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#tom holland
Well, even though I’m already getting ready for Xmas, we can’t ignore thanksgiving. How bout a piece on Tom meeting the whole family on this day but it’s a chaotic mess because holidays can just bring out the best or worst in us. Maybe that’s just my family. Anyways, happy writing! 馃

Thanks for the request babes :-) I hope this is what you had in mind (I vaguely say aunts, siblings, cousins, so the reader is able to imagine however many they have) enjoy!! ❤️

Word count: 2,145


Even though you had been dating Tom for eight months, the two of you had never spent the holidays together. You had met at the most imperfect time, in late February.

Though you didn’t want to admit it, what unfolded tonight at your family’s Thanksgiving dinner would determine how you would continue on with your relationship. Your family was incredibly Important to you, and their opinion on your boyfriend was just as significant.

Despite the pressure that weighed on you and Tom’s shoulders, you were calm and collected. You were almost positive that they were going to love him as much as you had grown to.

Tom though, understandably, was a nervous wreck.

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soft tom blurb where you play 20 questions and it ends with him proposing to u over facetime?

you excitedly tapped on your screen as you hugged your mound of blankets closer to your chest, the beeping dial tone filling the empty room. your heart fluttered as the window with your face in it shrank to the upper right corner of the screen, your boyfriend’s sleepy face taking up the rest of the space. “i can see you!” you said excitedly.

“that’s how facetime works, love, even i know that,” tom joked tiredly, squinting at the screen and chuckling. you blushed, both at the pet name and the fact that tom was facetiming you with a shirt off. he absentmindedly ran a head through his tousled head of curls as he yawned. “what do you wanna talk about?”

your teeth sank into your bottom lip as thoughts ran through your mind like a whirlwind. it felt like ages since you’d talked to him, and there were so many things you were dying to ask him. like how was his job, his costars, was he taking care of himself, drinking water?

tom seemed to be able to sense your indecisiveness from states away. “what about twenty questions?” he suggested, referencing the timeless game you’d played at the very beginning of your relationship. 

you smiled. “sure. first question, are you taking care of yourself, mr. hollywood?”

tom flushed as he chuckled, holding up a plastic water bottle. “yep, hydrating daily. and you?”

you nodded. “i’m doing just fine, tommy. i just miss you a lot,” you admitted, tugging at the blankets. 

he peered at the screen. “darling, is that my hoodie?”

“that was two questions in a row,” you countered, turning red. “you can’t do that. it’s my turn.”

he laughed, the sound tugging at your heartstrings. “go ahead, princess.”

you exchanged questions back and forth, some about tom’s career and some about how you were doing at home. you got off track so often, engaging in small side conversations. as the hours ticked by, you slowly found yourself getting lost in tom’s eyes. with every word exchanged, the concept of time had completely left your mind. 

a sappy smile spread across your face as you watched tom stretch and yawn for the tenth time that evening. “i think you need to go to sleep, love,” you placed your sleeve over your mouth to stifle a giggle. “it’s late over there, isn’t it?”

“we have two more questions,” tom protested. “and i don’t want to hang up just yet.”

you giggled. “okay, fine. two more. where do you see yourself in five years?”

tom’s expression softened as he gazed at the camera. “holding you in my arms, you know? late night cuddles and movie nights, taking you out on dinner dates and kisses as if it were the first time.”

your jaw dropped, your heart melting. tears swam in your eyes as your hand clapped over your mouth. “that was so fucking sweet,” you muttered, blushing a deep shade of red. “wow, i think i’m in love with you.”

“that’s good,” tom mumbled to himself. “that’s good, because i need to ask you something.”

“go ahead.”

tom took a deep breath, closed his eyes and reopened them to look back at you. you swore you could see the entire night sky in his deep brown eyes. “i know this is a bit unorthodox, but then again, when has our relationship ever been a normal relationship?”

you blinked, not following what he was saying. “what?”

“will you marry me?”

your mouth fell open for the second time that evening. his words had only just begun to register in your brain as tears spilled down your cheeks, your head nodding up and down like a bobblehead. “yes, oh my god, a thousand times yes.”

tom split into a smile from ear to ear. even through the horrible camera quality, you could see his eyes getting misty. “she said yes,” he whispered to no one in particular, his voice breaking with happiness. “we’re getting married.”

after another half hour of flipping out and professing your love to one another, tom’s heavy eyelids eventually grew too much for him to bear. as you watched his eyes slide closed, you murmured, “night, fiance.”

