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#tony stark
Rhodey: There’s ten people in a room, but only 7 chairs. What do you do?
Tony: Make everyone stand.
Peter: Find three more seats.
Harley: Kill 3 people.
Vilain Stephen: Kill 10 people.
Villain Stephen: The chairs are mine now.
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Loki x Reader

SALEM Masterlist


In all the centuries of your existence, you had never been dragged out of hiding by another god, put in a superhero team and forced to save the universe. But it seems your luck has run out.

A/N: :)

W/T: Violence


Originally posted by thosekidswhohuntmonsters


Lucky for you, it really wasn’t that hard to find your way back to the hallway you started in. You just made sure not to stop and stare at the fresh blood. You were thankful you didn’t go far in your search. There was a small room in the hall, it was empty and it was comparable to one of Tony’s break rooms he had in the old tower.

When you got back into the hall Loki looked like he had just arrived. He had a hand against his side, and you could see a dark stain against the fabric of his tunic.

“What the hell happened to you?”

He sighed, “If I am honest, I think it would be easier to say what didn’t happen.”

You stared at him for a second. It couldn’t have been more than two hours and he was already bleeding?

“You’ve gotta be kidding me. What did you do, start a fight?” You went to move his hand a bit, at least to examine what kind of wound you were dealing with. It was deep, there was no doubt about that. Loki could heal, but nothing miraculous, and he didn’t seem to be in a good enough state to even attempt healing. Your abilities really only gave you resilience, unless he just wanted you to cover the wound, you were pretty useless outside of skills you learned from Dr. Cho when she was willing to let you listen in.

“Actually, yes. I did start a fight and I’m sure you’ll be happy to know I won.” You rolled your eyes.

“My hero.” He put his hand back over the wound and you started speaking. “So, did you manage to find anything? Or did you spend the whole time getting stabbed?”

He laughed a bit but stopped and winced at the action. He held his hand tighter, holding his hand tighter against his side. “Yes, I ran into a soldier who sold it. It seems I underestimated him.” You were a bit surprised.

“That guy? I saw him, didn’t look like warrior material.” Loki nodded with you, pushing on the door of the nearby room you had open. He took a seat on the first chair he saw and took a moment to breathe. He was clearly in a lot of pain, and you weren’t certain how to help.

“Well, it seems he’s still in this army for a reason. Impressive magic, I will say that. If it weren’t for his friends it would’ve gone a lot smoother though.” He removed his hand from the wound, examining the state of his clothes. “Shame, I really did like this outfit.” You smiled a bit. Well, he can’t be too hurt if he’s making jokes, right?

“We should go Loki.”

He shook his head a bit, standing only to lose the door more. “He said he sold it, that’s it. I have no other information.”

That’s when you started speaking, “Loki I checked a computer file, he sold it to the bounty hunters. I mean, if he was going to sell it, why go far?” He nodded. “Now the only problem is making sure you don’t die on me.” He laughed.

“Believe me, darling, I’m not planning on it.” He stood, walking towards the door with you swiftly after him.

“We’re going to have to find you medical supplies, you know that.” You tried to keep your voice down. The screams and shouts from earlier had died down, leaving the hallway silent, save for the sound of your shoes hitting the floor. Loki headed for the door, mumbling something about having supplies on the ship. You were thankful he brought them, because you definitely didn’t.

Unsurprisingly, the lack of people didn’t mean there weren’t any guards around, just that they were stationed outside now.

“Any ideas, Loki?” You said, looking at the guards in front of you. They were directly outside of the entrance you came in, chatting about something or other. Another guard walked by, nodding to them before continuing to walk towards the two of you. You pulled Loki to the side of the door, pushing your backs flush against the cold metal wall. He sighed a bit, probably in relief. “Well?” You said, looking over at him.

He took a second to think before turning into the guard that had just passed you, a rather tall man with purple tinted skin. Loki stood up before offering you his hand and pulling you up. “Let’s see if we can get past them.” He said.

“Uh, I don’t like that lack of confidence.” You said, but he had started to walk around the door.

The second he walked out, the guards spotted the two of you immediately, although that wasn’t very surprising. They stopped talking and turned towards you two. They had the same purple tinted skin, and one was much shorter than the other. They looked a bit scruffy, to say the least. Unkempt beards and hair jutting out from all sides under their helmets.

