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#todoroki shoto

Some sketches of my friends and mine’s favorite students! This was back whenever I first got into MHA, so I think I was trying to figure out how I wanna draw Bebbermint Boy and Lightning Mcqueen.

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Hero Name Suggestions

I’ve been thinking about possible hero names/hero name changes for some of the 1-A students (and Shinso) so here they are !! If you have any suggestions lemme know.


  • Ground Zero
  • Hypocenter
  • Dynamite / Dyna-Might
  • Short-Fuse
  • Nitro 
  • Napalm
  • Bombing King


  • Freezer Burn
  • Frost Fire
  • Frost Burn
  • Icy Hot
  • Endure 
  • Duality 


  • Mind Jack
  • Sleepwalker
  • Insomniac 
  • Puppet Master
  • Puppeteer 
  • Marionette 
  • Hypnosis 
  • Mocking Bird


  • Twinkling
  • Twinkle Beam
  • Shining Armor
  • Saber 


  • Alien Queen
  • Xeno
  • Meltdown
  • Vitriol


  • Swing Tail


  • Overload
  • Lightning Rod
  • Blackout
  • Thunder Bolt
  • Blitz 
  • Recharge 
  • Static 
  • TerraBolt


  • Sweet Stack


  • Heartbeat
  • Sound Burst
  • Aux Cord 
  • Audible 
  • Cyber Punk

Hagakure -

  • Prism
  • Blindspot 
  • Clarity 
  • Refraction 

Yaoyorozu -

  • Genesis
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Main 1-A (shoto, izuku, bakuhoe, and Iida) boys playing Minecraft with their s/o

*cries in ender pearls* I’m such a loser cause I don’t even remember most of everything that goes on in minecraft. Don’t @ me if something is wrong. Debating if I should buy Minecraft on my phone and play it

i felt bad bc i haven’t posted any good content so heres an old request ima shoot out the inbox for y’all I’m probably so rusty KWKD :(( <3

first time writing for Iida let’s see how well we do hMM ;))




— doesn’t understand a single thing but still plays because you do

— he spawned into the world and moved two spaces

— he fell into a cave and survived

— then died because a cave spider attacked him

— “That’s rough buddy.

— He’s one of those people who mines straight down and finds a whole bunch of diamonds

— “What are these light blue things in the stones?

— “It’s an ore for a gem. You mine them and you get diamonds or emeralds. Is it like a really light blue?

— you’re on like the other side of the cave you both went into so you can’t go over and mine them with a certain pickaxe you made specifically for mining

— you’re pissed because you always struggle to find them and here he is breaking the first rule of Minecraft and finding them

— jerk

— “So I should just get rid of them?

— “Well I mean—

— he throws them in lava and they make that burning “sss” sound and you just slowly look up at him from your screen

— “Shoto…what did you do with the diamonds?

— he kinda just “oops” from his side of the room and you just rub your hands over your face and sigh

— “Oh god I’m in for a rude awakening.

— he makes an underground farm and house and has collected sea lanterns as lights

— has collected all the diamonds in the world I’m not even kidding he just followed your rule of mining them with the gem pickaxe and diddly doo went off

— “This world sucks there are no diamonds.

— “Oh I have some in the chest by my crafting table.

— it’s literally a large chest and it’s full of diamonds


— you are just shook


— lives in the side of a mountain too it’s actually kinda cute cause he used like stairs as chairs and stuff

— unless y’all are playing with some type of mod that allows chairs then other than that pfft your little “house” is decked out just like his bedroom

— your Minecraft beds are right next to each other too

— he thinks it’s romantic

— kinda looks more like an apartment lmaoo

— he’s more of a peaceful Minecraft player but he can survive survival mode if being asked to play



— blows everything up

— but not with TNT and flint and steel oh no that’s too easy for him

— the easy way is not for him

— he’s going to learn how to set redstone traps so you walk into them and don’t know

— you walk into your house and you hear the click

— “What just—“

— next thing you know your getting eaten by endermites that have been spawned in

— or your screen just freezes because of all the explosions that go off

— “No No No my stuff—“

— you just watch from the ‘respawn’ screen while he moves into your house to steal your stuff

— “Haha, I knew you had some good shit in here—fucking taking these— what the hell is hitting me—OH SHIT! NO FUCK OFF STUPID RAT LOOKING FUCKS NO DON’T FUCKING KILL ME—

— your rolling on the floor at the situation of him raging cause the endermites killed him

— katsuki works hard but karma works harder bitch

— raids your stuff when all else fails


— “They’re mine now bitch.

