about this to no one, but seeing his little brother become soft, when he used to be the best assassin in the family, made Thor disgusted.

He never wanted to experience love so he can be the most feared mobster there is, so he wouldn’t have to think for someone else but himself, so that he wouldn’t have to lean on someone else and become weak.

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Mine *Dark Thor*

Author’s Note: This is my Dark Thor submission I decided to write for @searchforanotherway​ ‘s #AW!Dark!ficChallenge.  So sorry it’s late! I tried to post it a couple of days ago only for Tumblr to suck it into the void and lose it so I quickly had to retype EVERYTHING!  This is my first attempt at diving into the Dark Marvel/Avengers side so I’m excited to see what you all think. VERY Dark so mind all of the warnings little readers. I hope you enjoy it and that it was worth the wait! Feel free to leave comments or critiques I THRIVE on them. Also I may have ideas to extend this into more chapters if anyone is interested :)

A flirty temp working at Stark Tower gets far more than she anticipated when she catches the eye of a certain God of Thunder. And he decides to punish her for her indiscretions with the other Avengers.

Contains: non con, forced oral, fingering, fear kink,  slapping, electrocution, blood, violence, possessive unhinged Thor


You feel your cheeks flush as you meet Thor’s gorgeous blue eyes once more. No matter how many times you interacted with the handsome Asgardian, he always left you feeling flustered. “I can’t believe your brother stabbed you when you were only a child,” you exclaim, tilting your head and touching the hair lying against your neck.

Thor grins down at you as he shrugs nonchalantly. “It was nothing really. Barely even hurt. Our mother made Loki heal me right away so I did not suffer long.”

You laugh softly, allowing your eyes to scan the busy lobby for potential clients. “Well I’m certainly glad it didn’t cause any permanent damage.” You lean forward, subtly showcasing your evident yet modest cleavage. You feel a swell of satisfaction when you see Thor’s eyes flick down briefly.

He laughs cheerfully, “Oh, I was not so fortunate other times. Many years fraught with battles and adventures have left me with many scars.” He says, gesturing to his impressive body, unfortunately hidden by layers of regular clothes. Though you have to admit, he wears the man-bun casual hipster look very well.

You smile warmly up at him and you quickly check the time on your monitor. Damn. “Oh wow well I would love to hear all about them. But if I don’t get these appointments verified soon, Pepper will have my ass,” You say with a sigh as you gather some papers together and sit back down on your chair. You were only a temp at the moment, but you hoped Tony would bring you on as a permanent member soon.

 “Another time then.” Thor promises with a cheeky wink.

Absolutely.” you reaffirm trying desperately to play it cool as you turn back towards your computer. You hear him head towards the elevator and let out a slow exhale. Your heart was fluttering and judging by the subtle throbbing between your legs, your panties were wet. It never failed.

You had only worked as a temp receptionist at Stark Industries for a couple of months now. At first, it was immensely difficult not to be in constant awe seeing the Avengers coming and going. After all they saved the world countless times. They were heroes and their faces were everywhere. Plus they were all absurdly attractive. From the beginning, all of the core members were very welcoming and patient with you. And thankfully the jitters and your embarrassing stammer only lasted a week. Once you felt comfortable in the new position, it was much easier for you to be friendly and project a sense of confidence. And once you’d built up an amiable familiarity with them, that’s where the flirting began.

You were single so it was all perfectly harmless. But you always feel immense satisfaction whenever any of the Avengers would come talk to you for anything besides just work. Whether or not they were just being friendly or not, it didn’t matter. The attention was always validating. Hell, it was more than flattering. It was downright arousing.

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