“Mal?” The shorter one asked. “Why are you back out, didn’t someone take over for you?” The shorter one said. He looked more confused than suspicious, especially by you.

Loki nodded. “Yeah, new recruit. Doesn’t know her way around.” You smiled shyly, waving a bit. The guard nodded and turned away. You headed towards the outside of their compound, sneaking past most of the other guards and letting Loki improvise his way through the others.

Once you were out, you ran. Sure, they probably thought that was pretty damn suspicious, but it’s not like you were going back. You ran for a while, doing your best to subtly assist Loki. His hand went up to his side every once in a while, doing his best not to seem like he was hurt too badly. Eventually, you got to your ship. Loki looked like he was about to keel over, so you thought that was a good time to get some medical supplies. He sat outside the ship, hand close against his side. Gods can take hits, there’s no doubt about that. But he wasn’t healing, not even a little. He shifted back into himself while taking a deep, shaky, breath.

“What the hell did you get stabbed with?” You said, bringing over a bag of medical supplies.

Loki sighed, taking off his tunic. “I don’t know. I’ve been stabbed before, this was worse. It burned. It was like my skin was refusing to heal itself. I fear someone knew we were here.”

You nodded. It looked like a fairly normal wound, but when you looked closer you could see small burns around it, branch out from the one wound. You sighed. “I think you’ve got to heal the human way now.” Loki made some sound of disappointment, but let you continue cleaning and bandaging it. He hissed every once in a while in response to any cleaning solutions you used, but you were done quickly and he pulled his tunic back on, sitting with you on the soft grass.

“You know,” You started, “I think I’m gonna miss this grass. It’s like petting a really fluffy cat.” As much as you wanted to go home, you tried to look on the bright side. Night on a beautiful foreign planet? Not bad.

Loki smiled at you, “I’ll take your word for it.” He leaned back into the ground, looking up into the stars. You looked for a minute or two before you processed that this isn’t your sky, or your stars, or you planet. All new constellations. Part of you was thrilled at the thought, but the other part just wanted to go home even more now.

Your hand went through the grass, before you touched some sort of plant. A small thorn dug its way under your skin, and you jerked your hand away on instinct. The thorn tore a cut in your skin all the way down your finger and a few small drops of blood dripped from the cut, sliding down your arm and staining your skin. It only stung a bit, but the momentary pain took your attention away from the grass which made Loki turn to you.

“You’re bleeding?” He said, reaching for the first aid kit on your other side. The action made his side shift, and he hissed in pain when he finally grabbed it. You rolled your eyes and took it from him.

“Loki, I’m fine. You were stabbed, it’s just a cut.” He laughed a bit, he’s literally got a hole in his side and he’s worried about a thorn.

He nodded, “Yes, but you’re bleeding?”

“So are you! I’m fine, I’ll just grab a band-aid.” He looked over to the plant behind you, plucking it from its spot in the dirt. He avoided the thorns on the flower. There was no doubt it was pretty. It reminded you of a rose, but with a much darker purple than the grass. The thorns were larger too, looking more like spikes along the thick stem. He placed it down, checking to see if there were any more around you. He found two others, both smaller and not in bloom like the first one.

“They are pretty, as much as they hurt.” You said. He nodded, picking up the first one and examining it. It was beautiful, there was no doubt about that. “Loki, look at this.” You showed it to him, admiring how the moonlight seemed to bounce off the petals, making  them look more iridescent. “They’re gorgeous.”

You pick up the other ones as well, make a small bundle and standing up to put them inside. “C’mon. At least I’ll be able to show Peter something cool from another planet.” You said. You walking into your ship, Loki close behind you as you found a nice place to sleep. Admittedly, you were worried. If you find the Tesseract, you might need to leave immediately. Bounty hunters usually don’t appreciate thieves. If you don’t, you’ll have to do things the hard way. The really hard way.

You found somewhere and curled up, slipping into a dark, dreamless sleep. You could swear you felt the soft ghost of a kiss on your forehead.


“Okay. So, where would you go to sell the Tesseract?” You asked, entering the bounty hunter’s town— if you could even call it that. It was more like a group of buildings. Poorly made and thrown together, although it was surprisingly cleaner that the soldier’s facility. There were certainly blood stains, but it seemed someone was nice enough to clean most of them off, although not all the stains were the same deep red you were used to with humans, even though yours was much darker.

