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Warnings: fluff, isnomniac

Summary: Y/N is an isnomniac, and Tom is the only one who can help her sleep.

A/N: made this bc I’m really tired, and I’ve been staying awake until 3 or 4 AM since March! It is now the end of August! *unenthusiastic yay* At least I’ve gotten this story out of it!


I’m at 1,789 sheep. I can’t sleep. It’s been that way ever since I was 12. You guessed it. I’m an insomniac. I look to the clock, and see that it is 6:34 AM. See, my sleep pattern is weird. I go to bed at 10 PM, wake up at 12 AM-3 AM, and don’t get back to sleep. Usually my fiance, Tom, is there to cuddle with me, so I can fall asleep faster and longer. He is away, filming a movie. I really am proud of him, but I wish he was here to cuddle…

It is now 7:36 AM, so I guess I’d better get up and going. Looking into the mirror, I see darkness under my eyes. I sigh, wishing I could get a good nights rest. Oh well, time to shower. I do my morning routine, then throw on a tank top and shorts. I make myself some much needed coffee. “This doesn’t help anymore..” I murmur to myself. I hear whining near my feet. “Hey, Bobby..”, I yawn,“I’ll let you outside now..” He follows me to the door, and, gladly, skips outside. I make myself some toast, and here Bobby’s paws on the wood. I didn’t let him inside… I grab a knife, slowly walking to where Bobby is. Looking to the source of Bobby’s happy barks, I see Tom! I run to him, and he notices what’s in my hand, and laughs. “Darling, that’s a butter knife! What if I was a burglar or something?” I laugh with him,“Well, I was making toast, and it was the first thing I had seen, so…” He shakes his head, a grin plastered on his face. “Come here..” he pulls me in for a long kiss. We hold on to each other, welcoming each other’s scents. I pull back, and smile at him. “You want breakfast?” I ask. He shakes his head,“No, I ate on the plane…. Darling, have you been sleeping properly?” I’m guessing he noticed my eyes. I shook my head,“No, but I’m fine, really.” He rolls his eyes, grabbing onto my hand,“Nonesense.” He starts dragging me to our room. “Tom, your luggage-” I start. He interupts,“Y/N, sleep is what we both need.” I nod, feeling the drowsiness from lack of sleep. He gets more comfortable, and joins me in the bed, wrapping his long arms around my waist. “I missed you..”,I put my head in the crook of his neck. He smiles, eyes still closed,“I missed you too, love..”

That’s exactly what I needed. 10 whole hours of sleep…

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Apparently you can’t talk about Loki having a friend without people coming in and suggesting potential love interests. You cannot have a simple discussion about friendships on this hellsite without it being turned into a talk about romance 😑😑😑😑

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Does anyone have a list of the songs that played before the show began?
I would like to know who made this playlist because kudos for making making this play feel truly contemporary. I should have shazaam-ed them all when I had the chance but I only caught these two: 

  • FKA Twigs- Two Weeks

When I was at my peak hiddles phase,  a local theater played the filmed version of Coriolanus and I was in one of the seats very close to the screen just thinking wow this is really cool. When I saw Betrayal tickets go on sale, I decided to splurge on a front row seat anyway. I have never done that before and I have to say the view was incredible (since i managed to get it from the box office and not a scalper it was pretty reasonable but is…this… what it’s like for the 1% all the time?) 

I wanted the chance to see Tom Hiddleston and Charlie Cox’ debut on Broadway so I didn’t have any intention of reading the play, but I went and got a copy anyway so I will look forward to reading this. 

Spoilers below:

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I’m trying to boycott Disney because of Spiderman but then I remember about the Loki TV series and also Falcon and Winter Soldier and I just…..


Originally posted by danks-gif


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when you loved having the opportunity to see Tom Hiddleston and Charlie Cox in Betrayal but rude, selfish fans who have no problem pushing and shoving (which is scary in a big crowd and even more so when you have anxiety) to get an autograph afterwards sorta ruin the experience.

why act that way and possibly mess up someone else’s chance to get a quick fun moment and autograph?

like it was incredible seeing their talent live on stage and i wouldn’t have traded the experience for anything but careless people messed up the experience. 😣

i highly recommend the play though! Tom, Charlie, and Zawe were amazing! 🖤

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