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Welcome back to our weekly rec list! We appreciate everyone who participated in the vote this week and hope to see you next Monday!

Trope: Hydra! Peter Parker

Arrival by orphan_account

They knew it would be hard taking in and helping a Teenage HYDRA agent.
These are a few of the moments, good and bad, they’ve had seen through transcriptions of FRIDAY’s security footage.

| 620 Words | 1/1 Chapters | Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings | Teen and Up Audiences |

link to story

Red Arachnid by shiningmidsummermoment

Peter Parker is captured by HYDRA and turned into the Red Arachnid. After a mission, the Red Arachnid goes to an apartment that seems familiar to him and relieved some haunting memories.


| 896 Words | 1/1 Chapters | Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings | Not Rated | 

link to story

Don’t leave me by somelonelyfan

A hydra AU oneshot.

| 2,764 Words | 1/1 Chapters | No Archive Warnings Apply | Not Rated |

link to story

A Picture Of You by QueenOfAngst

Hydra takes Peter away.

| 1,293 Words | 1/1 Chapters | No Archive Warnings Apply | General Audiences |

link to story

Wait A Minute (Who Are You?) by ALittleBitMental

Someone has been sighted around Stark Towers recently, and nobody knows who it is. Until suddenly, one day, a young stranger is walking into the Avengers kitchen and having a very interesting argument with Tony

Or, Tony likes housing ex-assassins (see: Winter Soldier, Natasha Romanov)

| 1,241 Words | 1/1 Chapters | No Archive Warnings Apply | Teen and Up Audiences | 

link to story

where the memories reside by tnyystark

Peter Parker has been dead for six months.

Six months, three days, and 18 hours.

At least, that’s what everyone things. Even Tony Stark, though he’d kill rather than admit it. But then a school in Queens is blown up and suddenly Peter Parker is back on the radar.

Except he’s not Peter Parker anymore.

He doesn’t even remember who that is.

| 113,451 Words | 30/30 Chapters | Graphic Depictions of Violence | Teen and Up Audiences |

link to story

darkness will be rewritten by homebuilding

“Richard Parker was studying Cross-Species Genetics, but struggled with the ethics of it, because it required he use human DNA, which no ethics board would agree with. So he used his own. His work was successful based off of his own DNA, and every human has a unique DNA,” Bruce explains. “So, naturally, when HYDRA wanted his research, they knew they would never get his support, so they took the next best thing they could to his own DNA. His son.”

Or, Tony finds a tortured and experimented-on Peter Parker in a HYDRA base and decides to help him because who else will?

| 80,220 Words | 24/24 Chapters | Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings | Teen and Up Audiences |

link to story

The Spider by Cipherr

Peter Parker Stark was kidnapped by hydra. Years later, knowing only his birth name, he escapes.

(Slightly modified powers, nothing drastic)

| 866 Words | 1/1 Chapters | No Archive Warnings Apply | Not Rated |

link to story

you’re just trying to do your best for a kid who’s lost control by tempestaurora

Peter Stark was a prodigy child, following in his father’s footsteps. First circuit board at four, engine at six, the future of Stark Industries. Then, the worst thing imaginable happens.


Ten years later, a new HYDRA experiment shows up on the scene; in black spandex, with the voice of a kid and abilities to rival Captain America, the Black Spider tugs at Tony’s heartstrings in a way he can’t fathom.

| 26,874 Words | 8/8 Chapters | Graphic Depictions of Violence | Teen and Up Audiences |

link to story

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Interviewers: Who would you bring into the mcu, Uncle Ben or Tony Stark?

Tom Holland: oh I just love working with Robert Downey! Of course I’d bring him back! He’s my friend!

Internet: oH iRoN bOy Jr. dOeSn’T wAnt HiS rEaL fAtHeR fIgUrE. He WaNts ToNy, wHaT a SuCk Up. He’S nOt ThE REAL SPIDER-MAN.

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let’s end this once and for all. for all the people in my inbox asking me about Tom’s recent interview:

kinda disappointing how the only opinion people have about MCU Peter is that they hate his relationship with Tony and many of them only hate it because they can’t get over the fact that Holland is now the current Spider-Man.

You’re allowed to have favorites but Tom Holland is a good ass spider-man and saying that his relationship with Tony is the entire reason you hate him is ridiculous. 

All of us know that this is Uncle Ben’s essence: 

‘Look, when you can do the things that I can, but you don’t… and then the bad things happen… they happen because of you.’ 

