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Hey in case anyone needs anymore reasons to hate the Russo brothers, they decided that Hulk dabbing was more important than the scene that was supposed to be in the final battle where Bucky straight up saves Tony and Pepper and Tony essentially lets Bucky know he doesn’t hate him. But no they decided to let Bucky live on in agony of never getting to make amends with Tony.

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Harold & Maude (1971) AU

Tony is the young and rich but sad man whose parents want to force him to work for the family business Stark Industries to build weapons

Steve is a 79 year old artist who doctors always assumed wouldn’t get too old, but despite the many disfunctions his body had for all of his life, he is the most lively person Tony has ever met

They meet at a soldiers funeral, Tony is there out of guilt, because he is pretty sure it was the weapons he had build that had killed the man, Steve is there out of respect and he goes to as many soldiers’ funerals as possible because he remembers how sad he was when so few people had showed up for Bucky’s

They have crazy adventures and fall in love, Steve is a little shit ad Tony is more creative then he thought and when Tony tells his parents that he wants to be a mechanic and live with a guy four times his age Maria faints and Howard explodes

But Tony just runs away with Steve and they have wonderfull months together until Steve’s 80th birthday

The day is perfect, Tony had planned everything, it’s very romantic and fun, but not to wild so that Steve fragile body can keep up

But them Steve revealy having taken all of those pills and Tony panics while Steve is relaxed and tells him to live his life and share all the love he has for Steve with so many more wonderfull people and to use that big brain of his to make himself and other people happy

Tony scatters Steve’s ashes over the railing of the Brooklyn Bridge and longingly stares after them as if he wants to follow Steve but then he turns around and does exactly what Steve had asked him to do and lives life the way he wants and not the way others expect him to

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I just wanna talk about this to someone for a second, so here goes: My school theater class is going to be performing a series of short skits soon, after two months of working on this. We’re a class of freshmen and sophomores. Half of us are gay and want to be here, the other half just got put here because the classes they applied for didn’t have room for them. Our theater class split into groups, each having to come up with something of their own to perform. One group’s theme is “Avengers Game Night”. Doesn’t that sound fun? Let me give you the gist:

-Tony’s “work music” is apparently disco.

-Jarvis’ voice is so metallic and echoey, and it’s played far too loud, so it rattles your teeth.

-The Hulk is just a guy who bought a Hulk mask and Hulk fists, both of which he probably found in the local target.

-Natasha Romanov rolls up and the first thing she does is call herself a snack, then goes to play Just Dance with Bruce.

-The guy who plays Peter Parker actually does a backflip on stage. He’s done it in every rehearsal and each time it’s just as impressive.

-Shuri shows up and gifts Tony with a block of vibranium from her older brother, who sadly couldn’t make it.

-He thanks her and then licks it.

-Shuri plays chess by herself and Peter is doing Twister by himself. Both are less than two feet apart while doing their separate activities and they don’t speak to each other.

-Obligatory “Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good” joke.

-Thor and Loki are both played by girls, which is valid. They have a sibling slap fight on stage.

-Aunt May shows up to drag Peter home by the ear because it’s nine pm and he’s gotta go to bed.

-“Aunt May, not in front of the big kids!”

-Same kid later shows up on stage, now as Steve Rogers, who “just got done saving America”.

-Captain Marvel comes with him and one-up’s him by saying she just got done saving the universe.

-They all come together on the couch to play a game of charades. It kinda looks like the opening of Friends.

-One of the prompts was “a loving couple” so Steve does that thing where he puts his back to the audience and puts his hands around him so it makes it look like he’s making out with someone.

-Then he dissolves into crying over Peggy. “Why, Peggy, why did I have to leave you?!”

-This is his one defining character trait in the whole skit.

-Then, he collapses dramatically on stage. Hulk drags him back to the couch and Natasha pats his back sympathetically.

-Bruce’s turn is next and he pretends to be Superman.

-“Peggy?!” (Steve’s guess)

-No one gets it, so Hulk eventually tells them.

-“Oh. Didn’t see it.” (Carol really be coming for DC’s wig.)

-Also, Ant-Man kinda shows up for a second. Thor jerks back to make it look like she’s been punched by Scott in tiny form, and a cartoony sound effect is played over it, but horrifically out of sync.

-Also, also, there’s a fake potted tree that’s been in the background this whole time, and you might think it was for decoration, because no one acknowledges it, until it’s revealed that it is actually Groot.

-Suddenly, the alarm sounds and the Avengers must save the day again, so they stand in the iconic circle pose from the first movie. But, then Steve decides something isn’t right and that they need wind blowing their hair back, so a SHIELD intern below the stage pulls out this giant fan while the recognizable Avengers music plays.

-“Avengers, assemble!” And they run offstage, except for Thor who’s been sleeping for the last minute or so. I think Loki stays behind to draw on her face.

A performance for the ages, most certainly. Shakespeare could never.

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Hiiiii! Is it too much to ask a prequel of Marry Me? Maybe a scene where Peter and Reader are in the prom and Peter dramatically exits it with reader hot on his heels trying to understand wtf is happening and Tony's confused dadTM cause he's 3000% sure the kid liked his daughter? If not then 🤷‍♀️thank chu💙💙

“Why did he run away?”, Tony muttered to himself, confusion coursing through him, “Did you say something to him?”

You shook your head no, only seconds away from breaking down, “We were being goofs like usual”, you sniffled, “I don’t know what happened.”

He likes you and you friendzoned him is what happened, Tony thought to himself. He pulled you in a hug, patting your head sympathetically, “He’ll come around, ask him tomorrow okay?”

You nodded, heading to bed desolately. Tony dialled Peter’s number, sighing when he picked up at last.

“Where the hell did you go?”, he yelled at the kid, “I was getting worried there, underoos.”

“I - I’m sorry Mr Stark… It was too much”, he replied sadly, “she was talking about the wedding she wants to have… A - and I thought she wanted me to kiss her so I - but I misread the situation. So I ran away before she could tell if something was wrong.”

“I’ll excuse you for trying to kiss my daughter for now”, Tony said dryly, “I’m sorry, kid. Take your shot before it’s too late, yeah?”

“I’ll think about it.”

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Right back at ya! MCU :-)

The first character I first fell in love with: Peter Parker

The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Tony Stark… never would’ve dreamed

The character everyone else loves that I don’t: Loki, also Dr. Strange

The character I love that everyone else hates: Carol Danvers

The character I used to love but don’t any longer: Steve Rogers

The character I would totally smooch: Tony

The character I’d want to be like: Pepper Potts

The character I’d slap: Quentin Beck

A pairing that I love: Pepperony

A pairing that I despise: St*ny, Ironstr*nge, St*rker

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Thank you for writing Happy/May!! They’re super duper cute together

You’re very welcome!! Sorry this took so long, but I wrote you a short story! (I hope you see this lol)

(Read on AO3)

Too Many Raisins

When Happy lets himself into the apartment after another long day, he’s almost knocked over by a strange smell. To him, it smells like a mixture of burnt oranges and overcooked raisins–way too many raisins. Of course, this can only mean one thing.

May is baking again.

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