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Just something I had to get out there

I’ve been on AO3 since 2017 and it’s the best fanfiction site I’ve ever used to read or to write.

I am so obsessed with Winteriron fics (also if you have any good ones to recommend lemme know) so I’ve been reading alot of them (most of them aren’t even against team cap) and I keep seeing all these anti Tony stans posting so much hate towards the Authors, Tony Stark, etc in the comments section, some hateful person made a horrible drinking game in the comments to diss Tony Stark and his Stans.

First, I’d like to say read the damn tags, if you don’t like what you see then don’t read it. Archive is a fanfiction site for people to write freely.

Second, all of you Team Cap stans that are posting so much hate towards Tony Stark and the people that love him, you may be on Team Cap but he wouldn’t want you on his team, he wouldn’t try to surround himself with people who hate on others because of characters they like or the people who inspire them. Captain America wants good people and all of you out there posting all this hate are proving yourselves to be the opposite.

And Third, Tony Stark is one of Steve’s close personal friends, they may fight but they always make up, it may take time but they get there and I personally don’t think Steve Rogers would appreciate you hating on and treating one of his friends like garbage, especially using him as an excuse or a reason to be hurtful are cruel to others.

That’s just my take.

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Just so everyone knows, y’all got one more day before I start blasting this blog with endgame spoilers. I will have no regards to anyone. It has been a month. I’ve waited long enough.

That entails complaints, opinions, scenes, whatever, etc. This blog has been silent about it since the release out of respect. A month long, even with the ban lifted. This is your only warning.

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so i realized today that in the two (2) times scott were with steve and tony, he’s seen them fight each other (you know, with teams and everything) and then seen them share one brain cell and decide to go back to 1970 whilst not understanding anything himself,, i-

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Just a little thing I wrote, not sure where it fits… so here it is, a drabble:


“Pep, how do you feel about living on a farm?”

“It’s fine,” she answers. Deep into a review of the quarterly shareholder’s report, before it’s released in two day’s time, she barely registers what Tony has just asked. “Wait… what?”  

“Can you see yourself living on a farm, Green Acres style — but with fewer zany mishaps and eccentric neighbors?”

She is thoroughly befuddled by the question and sets the report down to give him her full attention. “What on earth are you talking about?”

Tony throws up a projection from his StarkPad; a real estate listing for acreage on Cayuga Lake. “I’ve been thinking we should buy some land. Maybe something we can farm, or not, doesn’t really matter. Just a quiet place, away from all…this.” He waves his hands toward the city skyline outside their penthouse windows.

It briefly occurs to her that he may have lost his mind, but he looks so sincere, Pepper knows he’s serious. “What brought this on? You’ve never shown much interest in the country life before.”

“I told you about Barton’s place, and his whole, ‘secret’ family. The farm was nice, a good place to relax. I think it could be good for us, and hopefully, less likely to get blown up.” 

“Okay. Well, I am not opposed to something up north… Could be nice on weekends.”

That seems to satisfy him.  He beams, “I am so going to buy you a farm, Potts. You can have chickens, alpacas, and organic tomatoes.”

She laughs, “How did you know I’ve always wanted alpacas?”

“Who doesn’t?” Tony smiles smugly, “I’ve already got some names picked out.” He leans forward to kiss her and wags his eyebrows, “You are going to look so hot in overalls.”

Pepper rolls her eyes and playfully pushes him away. “Not in a million years. Let me finish this,” she says, pointing to he report in her lap, “And then we can discuss your newfound interest in agriculture.”

Tony nods and dismisses the projection, “Okay. Just so you know, I’ve already sent an offer. You are going to love this property. Also,” he leans in close and runs a strand of hair through his fingers, “I have some real interesting ideas about ploughing I’d like to share with you…”

Pepper rolls her eyes and pushes him away, “Oh my God, is that seriously the best pun you can think of? I thought you were a genius?” She points to the other side of the their overlarge sofa, “Sit over there and let me finish this!”

“Fine.” He huffs. “You are such a workaholic, Potts.” 

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Just imagine… Morgan woke up one day, had breakfast with her dad and mom, was told dad was going away for a few days, Tony told her he loved her 3000 and one day, standing next to Happy, who stayed to babysit when Pepper left in the rescue armor, received only her mom, who had to put on a brave face to tell her little daughter daddy would not be coming home??? Did that happen to a five year old girl???