Loki took the lead, poking his head into bars, something that could be found every five feet. Loki’s idea wasn’t a bad one. That soldier, whoever he may have been, sold the Tesseract recently. Apparently, one or two people had destroyed themselves grabbing it with their bare hands. Loki thought that a find like that had to be celebrated. Somewhere, in this whole town. There had to be someone excited about it.

Loki was looking around the next bar while you stayed outside. Crowds of loud, drunk, people really weren’t you thing. Until you saw a small light out of the corner of your eye. Someone with a hood over their head was holding something small, wrapped in fabrics. You could see the smallest amount of blue peeking out of the corner. The person waited a second, glancing around, so you looked away. Loki came out a second or two after, just as you had started to subtly following the person, whoever they were.

“Everyone in there is too intoxicated to even answer me.” He said. You weren’t focused on that. You put a finger to your lips, pointing towards the person who was walking away. You followed, Loki with you. “They have it.” He said in realization, close behind you. You nodded and continued walking, doing your best to stay quiet, but not obviously follow them.

Loki’s theory was near right, since the person handed off the Tesseract to someone else who handed them a bag of something. Your new suspect immediately walked in a bar, either to celebrate like Loki guessed, or pawn it off to some drunk who would pay much more than necessary to get their hands on it.

You followed them in, Loki close behind. You straightened up, doing your best not to look out of place. No one blinked when you walked in, continuing on their drunk tirades about something or other. Your new suspect had taken off a coat, and you could clearly make out the face of a man, looking the Tesseract over.

Now, all you needed was a plan. “I’ll try to talk to him, you take it while he’s distracted. If I see a chance to grab it, then I’ll try. Then, we run.” You said, barely staying long enough to see Loki’s small nod.

You weren’t one for clever plans. Although you could come up with a well thought out prank, an actual battle plan was not something you were known for. Most of your best ideas could be boiled down to ‘punch it harder’, something that only worked about 70% of the time, much to Steve’s dismay.

You walked up to the man pretty easily, he had already chugged some kind of drink, and called for a second one at his table. The second you came into his peripheral, he smiled, calling over another drink.

He didn’t seem too bright, especially for someone literally holding an infinity stone, but all you had to do was play dumber than him, and he’d end up doing something stupid. Three drinks in, and he hadn’t really noticed how drunk you weren’t. A small glass of whatever it was he was chugging hardly made you tipsy. Most of the time, you were sure if this was a perk or a setback of being a god.

“Hey, you know, I just got a new item, worth a lot of cash.” This made you think for a second. Either, you’re dealing with the dumbest person in this universe, offering to show you an infinity stone because you laughed at his shitty jokes, or the smartest. Who’d pegged you for stupid and planned to get you to want this ‘new item’.

“Oh, yeah? What is it?” Honestly, part of you was just curious where he was going with this.

“Not sure honestly, wanna see?” Okay. Still the dumbest.

You nodded, watching as you took the fabric and uncovered it, the small swirling light beneath. You inwardly let out a sigh of relief when you saw it was the real thing. You faked a small gasp, seeming much more amazed than you really were, wrapped up in how pretty it was. You fiddled with the fabric as he chugged another drink. He was tipsy, that was for sure. The bartender kept refilling his glass, probably to rack up his tab more than anything. But it definitely served your purpose too. Until you noticed Loki missing, and the fact that the ‘bartender’ seemed to only be around your table. Sneaky bastard.

You took the opportunity to ask questions about the man, getting him to ramble on about his sister’s husband, or something like that, and Loki refilled his drink, taking the Tesseract and leaving behind a similar lump of fabric, something he seemed to have swiped off another patron. You laughed at some terrible joke he made and excused yourself, mumbling something about getting a drink. He smiled at you, finishing off another drink easily. Loki lead you out, changing form back into himself the second you were outside.

You smiled, glancing over to Loki who spoke, “Well, that was much easier than expected. Honestly, I thought something was going to go wrong.”

You heard a crash from inside the bar. “Really. You really had to say something?” You said, rolling your eyes. You ducked into an ally nearby, watching the man stumble drunkenly out of the bar, shouting for “that pretty bitch”.

“I’m not sure if I should take that as a compliment.” You said, taking the Tesseract from Loki and unwrapping it. You gripped it in your hand, it felt odd against your hands. Cold, but hot. It was smooth, comparable to clean glass, but you didn’t have time to marvel in it. You turned to Loki, smirking.

