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The team had to deal with a constantly pissed off Loki. Or one of his clones. Since he always had either himself or a clone outside Hope’s door, not letting anyone else in to see her. While the real Loki prowled around the base, either eating everything from the fridge or just observing the rest of them.

He continued to go in and check on Hope and brought her food, still getting a cold response from her. Making his heart ache every single time. He just so desperately wanted to hold her again.

‘Is she still not speaking to you?’ Thor asked Loki in the kitchen one evening.

‘No, she really hates me. I have truly messed up.’ Loki said sadly.

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Chapter Summary -  Danielle end up discussing their fight and the relationship

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Rating - Mature (some chapters contain smut)

Triggers - references to Tom Hiddleston’s work with the #MeToo Movement. That chapter will be tagged accordingly.

authors Note - I have been working on this for the last 3 years, it is currently 180+ chapters long.  This will be updated daily, so long as I can get time to do so, obviously

tags: @sweetkingdomstarlight-blog@jessibelle-nerdy-mum@nonsensicalobsessions@damalseer@hiddlesbitch1@winterisakiller@fairlightswiftly@salempoe​​ @wolfsmom1​​

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Danielle sat in the car waiting outside the airport. “Why are you still here?” She looked to Siobhan who was in the back seat.

“I want to meet him.”

“And why are you in the backseat?”

“Because he will want to go upfront with you. So are you guys fixed now?”


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Today in Hiddles history: one year ago, he attended a party for red nose day at Richard Curtis‘s house and made this video and the terrible hair truly began. 

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