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hi!!! thank you so much for the link to that video! sorry to bother you but do you have a link to the extended scene between tony and rhodey in the workshop as well? thank you so much!!!!

Yes it’s in my mediafire account and quality is perfect 

LINK - MP4 - 93MB

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Life Goes On

Endgame Spoilers, if you haven’t seen the movie do not read this.

Summary: You and Peter had been dating before the snap. Obviously you aged but he hadn’t so when he came back. he didn’t understand why you two had to break up.

Warning: Angst and major character deaths

Authors Note: If there is any mistakes, I’m sorry. I wrote this on my phone. And I know this is probably really bad but I just had this idea and wanted to write it. And it’s a lot longer than I meant for it to be, sorry. I will take any criticism, I wanna get better at writing so lemme know how you feel!:)

Originally posted by winston-wilson

You had lost Peter when you were 16. Your mother always told you that you were one of the “lucky” ones. You didn’t believe that, you just wanted Ned, MJ, Peter, hell even Flash back. But life had to go on. You graduated, moved out, got a 9 to 5. Life was boring and nothing like you imagined it would be. 5 years had passed and you moved on. But you hadn’t forgotten. You had got a bf/gf and was happy again. Then one day Tony Stark showed up at your door. It was bizarre because you haven’t seen him in 5 years. It was a lazy and warm Sunday afternoon, when he came.

“Hey kid.” A smiling Tony Stark said as you opened the door. You could tell it was a fake smile. He was obviously still affected by the snap. He’d lost so many people that meant so much to him. You know that he blamed himself for what happened, but it was no ones fault. But just like you, he had also moved on, he had a family now. He had a little girl. Morgan, you’d only met her once. It was when she was first born, she was so small and beautiful but you knew she would be just as great as her father.

“Hey Mr.Stark, I don’t mean to be rude but what are you doin here? I haven’t seen you in years.” You asked him as you opened the door to let him in. “Oh uhh come in.” You invited him in. “Thank you, I thought you were going to make me stand outside” he said with a slight smile. He walked in and looked around. “Don’t forget to take off your shoes” he looked back and laughed a little “my apologies, but how have you been?” He asked while removing his shoes. “I have been good, thank you for asking. How have you been? But before you answer would you like some coffee, tea, water, bourbon?” You asked while walking to the kitchen. “I’ll take some water but you might want some bourbon for this conversation” he said with a little humor behind it but you could sense the seriousness behind it.

“So what you’re tellin me is that, you are going to create a “time machine” to go back in time and stop all of this. Listen Mr.Stark I love ya but that doesn’t seem possible.” You said, completely doubting the genius. “I know it sounds crazy but we’ve tested it out and it’s gonna work. We can bring everyone back” he said, hoping you’d agree. “Don’t give me hope. I have finally moved on and I’m happy. Sure the world is in shambles but maybe this is how it’s supposed to be.” You said avoiding Tony’s eyes. “Are you really giving up? Don’t you want them all back. We can make this right. I just need your help. Please y/n.” He pleaded. You sighed and agreed. “Okay I’ll help but please don’t let me down.”

This whole “time machine” didn’t take as long as you thought it would. You didn’t know if it would work and you didn’t have much faith in it but you hoped it would. “Alright let’s get started” Bruce said as everyone walked up the ramp. You were going with Thor and Rocket. Thor has changed a lot but he was grieving. And if that is how he grieves, he’s allowed too. He lost a lot more than you, so you understand. Whilst everyone else made jokes about him, you didn’t see the humor behind it. He was hurting and he should be allowed to without being judged. And Rocket was very new to you. He’s a talking raccoon. In a weird way you thought he was cute. Yes, he’s a little bit of an ass but he’s also hurting. “Alright so is everyone paired up and ready?” Bruce asked before pressing the button. A chorus of yes went around. “Good.” He said while pressing the button and going up the ramp. “Remember we only have enough for a trip there and back for each of us, let’s make it count.” Steve said and right after you all were tiny and going through time.

“Okay so we got one chance at this, let’s not mess this up you guys.” You said as you all touched down in Asgard. You felt for Thor, not only was he back on his home planet long before it was destroyed, Loki was still alive, so was his father, and his mother. You knew this would be hard for Thor. But you had faith in him and hoped he wouldn’t mess this up. “You don’t have to worry about me. I am fine.” Thor said even though you didn’t believe him you didn’t say anything . But rocket on the other hand was quick to say something. It went in for a few minutes him trying to talk to Thor, thor having a panic attack, then rocket slapping him. Unlike Rocket you actually tried to help Thor. “Listen Thor, I know you miss them. I know how bad you want to talk to her again. But doing so could mess everything up.” You said rubbing his arm “you’re right, I will get the stone and leave.” He said nodding. You three started to walk away, discussing the plan. But when Rocket asked Thor a question and you got no response you knew he had went to go see his mother. “Shit, I swea-“you cut Rocket off “leave him be, it’ll take us to long to find him. Let’s go find Jane and get the stone.”