“Ready to go to hell?” You said. He smiled in return.

“Born ready.”

In a flash of blue you were gone, and the cool breeze of Kalan faded into hot, stagnant air all around you.


Tags: @lokislilslut​, @sarahivi​, @justanotherfangirl2015, @i-bitch-you-bitch​, @inumorph​, @unlikelygalaxygiver​, @witch-of-sound​, @unicorniorosacomefrutillas​, @whosaidididthat​, @birdgirl90​, @extremefabulous​, @iamverity​, @ariminiria​, @condy-wants-a-cookie​, @hellethil​, @dark-night-sky-99​, @caffeineandconversation​, @woohoney​, @lunawitch19

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Proof Tony Has a Heart — 5

summary: takes place after the blip. tony and his children causing chaos on the internet. rhodey and pepper can’t keep up.

a/n: tony gets hacked, the avengers have a field day and riri is queen




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Tony: When we started this team, would Steve have ever let his guard down like that? Did he trust any of us to know what to do without his constant supervision? Stumbling off in a drunken stupor to pass out in his bunk is the ultimate vote of confidence!
Bruce: That's a really good point.
Natasha: Yeah, remember when he used to never even sleep?
Clint: That was because of us? I just thought he had an undiagnosed medical condition.
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We are about a week away from our Christmas OTP challenge. Would anyone else like to join? 

Here are the rule.
1. You are welcome to use any OTP you wish. Reader does count. 

2. You can use more than one OTP if you wish but try to stick to one or two. 

3. You are welcome to do as many as you wish. But you must you the prompt from that day. So no skipping a head and no going back. 

4. I will make a master list of everyone posts so please tag #christmas otp challenge so they are easy for me to find. 

5. You are welcome to mix and match. So you can do social media, mood boards and stories. 

6. Signal boosts are nice. 

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Natasha is such good friends with Clint because neither of them got to have a childhood due to their corrupt caretakers forcing them to engage in criminal activities, socially isolated them, and enforced hyper-competence through failure being met with violence.

They represent (outwardly) very different approaches to this trauma and loss. Clint embraces his “inner child” with impulsiveness and throwing his whole heart into forging connections with people who are dubiously good, indulging in meaningless fun and chatter, and being outwardly emotional/open with little filter. Natasha rejects that “immaturity” in herself by planning out her interactions, maintaining emotional distance from people, and refusing to indulge in useless fun or impulses in her private life. Both of them inwardly struggle to articulate and manage their emotions and self-esteem, maintain appropriate boundaries with others due to their strong empathy and lack of experience with healthy relationships, and indulge themselves in meaningful identity-affirming ways.

Another approach to this kind of lost childhood (hyper-competence, abusive caretakers, enforced isolation) is that of the sociable workholic, someone who forms many (workplace) connections but intentionally severs them whenever anyone gets too close, and replaces self-worth and fun with productivity on the job and self-destruction when off work. Tony Stark represents this other approach and would therefore be an excellent addition to the balancing act/friendship/understanding between Natasha and Clint.

In this essay I will-

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Tony Stark x Stark!Reader (and Steve Rogers x Reader)

Part 9 is HERE. Series Masterlist.

  • it’s been a long, long time (piano) - tom mcbryde
  • la vie en rose - louisarmstrong
  • to build a home - the cinematic orchestra
  • take good care of my baby - bobby vee

Tony Stark was the happiest, happy-go-lucky man he could be. Ever since you ended up not being dead after a very life-threatening situation, it seemed like all of his troubles were whisked away. Morgan was growing older and it was not something he could get used to. You were planning a wedding with Steve, which he outwardly despised and secretly admired. Pepper was ecstatic about being able to assist you in figure out everything for your wedding and it was already locked in that Morgan was the flower girl.

Tony Stark was counting down the days until he had to walk you down the decorated aisle of your taste and be proud of the woman you became. He never thought he would be able to be where he is right now ever since Thanos was defeated. And Tony recalls the number of empty bottles of alcohol that were littered around his pain-inducing home. Since then, he silently swore to himself that he would attempt to not drink one drop of alcohol.

Tony Stark remembered the moment when you took matters into your own hands and the feeling of watching it unfold leaves him feeling funny. It almost seems as though it was supposed to be his duty to be where you were and it was something he couldn’t shake.

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