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#tony stank

I’m really into baby Peter Parker right now sooo…

Yeah 911? I have a Spider Child


Iron Man jolted awake.

He checked his alarm clock. 12:30 am. Tony sighed. This can’t be good.

“Daddy!” The little voice whined.

He rolled out of bed and sleepily headed toward Peters room.

Except peter wasn’t there. Tony immediately went into a panic. If he was about to fall asleep, he was fully alert now.


That’s when Tony noticed the small blotches of liquid on the floor.


Tony walked over to the bathroom to find peter bent over the toilet in sobs.

“Aw geez, hang on buddy” he rubbed Peters back as gently as he could.

“No Daddy No! Make it Stop! Please, It hurts Daddy!”

Tonys heart broke at the words.

“Sorry kiddo, your gonna have to wait”

“But Daddy-“ Peter paused. Then he gagged. Tony quickly lead Peters small head to the toilet.

The billionaire shivered at the sound of his sons food coming back up.

Peter threw up for 3 minutes straight. It was terrible.

But that was only the beginning.

The pair had to do 3 more rounds of getting out of bed and going to the bathroom.

At the last shift Peter had finally gone all out. He just wanted to sleep and feel better. He picked until nothing came out anymore.

And he felt better.

For now.

Tony and Peter finally got to sleep at 4:00 am. It was finally over. Everything and everyone was cleaned and confortable.

Until 5:15 am. The real game changer.


“Not you again…” The old man grunted. He shifted his position to his door.

There was Peter again, hugging his iron man stuffy closer than ever as he shuffled into the room.

“You know, normal kids go to sleep when they’re supposed to and don’t get sick”

“But I don’t feel normal Daddy” the 5 year old whispered, “I feel…weird”

Tony sat up in bed and rubbed his eyes. He was expecting Peter to throw up again, not what he did next.

The 5 year old started climbing from the wall to the ceiling, and then to his father, before standing to be at eye level with his dad, upside down.

“So..” Tony paused, “i see you found my stash of super glue”

Peter giggled, “Daddy, now I can be a super hero like you!”

Tony watched his child walk on the ceiling before groaning and burying his head into his hands.

“5 minutes. 5 Minutes of sleep and a gallon of coffee before I can process this”

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Originally posted by bensonstablers

Pairing:Tony Stark X Male!Reader    



As you walked in you noticed that Tony was in his suit.He got up as soon as he saw you

“Welcome home”He said helping you take off you jacket

“I missed you”You leaned kissing his cheek.You had gotten use to his fascination with his suit and that he considered it a part of him.Walking further in you sat down on one of the chairs seconds later he handed you a glass of wine.

“Thanks”You said taking it,you felt him move behind you soon feeling his hands on your shoulders.Relaxing into his touch you closed your eyes,you knew that he was probably controlling the suit from afar but decided to enjoy it for a little while.Once you finished your wine you walked downstairs into his lab.

“How’s the most handsome man in the world doing?”You said wrapping your arms around his waist

“I don’t know? How are you?”He leaned in giving you a kiss which quickly turned into a makeout session.Both of you were getting real handsy,kissing down his neck when suddenly a thought hit you

“How long have you been working?”He went silent,you sighed moving closer to him “I-I just can’t rest knowing that i could somehow lose you”You moved closer pulling him into a hug

“I understand that you’re worried about me but i’m worried about you”You picked him up before he could say anything more.He was about to say something but stopped and relaxed in your arms as you carried him towards you room.

You pushed him onto the bed as you felt him wrap his legs around you.He put his arms on your back pulling you into a kiss.Pulling away you put your hand on his cheek,he put his hand on top of yours playing with your ring.Looking at the ring he laughed


“I just”He sighed “Even with all the crazy things that happened to me.I still can’t believe that you agreed to marry me.Especially when you could’ve anyone”

“I only want you,you’re all i could’ve wished for”You pulled his hand towards you kissing the back of it then the ring

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OKAY so I am a hugeee marvel fan. Particularly I am a Tony, Peter Parker, Bucky and Loki fan. The last one doesn’t matter for this post

There’s a great AU of Peter and Bucky becoming friends. BUT I think this is innacurate

3 of Peter’s traits are his incredible love for his family, strict moral compass and that he’s in highschool.

If Peter had been older and Spiderman during Civil war, he would have beat the everliving shit out of Steve and Bucky. There is no way Peter would forgive Bucky for killing Tony’s parents at least for a long time. Peter knows the pain of loosing his parents, then having his uncle killed for no reason. He wouldn’t understand that Bucky couldn’t control himself.

In that moment it’s “Ok, this guy killed my Dad’s parents. My dad is sad about his parents being dead. I know how sad I am about my Uncle and parents. Bucky is a terrible human being who deserves to die.”

Im not good at writing but I think I said my point Ok. I think that even now in the Canon universe, if Peter came into contact with Bucky, he would resent him entirely. Maybe even more than Tony did. I think he would not be able to be close to Steve either.

Maybe I’ll write a fanfiction about this some day

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Superheroes: have a secret identity that they will never reveal. At some point, they might get forced to tell their partner in a teary-eyed confession who they are, but they will never be the same afterwards…

Tony Stank: Reveals his identity for a dog.

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Harley: before you judge me for doing something dumb let me remind you that I have one brain cell, alone in the dark, tired terrified! Trying her best. Show some freaking compassion.

Tony: Is he alright?

Peter:Dr. Dad! I think harley’s sad again can you try and consult him.

Dr. Strange: *looks at Banner

Bruce: For the last time I’m not that kind of doctor!


Bruce: But Harley you can tell me what exactly happened.

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Pairing: Tony Stark x named!Reader

Summary: You’ve been at Tony’s side for years now and you never complained until he comes back fromt he mission. Injured. Again. This is where it all changes.

Warnings: Tony Stark (you know what I mean), swearing, maybe a smut, fluff, angst, a lot of angst

A/N: Ok, I never, ever written a story with Stark. It has been sitting in my laptop for almost a year now, so I decided to go ahead and publish it. I really hope you like it.
Oh, and Pepper does not exist in this universe. I mean like there was not Pepper in the picture :)
And TAGS are OPEN for any of my stories :) Just send me an ask <3

Word count: 2839


Originally posted by andthwip

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