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#tony stark

Bucky, giving his first tour of the Avengers facility: This is Tony, and he went to college at a place called mitt.

Steve: M.I.T.

Bucky: I know how to spell it, Steve.

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Irondad Fic Rec

Happy Friday! Speaking of Happy, here’s a fic of irondad and spiderson from his perspecitve. 

Bits of Happiness by alleinimmer

Summary: Happy Hogan has seen a lot working for Tony Stark. But by far the strangest thing he’s ever seen was how much things changed after Peter Parker came along.


I love outside perspective fics. I even wrote one. The bickering in this is great. But I love how introspective Happy is about Tony and how much Tony cares for Peter. I’m surprised there aren’t more fics looking at this dynamic of Happy watching irondad because it’s great.

Chapter 3 is my favorite but they’re all great. While the fic is complete (six chapters) I’d love to see it continued from where it stops. It ends on some Accords drama/legalities bullshit that seems like a jumping point for a bigger, extended work. And it’s such a cool idea. Tony just wants to protect his kid and let’s him sleep on his shoulder 😭😭

I really enjoyed reading this fic and I hope you do too! 

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stardust — C.Danvers

Estella Moodboard + Character profile

Estella Maria Monica Danvers

—> SoO: Half Terran ~ Half Kree

—> DoB: c.1996/07/04

—> Planet of Origin: C 53 / Terra / Earth

—> Gender: N/A / does not conform to basic binary gender / prior to recent years conformed as female binary gender.

—> Status: Alive

—> Title: Cadet

—> Alias(es): Cadet Danvers


Space Ace




—> Family (Other) Relations:

Carol Danvers - Mother

Unknown (Yon-Rogg) - Father

Maria Rambeau - Godmother / Aunt

Nicholas Fury - Godfather / Uncle

Monica Rambeau - Godsibling / cousin

Talos Soh-Larr - Protector / Uncle

Soren Soh-Larr - Protector / Aunt

Peter Quill - Close friend

Gamora - Close friend

Rocket Raccoon - Close friend

Groot - Close friend

Drax the Destroyer - Close friend

Mantis - Close friend

Nebula - Close friend

Thor Odinson - Close friend

Loki Odinson - Close friend

Bruce Banner/Hulk - Close friend

Brunnhilde - Close friend

Tony Stark - Close friend

Natasha Romanoff - Close friend

Peter Parker - Close friend (?)

—> Noted information:

• ‘Estella is a Terran word for star, stars have both female and male names but doesn’t mean that I have to be either’ ~ Estella

• ‘I age slowly unlike so my Kree counterparts I’ll live a average ‘Terran life’ just at a slower rate’ ~ Estella to Peter Parker

• ‘Mama doesn’t talk about my dad…. all I know is that he did a very bad thing and that Mama struggles to forgive him’ ~ Estella to Natasha Romanoff

• ‘I’m half Kree… my mama she’s from earth but she’s not all human anymore.. and my dad from what my aunt Maria says was a Kree warrior… I’m not supposed to talk about him…but at least I didn’t turn out like him is what my aunt always says’ ~ Estella to Peter Parker

• ‘I’m made of stardust.. and I got my powers from outta space’ ~ Estella

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anon: Okay but becoming an actual avenger with them making you feel so welcomed and warm?
warnings: none

  • Being one of the newest Avengers, you were still getting used to living in the compound and trying to find your place in the team.
  • Tony was the one who recruited you, so it only made sense that he was the one who tried his hardest to make you feel welcome. The others needed a little more time to warm up to you.

Keep reading

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Aunt May really let Peter go on the Stark Intership holiday and knew that Spider-Man and Tony Stark were at Berlin airport while also knowing that Peter had been sneaking out at night and that Spider-Man had only been seen in New York at the time and really didn’t have any suspicions… smh

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If I tell you about the somewhat overarching Teen Wolf x MCU crossover series I’m writing about Tony Stark co-parenting one magical Disaster Bi Stiles as he stumbles through life, alongside Forever Done With Everyone’s Bullshit Sheriff Stilinski and, along the way, accidentally adopting a whole bunch of children and expanding the Ironfam by a lot and somehow becoming America’s most beloved father figure will you bully me into working on it???

(Check tags for more info ^~^)

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Tony: I’m just, like, ~dropping things~ that I’m still mad about the civil war thing, y'know? I’ve just never been a very confrontational person. Really prefer keeping things low-key.

*later that day*

Steve: God I’m so tired, I’m gonna go lie down for a bit-


Steve, crying: why are you doing this

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take care of her [p.p.]

pairing: peter parker x fem!reader

word count: 1.2k

summary: reader is tired of suffering, but is very glad to have peter.

warnings: (unedited) angst ! sorry babies. terminal illness

a/n: i don’t even know if this is any good but I hope someone likes it. also sorry the summary is vague. texts in this are in italic. let me know if you’d like to be added to the taglist. ♥︎

Originally posted by polilla-astral

You are dying. Not in the sense that death is inevitable and the seconds are just ticking away, but in the sense that you actually have cancer. At this point, it’s old news. You’ve cried your tears, so has your family, friends, and Peter. Cancer has been hard on you. Physically and mentally. Luckily so many wonderful people have your back. You aren’t afraid of death. You don’t welcome it either, but you hope to have those that you love, by your side. You know you will.

Peter visits you everyday after school. You’re both seniors now. At least, you were. Before everything had gone to shit. Now you just lie in a hospital bed, awaiting the faithful day that you will take your last breath. Your thoughts had started to get a bit depressing, so you texted your boyfriend.