THIS is all Uncle Ben. This is how the MCU introduced Peter. The integral aspect of his character. Everyone knows this and if the MCU decided not to show Uncle Ben’s death scene in the movies again is because Holland managed to perfectly capture Peter’s grief, his acceptance over the impact of his abilities on other people’s lives, his understanding of responsibility and his biggest emotional incentive with only one sentence. 

Yes, this kid is that talented and I’m sorry if you can’t see that but they chose him for a reason.

Here are some ‘hard-to-swallow’ facts you clearly need to understand: 

Things Peter did.

How things actually happened:

  1. Defeated Adrian Toomes on his own.
  2. Saved his classmates multiple times on his own.
  3. Sacrificed teenage experiences and prioritized doing the right thing.
  4. Faced The Shocker and Toomes’ crew members on his own. 
  5. Saved Aaron Davis by telling the villain that is ok to shoot him because he can take it. 
  6. Denied himself popularity and acceptance because he knows Spider-Man is not a party trick. 
  7. Told Toomes he understands that selling weapons to criminals is wrong and didn’t let Adrian use the ‘Tony Stark did it too’ card to justify his actions.
  8. Got almost killed twice, first by an entire piece of rubble crushing him to death and then by the confrontation with Toomes/plane accident. Then saved himself and saved the day. All of this without the suit.
  9. Rejected the Avenger’s membership, continued doing his part and understood what Tony was trying to communicate him: ‘save the little people’. His roots.
  10. Persisted in saving Doctor Strange even if he knew he could die up in space.
  11. Told Tony Stark he was staying on the ship because he’s a loyal kid and strongly believes that if he doesn’t help, there’ll be no neighborhood to save.
  12. Fought the biggest enemy in the world without hesitation.
  13. Even after dying, continued fighting alongside the other heroes, took care of the infinity gauntlet even if the situation was unpredictable and did his part in the biggest war ever.
  14. Showcased his intellectual abilities by managing Tony Stark’s tech like nobody’s business.   
  15. Defeated Mysterio and faced him alone. 

Why Peter did them:

  1. He wanted to do the right thing, told Liz he was sorry because he thought she didn’t deserve what was happening inside of her home, sacrificed highschool memories to do what he thought was right.
  2. He is a hero, the people that were in danger were his classmates, therefore the logical thing was to save them. He would do that for any civilian too.
  3. This is who he is, this is why he’s doing what he’s doing, just like he stated in Civil War.
  4. He’s pretty much capable. That’s why.
  5. Knows he can take a bullet and has the ability to dodge it, therefore faces the villain without fear.
  6. This explains itself.
  7. Got caught up in the high of the moment, tried to get out of the same agonizing routine his genius hyperactive self is used to live every day and tried to be the big hero and learned that he’s better off saving the little people. 
  8. Finally understood what Tony was merely reminding him. He’s Spider-Man, with or without the suit. 
  9. Understood the gravity of the situation and decided he wanted to help.
  10. He’s a smart kid and knows that he is capable of helping even if this means he could potentially die. He did die. 
  11. Self-explanatory.
  12. Instead of enjoying his vacation, he decided that his role in the world as a superhero is always going to come out on top for him. 
  13. Not a surprise.
  14. Took responsibility for his mistake and stepped up to the part when there weren’t any other superheroes available to help.

How MANY of you think things are:

  1. Peter did it because of Tony’s tech. 
  2. Peter only wants to impress Tony Stark.
  3. Peter is Iron Man Jr. 
  4. Peter cries too much and is way too emotional about everything. 
  5. Tom Holland can’t act.
  6. Peter is a dumbass and has to use Tony’s tech for everything ignoring the fact that he’s a teenager with no resources and has proven he’s capable of managing said technology with ease. 
  7. Tony. Tony. Tony. Tony.
  8. And for a dumbass reason: He’s not Tobey Maguire and consequently, he sucks. 

Even if you’re a big fan of the comics, of a different portrayal of Peter Parker, of a different alternate universe, etc… NONE of these things gives you the right to invalidate Tom Holland’s interpretations or to call him ‘naive’ or ‘unfit’ for the role of his life only for stating his opinion. 

You can’t keep bullying him into agreeing with you just because he doesn’t fit your comic book standards. He is his own version of the character and he’s doing a fantastic job with it. Hating on him doesn’t make you look ‘woke’ or ‘cool’. 

Just because this Peter got to enjoy the parental guidance of another father figure for a very long time doesn’t mean he’s not a good spider-man and I think it’s time people recognize that. 

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….I’ll never be able to watch Back to the Future the same every again after seeing the fake trailer for tom and robert…..I didn’t know I need tom with that haircut and the man said he wouldn’t play that part cause its already PERFECT!!! Like I love one (1) Thomas Stanley Holland.

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