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Fluff and angst, I guess?

Summary - I wrote this a while ago for my big sister who has back aches that can get excruciating. It’s just a little bit of Conrad to cheer you up when you feel low and lonely.

Taglist - @sllooney@hopelessromanticspoonie@yespolkadotkitty@brekkingthebedwithbuckybarnes@lotus-eyedindiangoddess@arch-venus25

I might be a tad bit obsessed with Conrad at the moment! 


Originally posted by astouract

“I am a strong, independent woman,” you mumbled under your breath, blinking back tears as another sharp pain shot up your spine. “I have lived with this for a long time-” Your voice broke as a soft groan escaped your lips, a traitorous tear falling onto the touchpad of your laptop. Clenching your jaw, you reached for your bag, swallowing whimpers as the action made every muscle in your back scream in agony. You rummaged through the bag, finding the little orange bottle that you were looking for, only to find one lone tablet in it. You didn’t bother to hold back the sobs anymore as you popped the tablet into your mouth, swallowing it dry and hoping that by some miraculous intervention, having half your regular dose would help you, even if just a little bit.

An hour after you had taken the medicine, you felt the familiar sensation of the sharp pain dulling to a throb. Grateful for even that tiny bit of relief, you reopened the document you had been working on before the pain had made your muscle seize and spasm. You saw a bunch of messages in your inbox and made a quick decision to leave them for later when one specific one caught your attention.

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Loki woke up the following morning to his little omega clinging to him, her arms were wrapped tightly around his upper body and one of her legs was draped over his hip. Her head tucked nicely into the crook of his neck.

He enjoyed feeling her naked body against his. The blanket was draped over them both, keeping the light chill off of them.

Trailing his fingers up and down her spine, he grinned when she arched into him and started wriggling slightly. He couldn’t resist tickling her lightly, making her giggle.

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Mr. Hiddleston Would Like To See You Now. Part 2/?

Requested: @radi0active-thoughts

Pairing: Tom Hiddleston/CEO X Reader

Warnings: Sex, oral, kidsing.

Summary: Reader is a 2nd Assistant and a Lawyer who got a job working for Tom Hiddleston at Hiddleston Industries, he started to take notice of her and things start to become serious

A/N: Im sorry if this fic is shitty with poor grammar, spelling and it being short too cause I wrote this at 8pm and tired af.

After you turned around, you quickly turned around and but your lip flirtatiously and then quickly smiled as you walked towards Mr. Hiddleston.

You have wanted this for quite sometime. You have heard all about Hiddleston Industries even when you were studying at university and dreamed of working for him.

“Come here. Now.” He commanded.

You did as you commanded and walked more towards him and as you god closer, he quickly slid his hands behind your head and firmly your waist.

He dragged you in for a sweet and passionate kiss, while you moaned into his kisses as he moved his hands and started to undress your shirt and then you started undressing his black suit.

You were so caught up in his passionate kiss that you both didn’t even realise that now both of you clothes are now scatters all over the floor and Tom didn’t care who walked into his office now that he had you.


Originally posted by fluturojdallandyshia

“You have been such a naughty girl Y/N” as Tom started checking you out while you’re naked

“Oh have I…Mr. Hiddleston…sir??” You flirted as you got down on your knees and performing oral on his hard length.

Tom gasped and then moaned in pleasure as this was the best thing that had happened in months while he tilted his head back and then looked down back at you.

You moaned as he pulled your hair away from your eyes and face while you’re looking up at him as he looked down at you.

He pushed you back and lifted you up, making a popping noise as you came up. He swatted hard on your ass knowing that it was going to bruise tomorrow morning.

He put you on his desk on your back and then he swatted your ass again. He lifted your legs up in the air as you smiled and giggled like a little school girl.

“Oh fuck y/n…you’re so wet for me already.” Said Tom cooly.

“You bet I am now fuck the shit out of me.” You moaned.

Tom has a smirked at you as he went down on your dripping wet pussy and you moaned like hell. He put the tip in ever so slowly as he got up and teased your pussy till he fully put it ln making you moan.

As he slowly paced himself and then soon quickly moving faster and faster. Both of your moans were soft and get pornographic as both your skin started slapping together fast and rapidly, your back arched and then kissing him passionately.

He knew exactly where he needed to hit you as he kept pumping you and hitting your sweet spot, you could feel yourself rapidly reaching your climax quickly, you didn’t think that you could hold it on anymore and you’re giving him a desperate look while biting your lip.

“Cum on me darling” as he looked at you then kissed you.

You quickly came not long after as the pleasure washed through you, your gasps and moans were making Tom reaching his orgasm quickly As he played with your tits and swatting you’re ass.

Soon enough he cane quickly on your stomach and you’re massaging it all over your skin as you’re both panting, even though this was a quickie.

There was a knock at the door as soon as you and Tom both finished and reached orgasm

“Mr. Hiddleston, your 10:30 appointment is here.” Said the first assistant.

“Well you better get back to work.” Said Tom as the pair of you got dressed.

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“ Some concept art from scenes that didn’t make it into the epic ensemble has found its way online, and it’s downright mind-blowing! 

” We kick off with an alternate death scene for Loki. It turns out that in a different version of Thor: Ragnarok, the God of Mischief would have fled on one of the refugee ships to Jotunheim with the Tesseract where Thanos would have eventually tracked him down before killing Thor’s brother. “

[ Link to the complete article is in source below. ]

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