Hey, babe. I know you’re at school right now, but I love you. Text me whenever. Can’t wait to see you later ♥︎

You hit send before leaning your head back against your pile of pillows and sighing. You closed your eyes. In the last few days, it had become harder to breathe. Your lungs seemed to be working overtime. Trying to keep oxygen flowing, and to keep your blood pumping. Your heart beating. You opened your eyes again, only to stare at the ceiling. You heard your phone ping, so you reached for it with shaky hands. You saw the notification was from Peter.

Hey, honey I love you too.. Is something wrong? Are you okay? Thinking too much again?

You chuckled at his response. It was adorable. He was always worried about you and honestly? You thought you didn’t deserve it. He deserved better. He deserves to not have to worry about his significant others lungs just giving out on them. He was Spider-Man for Christ’s sake. He had enough to worry about.

You shook those thoughts out of your mind as you responded.

I’m okay! I pinky promise. Just miss you, is all.

You hit send and set your phone down on the table beside you. Despite having woken up only a couple of hours ago, you were exhausted. You decided to take a small nap to pass the time.


You woke up to gentle fingers carding through your hair. Peter. You smiled softly at the boy beside you. He noticed you were awake and spoke gently as though he didn’t want to ruin the atmosphere, “Hey, beautiful. How did you sleep?” He smiled kindly at you, never stopping the motions of his fingers. You took a moment to breathe and responded, “I slept good. Didn’t mean to sleep that long, though. I’m exhausted.” You didn’t want to worry Peter. Your lungs were aching and your head felt a weird sort of hollow. You wanted to cherish this moment for as long as you can. You’re worried you’ll slip away again. Damn, cancer.

Peter stopped brushing his fingers through your hair, and brought his hand down to hold your worryingly cold and shaking one. The both of you sat in a comfortable silence until Peter broke it, “How do your lungs feel today? Don’t lie, either. I genuinely want to know how you’re feeling.” Your heart broke a tiny bit at the concern and love in his voice. You knew you shouldn’t lie, so you opted to tell the truth, “Actually they ache quite a lot. I’m okay, though. Please don’t worry.” He looked at you as if he knew something that you didn’t, but smiled nevertheless. He brought your hand up to his lips and gave it a gentle kiss before speaking again. “Y/n, you know I’m going to worry no matter what. I love you and it’s my job to worry. But if you say you’re okay, then I trust you. Wholeheartedly.” He smiled. You teared up, hardly knowing why. Maybe just because you loved Peter so much. “Pete, I love you too. What did I ever do to deserve someone as like you.” You smiled. The question was rhetorical but Peter answered, “You existed and I fell in love. Hard.” After that you let the room fall back into a comfortable silence. Well, almost silent, besides the beeping of the heart monitor. The constant reminder that you are indeed dying in a hospital instead of graduating high school.

Your lungs went from a dull ache to a sharp, seizing kind of pain. Suddenly it seemed as though no matter how much air you inhaled, your lungs weren’t actually getting any of it. The heart monitor sped up slightly at your panic. Peter seemed to notice then that something was wrong. Before he could say anything though, you were already speaking, “P-Pete, ple-ase talk. to me. Tell me any-anything.” You squeezed his hand tighter as your lungs burned. Your heart rate slowing down significantly. Peter panicked, but didn’t let it show. He started talking to ease your mind. You both knew this day was coming soon. “Do you remember the time you found out I was Spider-Man? God, your reaction was priceless.” He laughed, despite the tears forming in his eyes. The heart monitor beeping slower in his ears. You squeezed his hand telling him to continue. He got the hint and began to speak again, “I-It’s one of my favorite memories, you know? Because you were so freaked out and it freaked me out. And I just kissed you! That was probably the- the absolute best night of my life. Not only because I felt like I wasn’t hiding anything from you anymore, but because I found out you liked me too. You were just, god you’ve just always been so supportive, y/n/n. I don’t know what I would’ve done without you all these years. You’re my partner in crime, or well uh, heroing i guess. I truly believe you’re my soulmate.” He stopped talking to notice your eyes have fallen shut. A single tear falls down his face. Your heart is still beating, but just barely. The beeping of the heart monitor is almost undetectable and so is your pulse. Peter smiles despite the pain in his chest. He’s crying but he continues to talk for your sake, “There was this one time I told Tony that I wanted to marry you. I still do, obviously but we are just so young. He gave me all this advice. He was so supportive. I can’t wait until you meet him.” Peter coughs. He’s crying a lot know. “Y/n, I love you.” As he says those words, the soft beeping of the heart monitor turned into an ugly single beep. You were flatlining. Your hand falls limp in Peter’s. It felt wrong. You were supposed to be alive. You were only 18 goddamn it. Peter laid his head on the side of your hospital bed and fully let himself go. He began to sob as nurses and doctors came in, attempting to revive you.

Peter knew it wouldn’t work. You had fought for a long time. This was your time to rest. Peter just has to trust that you’ll be able to finally rest now. He doesn’t know how he ends up in the hallway instead of in your room, but he looks up from where he’s sitting with tears streaming down his face. He smiles despite everything that had just happened and says, “Mr. Stark, I told you that you’d love her. Now please take good care of her for me, okay?”

Let me know what you think? <3


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Hey do you know who Natasha Stark (Earth 3490) is?

Ok, so, I don’t read comics, but what I know is that she is like the female version of Tony who married Steve in one of the different universes in which someone looks into to find a way to prevent the Civil War (I think… Like, I know all those things happened in the comics and that Natasha Stark is female!Tony’s name, but I’m not sure that the marriage and the dimensional travel happened in the same issue, lol)

I love to think that is the name Nat will take after having married Tony, even if it’ll probably be Natasha Romanoff-Stark because she’s a strong and independent woman and doesn’t need her husband’s surname!

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