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“Okay, little ninja, 1…2…3!” says Tony as he raises Tali in the air to put the gold glittery star on top of the Christmas tree.

She laughs excitedly as her little fingers do the work. The tree’s beautiful, decorated in red and gold, with tiny bright pink bows because someone begged to put them there.

Tony smiled at their work and looked around. The living room was amazing, with Christmas lights everywhere and pine candles illuminating every corner. The dining table was set in red and gold, with cold red wine, an unbelievable quantity of food and also ornated with scented candles.

It’s snowing outside, but the fireplace made the room cozy and warm. Everything was according to plan and Tony DiNozzo was beaming widely.

“Oh, one last thing, sweet cheeks,” he said while sprinting to the kitchen and opening each cupboard hurriedly, “we almost forgot.”

“What, Abba?”


“So many candles! I love it,” said Tali, squeezing an old stuffed hippo with a Santa hat, “Can I light them?”

Tony looked outside, the sun was going down. The City of Light was turning its lights on. She must be here any second by now.

“Not yet, sweetie, this is for someone very special,” said Tony, putting the menorah at the center of the living room table.


Three knocks sounded lightly on the main door. Tony’s heart was beating so fast he thought it was about to explode. He could barely conceal his joy.

“My other sweet cheeks,” said him with the biggest smile he had shown for a very long time.

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“  i want to be more like you  ” (Tony bc deal)

It was a little bold, maybe, to be going over covert plans for the heroes still underground in the Tower owned by the number one supporter of the Accords. Steve had expected Tony to say something a while ago – but he was surprised both by how long it took for him to open his mouth, and what came out of it.  


Steve glanced up at him, gaze steady. “But then you wouldn’t be you,” he said simply, closing the notebook he was writing in and crossing around the counter. He placed a hand on Tony’s hip, getting better every day at these small moments. This casual intimacy. “I don’t want you to be more like me, Tony. I want you exactly as you are.” 

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Yes I do, I believe
That one day I will be, where I was
Right there, right next to you

And it’s hard, the days just seem so dark
The moon, and the stars, are nothing without you

Lay me Down - Sam Smith

+ bonus


part 6 // Tiva moments + sad love songs

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5

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This famous episode (05x08 Designated Target) is the one a woman asks Ziva if she had ever met her soulmate. We all know she immediately thinks of Tony and later asks him if he ever thinks about soulmates.

He responds with a joke and she retorts he’ll never get it.

This is when the so-called soulmate of the woman Ziva is eager to help is seen married with another person and with a daughter.

So this scene happens.

Tony walks towards her and stops. He actually gets it. He wants to show her he understood what she asked and there is no such thing as soulmates. Or even if they existed, sometimes circumstances prevent them to be together.

She is heartbroken, she was a girl who was asked about true love and soulmates maybe for the first time in her life, who let herself think of it when there was someone she knew in her gut was right for her. She was brave enough to even ask him if he had that in mind, even if they weren’t ready for this conversation yet. But he walks past her as if to say “don’t be foolish, this isn’t a fairytale.”


What if it happens now? What if the man by the door is Tony with Tali thinking that his soulmate is long gone and decides to move on? What if there is a parallel and Ziva has the same heartbroken look?

My heart believes that Tony knows she’s not dead and that they’re not these people anymore, that their love is canon and strong. That they have Tali. But what if it was them? 

Just a thought I had while rewatching this scene, rip my heart.

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Do you ever think about how after AoU Tony still probably hadn’t let go of his habit of talking to himself while working at his lab and sometimes he’d say something random or quippy and he’d look up at the ceiling and go ‘Am I right, J?’ and then he’d remember what happened and then he’d have to lean back and close his eyes for a second because three floors above his lab he could hear Vision saying something because the guy still hadn’t learnt how to control his speakers and that voice is just so fucking familiar and for a moment it’s just too much for Tony and-

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