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#tom holland
Could I possibly request an imagine where the reader has a young child from a previous relationship and Tom is trying to prove that he is committed to the both of them but the reader is nervous to pursue a relationship.

“how’re my favorite girls doing?” tom called out as he pushed the door open to your apartment holding two heavy bags. “i went to the supermarket this morning.”

you emerged from your room holding a cup of coffee, your heart melting as you watched tom carefully place the groceries in your fridge. “tommy, you didn’t have to. i’m capable of going on my own.”

“i know, but i wanted an excuse to stop by,” he admitted, winking at you. butterflies arose in your stomach.

“tom’s here!” diane, your five-year-old shrieked as she hurtled out of her room. tom spread his arms wide as she leapt into them, still screaming. “tom’s here!”

“just the girl i wanted to see,” tom set her down on a chair gently. “i bought something for you.”

“what is it?” she asked eagerly.

tom reaches into a bag and pulled out a jar of lollipops. “they were on sale and i knew you had to have them.”

diane shrieked even louder as she thanked him, took the jar and ran back to her room.

“don’t eat all of them at once!” you called after her. you turned back to tom, smiling slightly. “you didn’t have to do that.”

tom shrugged and walked towards you. “darling, i don’t have to do anything i do. i want to.”

your smile widened as a blush crept up your neck. “thank you for being like a dad to diane. it’s been hard ever since-”

“i know,” tom interrupted, cutting you off so you didn’t have to mention your ex’s name. “i know.”

a silence filled the room as you both pondered what you were going to say next.

“i want you to know,” tom began quietly. “i’ll always be here for you. i won’t ever leave your side. we can do this thing together, and diane shouldn’t have to grow up without a father.”

your tears blurred your vision of him, and you wiped them away. “thank you,” you choked out. “for saying that.”

“and if you’re interested,” tom continued. “i know it’s a long shot, but do you want to grab dinner sometime? like as a…date?”

a part of you desperately wanted to say yes, but the other part was screaming at you to say no, reminding you that last time you dated someone, they left you and your child to fend for yourselves. you wouldn’t let that happen again, no matter how committed tom was now. he’d leave eventually.

“i’m sorry,” you whispered. “i can’t. you know that.”

tom sighed. “i understand. but if you need me, or you ever change your mind, i’ll always be here. i’m not leaving your side, no matter how hard you try to push me away.”

your heart melted as he pressed a light kiss to your cheek.

“and even if we never date, know that i’ll always love you and diane.”

you wanted nothing more than to say i love you back, start a relationship with him and possibly settle down and finally start the family you’d always wanted. but you knew better than to get into another relationship so soon. with a heavy heart, you only smiled and nodded.


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Hi!! How are you?? So i saw you were taking requests and was wondering if u could do one with tom holland were the reader is the interviewer and she is famous or something and he recognizes here (like the intreview with watchmojo) and he gets all nerveous and jittery cause he is a fan of her and maybe jacob and zendaya tease him about how obsessed he is with the reader and that maybe she is his celebrity crush?? Sorry this was way too specific its ok if u dont want to do it. Love u ❤️❤️

dw! specifics help me write better!


“nervous, tom?” zendaya asked teasingly. “since when have you ever been nervous for an interview?”

after the sixth interview that day, there was no doubt that the main cast of spiderman: far from home were a little tired. but they tried their best to perk up for their last interview, all looking forward to going home and falling into a good night’s sleep.

well, all except tom holland.

he sat in his seat, shifting around uncomfortably and nervously shaking his leg. the interviewer would be here any minute, and this was the most nervous he’d ever been for an interview.

“i’m not,” tom lied. “i’m always like this.”

zendaya let out an unconvinced “mmhm” as someone emerged from the door behind the interviewer’s chair.

“are we ready to get started?” you asked, sitting down and organizing your papers.

tom felt an unwilling blush spread to his cheeks. you were even prettier in person.

they all nodded “yes” and you signaled for the cameras to start rolling.

“hi, i’m y/n l/n and welcome to popbuzz,” you said to the camera, smiling. “today, we have tom holland, jacob batalon and zendaya to talk about their upcoming movie spiderman: far from home.”

the camera cut to tom, zendaya and jacob grinning.

“so my first question is for tom,” you began. tom, taken by surprise, flinched. “what was the hardest scene to shoot?”

tom opened his mouth to answer, but nothing came out. he pressed his lips together, suddenly at a loss for words. his palms were growing sweaty as he innerly panicked. “well, i-” he began, then suddenly realized he had no idea what to say. “um..”

jacob and zendaya exchanged confused glances with each other.

“take your time,” you smiled.

“sorry, i’m a huge fan of yours,” he blurted out, then immediately clamped his mouth shut. had he just said that?

your eyebrows flew up in surprise. “of me?”

tom nodded.

“thank you!” you said, obviously flustered. “i’m a huge fan of yours too, actually.”

tom swore he saw doves fly around your head when you talked.

“looks like someone’s got a celebrity crush,” zendaya elbowed tom in the side.

tom chuckled, but didn’t deny it.

“so, should we continue?” you asked in a casual tone, although butterflies were flapping up a tornado in your stomach.

after the interview was over, you saw tom by the refreshments and decided to approach him. you took a deep breath, set your papers down on a nearby table and walked over.

“hey,” you said, hoping you didn’t sound too eager.

“oh hey,” tom grinned, secretly thrilled that you were talking to him. “these croissants are-”

“would you like to grab a coffee with me sometime?” you blurted out, accidentally cutting him off. “sorry. for interrupting.” you were blushing like crazy as you stuck your hands in your pockets.

tom looked surprised. “of course! i was actually going to ask you that.”

you grinned. “how about tomorrow night?”

tom smiled back. “it’s a date.”


@quitetommy @poetrypeter @plushparker @cutesparker @zipitparker @peterparkersbodyguard

@estate-euphoric @its-the-unknownspidey

@aesthetically-parker @a-hardcore-romantic @sun-flowerparker @tomshufflepuff @lostinspidey @peterplanet @alopix861 @trustfundparker @peteunderoos @asiabelfiore @cloudy-zoey @zabdisamor @laureharrier @jakesmysterio @tomhollandismyspiderman @loveu3000more @falloutbarnes91 @saysomethingspiderman

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I feel bad for Tom Holland honestly, he feels really at home with the MCU and in return, they all adore him as their Spiderman and as their little brother. Downey, Mackie, Stan and Cumberbatch were all really close to him too. Here's to hoping some miracle will happen to our beloved Spidey's future. 🙏🏻

Same!! He said that he would like to play Spider man until he couldn’t walk anymore, he just really loves playing spider man and he’s like born to play peter parker, I mean like it’s no big deal for him just to swing around and do the flip or whatever and also he bond so easily with the rest of the mcu casts, it feels sad just to think about it.

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MCU’s Peter Parker is the literal representation of the ‘Upgrade. Shit, go back’ meme. Like he asked to be an Avenger but the second that Nick hits him up he’s like ᵁᴴᴴᴴᴴᴴᴹᴹ ᵛᴼᴵᶜᴱᴹᴬᴵᴸ and it’s brilliant

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peter: i keep cursing in ice cream flavours and mj told me to stop.
mj: yes, yes i did and you better be glad i did.
peter: *whispers* i still haven’t stopped.
brad: pfft, parker, how does anyone even curse in ice cream flavours?
peter: what the mint chocolate chip did you say to me, punk? i’ll kick your rocky road and then punch the ever-loving strawberry cheesecake out of you. i'll make you melt faster than butter pecan on a hot fudge day.
brad: holy cream.
mj: *rolling her eyes*
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