— he is a survival mode player only

— no exceptions

— plays it at the hardest level and rages when he dies but manages to get the hang of it after a while

— the meanest and worst minecraft player to ever play with

— and on top of it all he only plays so he has your attention

what a clown i swear


Originally posted by darkgreenmeadow


— best one to play with tbh only second to mirio

— knows the basics and a little more

— if he made his own world he could survive pretty decently

— he keeps a notebook on the world you guys share with all the weapons and stuff you could need

— has memorized the most important potions needed like invisibility, etc.

— when you first made the world you had an icon that looked like you so you were looking for a little green haired character amongst the grass (assuming that’s where y’all spawned)

— and you are just so confused cause where is he

— “Izuku where the heck are you?”

— “By the flowers and grass.

— “Oh no wonder I didn’t see you your hair probably—“

— and like once you finally get to the flowers you see him (or his character) and you just stop in your tracks

— cause there’s a tall, buff pixelated All Might staring back at you

— “Izuku—you know what? I ain’t even surprised.“

— “Haha…sorry.

— you had to turn away because oh god the face on that thing was going to give you nightmares

— the armour—oh goodness the armour

— of course it’s customized to look like All Mights hero costume

— other than that—he’s a decent Minecraft player

— he has a secret world where he has built the city and all might fighting the villains

— it’s a huge flat world and it’s dedicated to all might

— he can survive pretty well at going off mining on his own but he won’t go without you just in case he dies and loses his stuff

— gets excited when he finds ores especially diamonds

— you get excited when you find emeralds because

— “Oh my god Izuku the emeralds look like your eyes.

— all_mights_1_fan has left the game

— “Oh wow.


Originally posted by haru-kaas


— y’all know those Minecraft books that they used to have that used to help you with like enchantments and stuff?

— Thats Iida

— he plays by the books

— has the complete handbook collection

I do too lmaooo

— you ask him does he want to play and he just ??

— two days later he’s knocking at your door with the books in hand ready to play

— “I would suggest you go over these should we play!

— “…Tenya—

— when you guys play he immediately wants the rules

— “Theres only one.

— “One—

— “Don’t dig straight down.

— he just stares at you mouth agape before he just starts going oFF

— “That rule is absurd! Surely there are more—

— “NOpe that’s how you play.

— he’s just ??

— no wonder you’re so chaotic you play games with oNE RULE

— what kind of g a m e has o n e r u l e ?

— so you guys are playing and yknow Iida isn’t having the best of luck

— he’s fallen into caves, burned by lava, and been buried alive by gravel and sand

lowkey kinda feel bad for him lmaoo

— “This game is chaotic! At least these strange green fellows are coming to greet me.

— “Strange green fellows?

— “Yes! Some have no clothing on, but that’s alright!

— you’re confused for a bit until it just it’s you


— when the first creeper explodes and he goes flying and he starts scolding it for doing that you know you’re in for a ride


Originally posted by simonetta-workshop


— also best person to play with

— a combination of everyone lmaoo

— he’s like midoriya except no notebooks

— can also survive on his own but like not in hard mode like katsuki that demon

— you guys play mini games like bedwars and are definitely a couples teams just like in real life

— you guys are like pros at playing

— “Get that blue bed guy over there.

— “You have a yellow bed behind you, watch out!

— wholesome is what it is

— if you are like me and just chaotic at Minecraft and life

— which includes missing almost everything, forgetting the names of stuff, and building a little house on the side of a mountain for the next seven days and being scared of everything

— “Babe where are you?

— “Uh…I’m… I’m in a cave.”

— “We are in the jungle how are you—

— “I saw a pig and I wanted to kill it and on the way I just dropped into a hole in the ground.

— poor mirio is just exasperated

— oh boy y’all are in for a ride

— best therapy for him if he gets depressed about the losing his quirk

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I keep being proved how toxic the fandom is when i state out loud that I’ll never be able to forgive endeavor for what he has done to his entire family, the trauma he has caused.

What I get are responses from the fandom that are simply disturbing.

Telling me I’m childish, to get over it and that I’AM the problem, simply because that character has a strong quirk so ‘stfu, he’s cool you’re boring’

Imagine saying that to someone who has struggled with something similar to todoroki’s , imagine having to deal with someone with that mindset, imagine not realising how wrong it is to tell people off because they can’t get over something so traumatic and disturbing as their relationships and endeavor’s behaviour.