“night, fiancee.” he muttered back as his head dropped on his pillow, snores filling the room. you smiled adoringly at tom’s sleeping figure before hanging up and crawling out of bed to get ready for the day, your heart practically leaping out of your chest.


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could you do a tom holland imagine where you are with him in Ohio for Cherry and you know what type of movie it is and you know there will be sex scenes and you’re okay with it because it’s all fake. However, Ciara gets a little too into it in one scene and leaves several marks on Tom. Then Tom comes back to his trailer where you are hanging out with Harry and you see the hickeys and it’s just loads of angst and Harry sticking up for you but fluffy ending pleaaaseee

Damnnnnn broo okay before I write this just know that I love love loveeee Ciara Bravo, like she was a 12 year old queen in BTR and I’m so happy she’s doing a movie with Tom and is climbing up that status latter. Hehe :)))

Warning: language, angst, brief fake smut, fluff

A/N: sometimes I just get anons that r like too good to wait, so I always end up doing them right away so if this was ur anon this was goo ooo ood


Don’t get me wrong. Your proud as fuck. Tom who’s been playing soft boys his whole life, is gonna be doing this intense, dark, and deep movie. You couldn’t be more happy for him. Tom asked you to come with him and Harry for filming too, so it was such a great experience so far. Especially seeing Tom with his buzzcut.

But today was the day. Tom told you when he got the role that there’d be a sex scene. It threw you off a bit, but like it’s not porn, just a rough making out, and it’s acting, so obviously you wouldn’t tell him no. You were fine. 100% okay with it. But today’s the day.

Ciara was really nice. You met her on the first day, she was sweet and kind. You didn’t talk with her often but when you did she was always friendly. Honestly you spent more time with the Russo’s because you knew them and you wanted to be a director so they’d give you tips and things here and there like they did when you were on the set of Endgame.

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What did you predict about Tom?

hmmmm TO BE HONEST,, i don’t remember anything exactly? but it was around the time i was writing DOMINO in summer 2018, and i think i wrote a lot about fans being annoying and toxic and then….. people were annoying and toxic during one of the comic cons????? and then i wrote a blurb about taking a pic with him, and then someone did something weird while they took a pic with him lol idk it was stuff like that,, that is totally coincidental but weird nonetheless

anyway it scares me to write sometimes lol cos it would hurt my own feelings  if they came true hahaaha lol. i feel like i’m narrating his life even tho i don’t know him

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word count: 3666 (I did not do the 666 on purpose but I sure as hell am proud)
warnings: swearing, rotten cheating boyfriends with basic douchebag names
summary: Peter is hopelessly in love with his friend, (y/n).  His taken friend (y/n).

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Yo! Can i request a mob!tom having a romantic day with his girlfriend at a spa??

“We should do this more oftenly.” Tom said as you entered your shared bedroom after spending a whole day in the spa. “It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I enjoyed it quite a lot.” He said throwing his phone on the desk as he took his shoes off.

“I’m so happy you enjoyed it, love. It’s been a really long time since I’ve been wanting to do this with you and now that we finally did, I couldn’t be happier.” You said wrapping your arms around his waist, hugging him tightly. “Thank you for being such an amazing boyfriend.”

“Thank you for teaching me everyday how to be the great boyfriend you deserve me to be and for allowing me to love you so intently. I would definitely do anything for you.” Tom said pressing a kiss on your temple as you had your head resting on his chest.

“Are you sure you’re used to kill people?” You joked making him laugh softly, the beautiful sound making your heart warm up a little. “I know you still have some papers to do but can we cuddle a little before you go downstairs, please?” You pounted at him making him do the same.

“We spent the whole day together, love. I gotta work a little.”

“You’re right. But I’ll be waiting for you up here when you finish. Wearing nothing but a shirt of yours.” You murmured the last few words feeling Tom shivering in response.

“I thought you wanted to cuddle, darling.” He panted out feeling your hands under his shirt. “But I also could get some really good use of these little hands.” He said holding your wrists tightly and pulling them up to his face to place kisses on the back of your hands. “You should take a nap while I’m working. We’re gonna have a really long night tonight, my love.” He pressed a soft kiss on your lips and smirked at you before leaving the bedroom as he left you there already waiting excitedly for him to come back.



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hey there! i usually don’t post about my private stuff but i really want to reach a personal milestone which is get to 1k plays before my track becomes a year old (december 14th)

i know you probably think wtf this has to do with the tags and i just wanna explain that i follow these tags and am quite present in those fandoms so i’d appreciate a listen or even a reblog.

much love ❤️

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