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The path leading to the reception was lined with lit lanterns. Since the sun was going down, the whole thing seemed even more intimate. Bucky moved closer to Steve and Steve let go of Bucky’s hand, so he could wrap his arm around Bucky’s waist, pulling him in even more.

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There’s a scene in NTBU 12 where Tony ends up sharing a beer with an old timer at some no where bar and the olds mans random chatting sort of helps Tony work through his feelings? You know, like random conversations in dingy bars with suspiciously old people tend to do.

Anyway, it’s a perfect Stan Lee moment but he already has a cameo so I had to pick another old man to give tony advice

All this to say, Jack Kirby has a cameo in Chapter 12 and since he co created Captain America I felt like it was appropriate for him to be the one to (unknowingly) help Tony start to move towards forgiveness.

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Harley’s father????

Edit: Found this in my draft and thought I might as well post it.

Warning: This is cringy AF.


*Tony, Peter, May, Pepper, Harley, Harley’s sister, Harley’s mom, Mj, Ned, Shuri, Jaxon, The Avengers, and Harley’s sorry excuse of a father on The Maury Show*


Maury: In the case of 19 year old Harley Keener and 14 year old (Insert Harley’s sister’s first name here) Keener, (insert Harley’s father’s name here) you…. ARE THE FATHER!

The Avengers: *Screaming bloody murder* “Fuck no! BOOOOOOOO!!!!!!”

Tony, May, and Pepper: *Gets out adoption papers* “Over our dead body!”

Harley: *Flipping him the bird* “Fuck you old man!”

Peter: *Tackles Harley to the ground* “MINE!!”

Harley’s Sister: *Crying ,while holding on to Harley* “I don’t want him to be our father!”

Harley’s Mom: *Yelling at Harley’ father* “I should have wooped your ass when I first met you!”

Mj: *Gives a speech about found family* “And this kids is how not to be an asshole who leaves their family in this speech I will tell you how….”

Shuri: *Quotes vines* “Oh my fucking god he fucking dead!”

Harley’s father: *Runs backstage* “Holy shit you guys are crazy!”

Jaxon:*Chases Harley’s dad with a poisoned apple* “Choke on this motherfucker!!!!”

Ned: *Silently watches the chaos* “WTF.”

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Right, so important question, does Clint make puns?

Clint, leaving a meeting: Hawk-Bye!

Clint, upset: Hawk-Cry :(

Tony: You pulled that prank, didn’t you?

Clint: Noooooo…

Clint, internally: Hawk-Lie

Clint, who has somehow gained control of a laser: HAWK-FRY

Tony: NO

Clint, doing his shoelaces: Hawk-Tie :)

Tony & Cap, fighting over something stupid

Clint: Hawk-Sigh

Natasha: Going to the store, anyone want anything?

Clint: :D

Natasha: Don’t do it.

Clint: Hawk-Rye Bread

Natasha: *Pulls out knife*

Clint, avoiding people by hiding in the vents: Hawk-Sly :)

Fury, tired of dealing with this: Get down here or you will Hawk-Die.

Clint: *Scrambles down*

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You were not happy when your phone rang at 3 in the morning, not when you had to wake up early to work, groggily, you extended your hand, reaching for your phone wanting to see who dared disturb your rest.

It was Tony, all your anger and sleep gone you answered, “Tony, darling, what’s wrong?”

On the other side of the line, you heard him take a deep breath, “Hey, (Y/N), listen… I’m sorry to wake you, but I… well,” you heard him take another breath, “I had a nightmare about you and I just wanted to make sure you’re okay.”

Your heart clenched, you knew how he struggled with nightmares, Afghanistan and going through a space portal had left some scars, “Tony, darling, do you want to come over? You can if you want to, we can sleep a little while longer, so come over and don’t think you’ll be bothering me, just… come.”

“I hate this,” his voice was quiet, “I hate feeling so weak,” another breath, “but if you’re sure, I can fly there.”

“Then fly, come darling, I’ll wait up for you.”

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Idk why you like that arrogant former arms dealer so much

who tony stark? the man who

  • Became a Anti War machine
  • has the most depth in the mcu
  • flew into a black hole to save the world
  • has the best suits
  • after flying into a black hole he suffered from PTSD and tried to create a machine that could prevent such things from happening again and got nothing but scolded instead of heard out when it failed
  • believed heroes should be held accountable for their actions when Cap was being a hoe 
  • was betrayed by Cap for his boyfriend when he was tryina shoot the 1s
  • Beat Thor’s ass
  • Beat Hulk’s ass
  • Is the center of the mcu and only tries to do what’s best
  • Is a legend in the star systems (since Thanos knows about him)
  • Is A Bad Bitch
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