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#tony stank

Pfft of course I don’t lie awake in bed at night thinking about how Tony constantly bears the weight of knowing and receiving the crushing blow that people have died because of him amid him attempting to right his wrongs and how he probably sets projects up juggling as much as possible to do as much as he can to help struggling communities which leads to him completely neglecting his own health because all he can think about are his mistakes lol why would you think that

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Sleepless Nights (t.s. x reader)

requested by @snoopy3000: Hey could you do a number 28 with Tony Stark ? (Me not getting enough sleep these days may have something to do with it 😁🙊) Thanks ❤️

prompt: 28-“This better be worth waking me up.“

pairing: Tony Stark x reader

warnings: mentions of insomnia and stress if that’s a thing, nothing too intense tho

A/N: idk why I added the angle of a birthday, I hope it’s fine with you?


Originally posted by andthwip

You dragged your body along the stairs of your apartment building hoping to get to your home as soon as you could. Of course, of all days, it had to be today when the elevator broke down.

Your body was filled with lethargy as you continued, the restless nights spent turning and tossing on the bed catching up to you. Your mind just wouldn’t turn off and sleep was a stranger these past few days.

Today, though, you promised yourself you’ll get some rest even if it meant knocking yourself unconscious.

As you stepped inside, you went to your fridge, hoping to find something to eat. After having dinner, you plopped down on your bed and waited for sleep to come.

It seemed like your body’s exhaustion caught up to your brain and you fell into a deep slumber.

Sometime later in the night, though, you were woken up by soft whispers of your name. You groaned and turned away from the voice, completely sure you wouldn’t be able to open your eyes because of how tired you were.

"Just a few minutes, baby. I have to give you something.” You recognised your boyfriend’s voice.

You turned towards Tony, rubbing your eyes and mumbling, “This better be worth waking me up.”

“Definitely.” He was grinning like a fool when your eyes adjusted to the dark and focused on his face.

He presented a box wrapped in paper that said things like “my love” “you are mine”. You shook your head and a chuckle left your lips reading that.

“Open it!” He said.

You opened the box and found a cube with one blue button. Light flashed from the box upon pressing it. Different photos and videos of you and Tony together came together to make a beautiful slideshow.

You were momentarily confused about the reason behind this gift but it cleared when you saw the last slide. Happy birthday, (Y/N/N).

“I almost forget it’s my birthday.” You whispered, eyes filling with tears as you wrapped your arms around Tony’s neck.

“Happy birthday.” He whispered, holding you back tightly.

His hands rubbed circles on your back, your eyelids dropping as you felt sleep calling to you once again. “Will you stay tonight? I’ll sleep better if you’re here.”

“Of course.” He laid you back, covering your bodies with covers and turning the night lights off. “Goodnight, honey.”

“Goodnight, Tony. Thank you for the gift.”

“I’m glad you liked it.”

Your night was spent in Tony’s warmth and arms.

what did you think? thank you so much for reading!

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Originally posted by pepperonylover

  • Tony would walk up to his desk in the middle of going step by step of his blueprint looking for the colored wires he needed to attach a flow of power through his newest suit only to end up rummaging through the mess of scraps all around his office 
  • A thin layer of sweat covering over his face with deep breaths passing his lips, leaning into the kitchen asking if youve seen certain colored covered copper wires only to see them being used as your little home made portable fan. Going silent as you excitedly drag him up to your little creation all giddy about how well it went, proud of yourself looking up to him with shining eyes for his praise, not being able to bare seeing a disappointed look on your face tony pushes aside his need for those wires, he can just wait until he buys more to continue his creation, for now your smothered in little kisses and complimentary teases, commenting on how his stark blood is rubbing off on you.
  • Of course Tony loves doing these little ‘do it yourself’ projects with you even if they are way below his skill set, hes able to create little cute things with you and genuinely enjoys watching your giddy form piece things together 
  • Joins you in whatever little project your interested in, no matter how simple it might be Tony will dedicate as many pieces of his scrapes as he must to keep you his eccentric engineer baby 
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Ironstrange vs stucky

Tony: I’m cold.

Stephen: Here, take my cloak.


Steve: I’m cold.

Bucky: What? *taking off jacket* I told you to bring more layers but of course you didn’t listen and now *piling scarves on steve* now look, I’ve got to make sure you won’t FREEZE to death and *taking somebody else’s hat* how long have you been cold you should have said something sooner.

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