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Part 1

“You did so well, I’m so proud of you~”

“Show me where it feels good, baby.”


“Do you want to try that?”

“I uh… don’t have a lot of experience…”

“Fuck… I think I’m into this.”

“Where did you learn to do that?!”

“Is that your limit, sweetheart?”

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round and around we go; chapter 1
thor/val, val & heimdall; 3700 words; canon compliant 

She finally turns back to him and, with a suggestive smirk, she drinks a third of the bottle before she tosses it to him. “Tag,” she says, her voice simultaneously husk and soft, sounding almost as if she’s finally speaking for the first time in a very long time. “You’re it.”

He catches the bottle with an ease she sometimes forgets he’s capable of – it really is godly the way he moves when he isn’t bumbling around like an idiot – then, with his eyes locked on hers, he raises the bottle to his lips.

And though it’s him who drinks, she finds it’s her throat that quivers.

read on ao3

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does anyone remember the reluctant partners to lovers thorkyrie dancers AU I made like a year ago before promptly deleting my old blog? here’s the first two short fic of their beginning that I saved, each based off of separate prompts. I hope you like this! because I sure do love this AU. and like always, I am open and accepting of prompts for this pairing and this universe as well as other marvel characters.

Prompt: three sentence prompt, anything in Marvel dance au where Thor and Valkyrie find out they have to be partners

Prompt: DANCER AU??? Idk exactly what you’re doing with it but can I have Val and thor dancing and they’re doing like a lift up thing but Val lifts up thor instead I just thought of that when you said it and now I have a Mighty Need

Brunnhilde whirls around, the last gulps of her Coppola coming dangerously close to splashing across her breasts and all over her four-day-old and new favorite PUMA sports bra as she hurriedly stomps to stand toe-to-toe to her agent to hiss, “You cannot be serious?”

Her agent grimaces, shrugs apologetically, and alerts that her temporary partner-to-be just entered the building and to be nice because Brunnhilde’s publicity will benefit from it—and a rise in her numbers is needed because she’s been out of the spotlight for far too long.

Huffing, she’s stubborn, highly doubtful that it all will go over smoothly—not only because of her and this new partner’s different dance types, but because she’s seen the dancer, knows that he calls himself “Thunder,” and as she frowns at his goofy, obnoxiously arrogant smile or his nonchalance, Brunnhilde prepares for the worse of possibilities: for bruised feet, for incompetence while watching him walks across the room and head straight for the table of fruit and muffins…she doesn’t expect his impossibly tolerable height. Brunnhilde flexes her fingers, un-velcros her workout gloves, scowls, and quickly downs the rest of her drink.

— — — —

Brunnhilde “The Valkyrie” Parrington is not a dancer. She used to be when she was a wee little thing, but she will never say she has been since then.

Brunnhilde isn’t a dancer, and she will deny it relentlessly, repeatedly, and even with the metal awards around her neck and gleaming trophy staring back from shelves.

Valkyrie, as she’s nicknamed, is nowhere near a dancer—she doesn’t have the body, doesn’t have knees or mastered muscles or the grace or poise of one—although when she’s under the eyes of an audience and performing on the floor, she becomes graceful and otherworldly, as if possessing the precision of a goddess.

Valkyrie has never been a dancer, which is why she’s become one of the world’s best renown aerial silks performers; because being in the air is a lot easier, a lot more focused and a lot less displeasurable than gliding across marble floors or ice. It’s easy for her. It feels right.

Which is why she’s devastated and humiliated when she’s told to either partner with a salsa dancer or else her reputation will plummet to a point of no repair. After a long night of contemplating, she caves in—and then the next thing she’s told is that they’re entering into a competition alongside several other well-known names. Brunnhilde nearly declines it, but when she’d gone to rage and vent about it to friends at a dance studio, Hope Van Dyne shows her an article already released about Brunnhilde’s comeback. Hope says she will be in the stands cheering her on but Brunnhilde’s vacant stare at Hope’s phone says otherwise.