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Sick!Todoroki x reader

frσѕtч fєvєr

Requested by @shoutoissocuuute . Thanks for the request! This is my first one so….Hope this is not too shabby….(´∀`)♡

Summary : Todoroki saved the students from a blizzard using his quirk….but due to his overuse of his fire quirk, he suffers from a fever….

In the cabin…..

What do the students do?

━━━━━━━━ ❆ ━━━━━━━━


“the formidable, blazing flames that he promised not to use came to everyone’s aid”

“But, of course, he had to pay a small price”

“A fever…. that’s all it is…” He stated in his frosty tone at the fascinated yet worried group of students.

“So…are you feeling…warm….or cold?” Kirishima started off curiously….“ya know…. Half and half….a very weird kind of fever if you think about it….” He stopped then and there because of how… confusing the whole thing was….

Everyone in the room tried to know what’s what….one could hear the gears turning in their head….if they had any……

“It’s hot on the left side and the other is hotter…….

the frizzing weather, too….makes my cold side feel….. frosty and hot…at the same time….”

“it’s tolerable”

he added distantly after seeing everyones baffled faces….

“How were you treated before?” You asked, clearly interested in this strange situation….

“Like every other normal person, the weather is clearly the disadvantage…” He said thoughtfully….

“Well, damn, icy-hot….we can’t control the weather”, bakugo sniggered back.

“Okay! Warm the cold side slightly and cool the hot side… slightly…?” You trailed off akwardly after being met with silence…..

“That’s the….best we could do, right?”, Ochaco agreed. “Well, then… let’s get to work!”.

“Somebody should prepare soup and something hot!”

“We’ll do it!” Answered the bakusquad, the team entirely dependent on bakugo, who wore an irritated expression on his face….as usual…..

I hope they don’t burn the kitchen down.

“We’ll go see if we can get some ice cubes or…..wait, what do you if you want to warm a cool side while cooling the warm side?”

It was all sounding like confusing tounge twisters by now… was a funny sight….

“Come again?” Asked tenya, who looks like he’s trying to find the answer to the most confusing math problem.

While looking at the…. beneficial catastrophe… took a quick glance at todoroki…..who looked absolutely bewildered and confused.

“What’s wrong?”, You asked him softly.

“I did tell them that it was tolerable, right?”, You nodded your head in response.

“And yet…. they’re all working together, trying to help me out….why?” He asked in wonder….

Such a simple question and he’s so puzzled by it….cute…

“It’s because we care about you and you literally saved us all from becoming frozen popsicles”, you smiled at him, “You were taken care at home, right? During fevers and stuff”.

“Of course, by my mother, brothers and sister but….. endeavour discouraged it…… believing that I would become stronger by taking care of myself”, he scorned at the memory.

Wow, he really endeavours to make him the strongest to the point where it is disgusting.

You gave a assuring pat on his shoulder and gently smiled, “It must’ve been horrible, but don’t worry, we know exactly what we are doing”.

A scream from the kitchen as bakugo started yelling curses.

You rolled your eyes as a smile ghosted on todoroki’s lips.

The kitchen’s on fire, isn’t?

You spotted the smile.

“You should really smile more…you look………gentle and soft when you smile…..”

Was the red tint on his face because of the fever or was he blushing?

“Heck…I have never even heard you laugh before….” You continued teasingly….a certain warmth in your eyes…..

“Please….do remain happy and talk to us when something’s bothering you….we are always there…”, You added the last part tenderly…..

Why are you always so…worried about him?

“Soup’s ready!”, Mina shouted out, with sero bringing it in…..

He feels like he’s living in his actual childhood… abuse or Harsh words from his father….

Only tender affection from his loved ones….

“Thank you”, he whispered in a warm tone, entirely opposite to his normal, cold voice……

━━━━━━━━ ❆ ━━━━━━━━

A/N : annnnd…..scene! Thanks for reading! Do tell me your thoughts on this! And… Have an amazing day!!!

Credit goes to the wonderful artist…do tell me their name if you know!


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My preview for @shoutobowlzine!! It’s a story in which the princes of 1-A and 1-B duke it out in a battle of wills that may or may not be of Monoma’s imagining.

It was a super fun story to write and I really hope it convinces more people to get aboard todomono, because it’s a very very good ship

Preorders for the zine are open!! get them while they’re hot!! but also cold!!

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galaxies and roses. i did some fan art of todoroki from bnha. hope you like it! it’s honestly probably the most aesthetic thing i’ve drawn.

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