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#toddler peter parker
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here’s a part 2 of toddler!Peter headcanon that no one asked for 

part 1

  • You’d think Tony would have a separate room set up just for Peter
  • hella fancy big room with like top-notch decor
  • you are wrong
  • Peter’s crib is right next to Tony’s bed
  • and it’s the only reason why Tony stays in his bedroom now
  • We all know that usually when Tony can’t sleep at night, he goes and tinkers away at the lab
  • but because Peter’s crib is in his room now
  • he stays in bed, laying down watching tv on mute, relaxing with a snoozing baby peter right by his side

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A concept: Toddler Peter. I milk that shit when I find it.

you are 100% right.

  • Peter as a toddler is hella problematic
  • he’s the kind of toddler to be right by your side one second and then you look away for 0.2 seconds and whop there he is climbing up your cabinets
  • always falling on his face
  • but he doesn’t cry
  • he just falls
  • and it freaks Tony out so much
  • like what is wrong with my child

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