She goes along with it.

Brunnhilde and her partner, Thor Odinson, are told by a strict choreographer that the opening of their final performance will involve aerial dancing, the remaining of it happening on the floor, and that Brunnhilde has to take a running start to be lifted into the air as the finish.

And to make it worse, she believes Thor has two left feet for anything that doesn’t involve quick movements or rapid hip swivels. Which is why they spend the better part of the next three weeks practicing and making sure that Thor “Thunder” Odinson is less likely to have slippery fingers or dropher on the goddamn floor in front of cameras and rows upon rows of audience.

On the last week of practice, a split-second decision is made that switches the final move so that “The Valkyrie” lifts Thor “Thunder”off the floor before the judges and broadcasting cameras, ending their performance of a type of contemporary salsa dance.

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Wow I have been so busy that I completely forgot about the thorkyrie fic I have in drafts about them having an ancient Norse wedding

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Originally posted by daystilchristmas

🥚 Oviposition

Reader x Loki

💦 Omorashi

Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes

👋 Spanking 

Stephen Strange x Tony Stark

💄 Pegging

Natasha Romanoff x Sam Wilson

🍔 Stuffing

Valkyrie x Thor

⚡️ Electrostimulation 

Peter Quill x Thor

👃 Scent Kink

Peter Quill x Thor

✌️ Double Penetration

Peggy Carter x Steve Rogers x Natasha Romanoff

🥜 Micro/Macro 

Hope Van Dyne x Scott Lang

😳 Public Humiliation

T’Challa x Sam Wilson

😽 Pet-Play

Reader x Steve Rogers 

🎉 Orgy 

Sam Wilson x Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes x Natasha Romanoff 

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It would be so fucking hilarious if Okoye is, well, Okoye, to everyone but Thor.

What if Thor comes to Wakanda and meets Okoye and just absolutely charms the hell out of her? What if Okoye recognizes how much Respect Women juice Thor drinks and is just instantly taken with him excitedly asking her about her weapons, her fighting style, the Dora’s history, everything about Wakanda in general, and he’s the only one out of the entire Avengers team that gets her to smile other than T’Challa?

Picture it.

The Avengers assemble in the throne room of Wakanda. Each one of them walks in and gets a stiff nod of acknowledgement from Okoye.

Then Thor walks in and throws his arms open, grinning at Okoye, and gives her a bear hug and she actually smiles and all of the Avengers’ fucking jaws just drop.

Meanwhile, Valkyrie’s in the corner snickering because she knows exactly why and how Thor charmed Okoye because he basically did the same thing to her.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks that would be a hoot.

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Endgame by ships

  1. Steggy happened. Eh. Not a huge fan (I’m a big scarlet America shipper). But Steve is happy which is nice. 🙂🙂🙂🙂
  2. Pepperony. 😁😁😁😁. But Tony’s dead. 😭😭😭😭
  3. Brutasha. We got moderate content. 😁😁😁😁. But Natasha’s dead. 😭😭😭😭
  4. Sticky stony iron strange clintasha. Didn’t fucking happen. 🥳🥳🥳🥳.
  5. Starmora. Fate unknown. 🥺🥺🥺🥺
  6. Thorkyrie. Didn’t happen fully. 😭😭😭😭

All in all I’m very pleased with what we got. Anyone disagrees with me I don’t want to hear it

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It’s ironic to me that white feminists will see a character like Rey–strong, kind, and independent–and decide that her role is to *fix* the bad guy that stalks and abuses her and tries to kill her friends multiple times while at the same time will see a character like Valkyrie/Brunhilde and throw a tantrum about “heteronormativity” if she so much as breathes in the direction of the white leading male because “Valkyrie is a strong independent woman who don’t need a man!”

Guess white feminists really don’t give a shit about the well being of women in general, do they?

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