Thankfully you three got back safe with the stone. Tony and Scott had a slight mishap but Steve and Tony was able to fix it. Nebula and Rhodey did fine. Clint came back but Natasha did not. Thor was in denial and thought we could bring her back but it doesn’t work like that. Tony asked if she had a family, the only family she had was us. You were upset, you got along with Natasha. She taught you how to fight and use weapons. She didn’t deserve to die. You just hoped that no one else would die. But just like before, you all had to move on. Tony built a gauntlet for the stones. Thor wanted to wear it but we all agreed god or not, he wasn’t strong enough. So Bruce did it, you hid behind Thor for protecting. Unbeknownst to you all, the Nebula that you all brought back wasn’t the right Nebula. It was 2013, evil Nebula. And she was getting Thanos to you all. Bruce snapped his fingers and restored everything but Thanos was there with his army and he wanted a fight. You heard Sam “on your left.” “Oh my god, we did you.” You said as you looked back and seen everyone coming back. For a second you forgot it was a fight and almost got stabbed but Thor saved you. It was time to get serious. You fought long and hard along side everyone else. In the middle of the fight Steve caught Mjolnir. And the gauntlet was being passed around to stay outta Thanos hands. For a second you thought Thanos was gonna get it but Captain Marvel saved Peter and fought Thanos for a little before being punched with the power of the stones. For a second you thought Thanos one when he snapped but nothing happened. Somehow Tony got the stones and was able to snap. The last thing he said was “I am Iron Man”. You knew he wasn’t going to live, it wasn’t humanly possible. You watched as Peter and Pepper spoke to him. Peter was a mess. It was sad, after 5 years they had finally seen each other just for Tony to die. But at least he died a hero and doing something he worked so hard to do.

It was a little after the funeral. A lot had happened. Steve went back in time to give the stones back but stayed and lived his life out. And when he came back, he gave Sam his shield and made him Captain America. Thor went with the Guardians, you don’t think he’ll be back. Pepper was holding up okay, Morgan was sad but she didn’t really understand. Peter was a mess. But life had to go on. You hadn’t spoken to much to peter but you had too. It was important.

“Hey Pete. Um how are you?” You asked as you handed him a cup of water. “I’m okay, it’s just hard. Everywhere I go I see his face. I just miss him so much.” He said and you saw his eyes water a little bit and his voice quivered. “Hey it’s okay, I understand. You’re allowed to be upset and cry. It’s better to let it out then hold it in.” You soothed as you rubbed his back “thank you Y/N. You have no idea how much I’ve missed you. You haven’t spoken to me much or came around.” He said as he looked at you “well Peter I’ve been trying to think of how I do this. I’ve been trying to give you enough time to grieve but I’m just holding off at this point. Listen okay, I missed you so much Peter and I’m so happy you’re back. But we have to break up.” You told him, sadness lacing your voice. “What? Why?” He asked in a panic. “Peter I’m 21, you’re 16. I aged, you didn’t. If I stay with you 1. I’d be cheating and 2. I should go to jail. I’m sorry and I know this is a bad time but I’ve got to do it.” You said, trying to comfort him. “I understand, I can’t believe I forgot you aged. It hurts but it’s the right thing to do. We can still be friends right? I can’t lose you as a friend.” He said looking at you “of course we can still be friends. Don’t forget, I’ll always be here for you Peter.”


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Friendly reminder that it’s 2019, and some stupid fucking bitches still haven’t managed to gather their last two barely-functioning braincells and learned to differentiate between Bucky and the Winter Soldier, and with their clearly thoroughly fucked brains still have the God damn nerve to say that Bucky was the one who murdered the Starks, and that Steve’s reaction in trying to protect the man who has always protected him, from Iron Man (not Tony, because we all know he couldn’t hurt a hair on Bucky’s head without the suit, oops) was “unfair” and “blindsided”.

Please kindly fuck off with your bullshit, and plant a fucking tree to replace the oxygen you waste.

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