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Welcome back to our weekly rec list! We appreciate everyone who participated in the vote this week and hope to see you next Monday!

Trope: Hydra! Peter Parker

Arrival by orphan_account

They knew it would be hard taking in and helping a Teenage HYDRA agent.
These are a few of the moments, good and bad, they’ve had seen through transcriptions of FRIDAY’s security footage.

| 620 Words | 1/1 Chapters | Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings | Teen and Up Audiences |

link to story

Red Arachnid by shiningmidsummermoment

Peter Parker is captured by HYDRA and turned into the Red Arachnid. After a mission, the Red Arachnid goes to an apartment that seems familiar to him and relieved some haunting memories.


| 896 Words | 1/1 Chapters | Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings | Not Rated | 

link to story

Don’t leave me by somelonelyfan

A hydra AU oneshot.

| 2,764 Words | 1/1 Chapters | No Archive Warnings Apply | Not Rated |

link to story

A Picture Of You by QueenOfAngst

Hydra takes Peter away.

| 1,293 Words | 1/1 Chapters | No Archive Warnings Apply | General Audiences |

link to story

Wait A Minute (Who Are You?) by ALittleBitMental

Someone has been sighted around Stark Towers recently, and nobody knows who it is. Until suddenly, one day, a young stranger is walking into the Avengers kitchen and having a very interesting argument with Tony

Or, Tony likes housing ex-assassins (see: Winter Soldier, Natasha Romanov)

| 1,241 Words | 1/1 Chapters | No Archive Warnings Apply | Teen and Up Audiences | 

link to story

where the memories reside by tnyystark

Peter Parker has been dead for six months.

Six months, three days, and 18 hours.

At least, that’s what everyone things. Even Tony Stark, though he’d kill rather than admit it. But then a school in Queens is blown up and suddenly Peter Parker is back on the radar.

Except he’s not Peter Parker anymore.

He doesn’t even remember who that is.

| 113,451 Words | 30/30 Chapters | Graphic Depictions of Violence | Teen and Up Audiences |

link to story

darkness will be rewritten by homebuilding

“Richard Parker was studying Cross-Species Genetics, but struggled with the ethics of it, because it required he use human DNA, which no ethics board would agree with. So he used his own. His work was successful based off of his own DNA, and every human has a unique DNA,” Bruce explains. “So, naturally, when HYDRA wanted his research, they knew they would never get his support, so they took the next best thing they could to his own DNA. His son.”

Or, Tony finds a tortured and experimented-on Peter Parker in a HYDRA base and decides to help him because who else will?

| 80,220 Words | 24/24 Chapters | Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings | Teen and Up Audiences |

link to story

The Spider by Cipherr

Peter Parker Stark was kidnapped by hydra. Years later, knowing only his birth name, he escapes.

(Slightly modified powers, nothing drastic)

| 866 Words | 1/1 Chapters | No Archive Warnings Apply | Not Rated |

link to story

you’re just trying to do your best for a kid who’s lost control by tempestaurora

Peter Stark was a prodigy child, following in his father’s footsteps. First circuit board at four, engine at six, the future of Stark Industries. Then, the worst thing imaginable happens.


Ten years later, a new HYDRA experiment shows up on the scene; in black spandex, with the voice of a kid and abilities to rival Captain America, the Black Spider tugs at Tony’s heartstrings in a way he can’t fathom.

| 26,874 Words | 8/8 Chapters | Graphic Depictions of Violence | Teen and Up Audiences |

link to story

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UR WRITING IS SO GOOD AHHH 💕💕 if it’s alright could u make a rec list of bio!son peter and dad tony? 🥺🥺 thank u !

BOY CAN I EVER. Also thank you so much, y’all are all making me cry, this is like a dream come true with everyone enjoying my writing sm.

I apologize for taking so long on responding to this, I got very busy. And realized that, for as much as I love bio au, really don’t read a lot of it.

BUT, because it’s a necessary self promo…

Peter Stark’s Twitter Adventures (Series) by me :)

I have two fics in this series so far, @StarkSon being by far the most popular of the two. I am working on the third installment currently (albeit very, very slowly lmao). It’s, as the name implies, a Twitter AU, but it does have plot and I think it’s funny, and so far people have enjoyed it! (Sorry, I’m rambling ahaha.)

Hardest Lessons (Softest Results) (Series) by @riseuplikeglitterandgold

A very heart-warming, fulfilling series of bio!kid Peter by my bestest friend. You will not regret reading every word, I promise you. Baby’s Firsts is my personal favorite and actually what helped to inspire me to write fanfiction for Iron Dad.

Stars, Hide Your Fires by @yellowdistress

So frickin’ good. Every time I think about Bio Aus, this is one of the first that comes to mind. Just the summary gets me. “Starks didn’t create beautiful things… But when the four-year-old’s wide eyes blinked at him, Tony was struck with the sudden realization that maybe that had been a lie.” fucking CHEFS KISS MY GUY so good. The whole What We Are series is A+

A Gift of Time by TheEclecticSoul

This is the second story in their series, A Gift of Blood, which… yeah, you definitely need to read the first to understand this one. I just particularly liked a Gift of Time because it’s toddler/four-year old Peter. :’)

Hold On, To Me As We Go by GLWilliams97

I’m weirdly particular about grammar (I’m not saying this in a bad way, I swear), but this is one I can ignore it because I just love the story. <3 Rhodey seeing baby Tony in Peter always gets me with the big bro Rhodey feels.

We are human after all (Series) by yourgaydad

I admittedly haven’t read all of this, because I’m losing time to be able to read fics, but I have read the first two, and honestly? Yes.

Anyway, I really don’t have a lot because, like I said, I don’t read a lot of bio aus. Regardless, I hope there’s a couple of new ones on here for you to read! There’s plenty of great fics on AO3, and I’m sure plenty I have missed. (If you know anyone’s @, pls lmk because I suck at finding people’s tumblrs lmao.)

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Yooo I finally managed to fill another bingo square! 

Happy Valentine’s Day @spider-beep​ I hope you enjoy this! Also available on ao3. 


“So let’s address the sleep deprived elephant in the room,” Tony says conversationally. “What’s going on, kid?”

“Nothing,” Peter says, quickly shoving an entire strip of bacon into his mouth as a show of alertness. “M’fine!”

“God, Tony, he’s even worse than you,” Rhodey snorts.

Peter grins at the comment, as does Tony, and they share a chuckle while Rhodey groans in playful dismay.

“Deny it all you want, kiddo,” Tony twirls his fork close to Peter’s face, “the craters beneath your eyes are giving away all your secrets.”


Peter and sleep have been avoiding each other lately. Enter Tony Stark, the man with many plans.

Trope - Sleepy 

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hi hi hon! :D I absolutely adore your writing and was wondering if you could write a fic where Peter and Tony are cooking together in Stark Cabin (maybe cookies or something) and Peter burns himself (not too badly) and Tony goes into Over-Protective!DadMode and is immediately making sure his son's okay and Peter just wants to eat the cookies (but secretly loves the attention)?? and maybe include all the cute nicknames because they literally make me melt ahh THANK YOU SO MUCH DUDE I LOVE YOU :D

ily2!! thank you for the ask~! its a cute prompt :’)

It was a very rare occasion that Pepper allowed Tony into the kitchen, more or less both Tony and Peter.

In fact, she hadn’t condoned their current inhabitance. Pepper was out shopping with Morgan and May, insisting she needed a girl’s day away from all the testosterone and nonsensical blabbering Peter and Tony engaged in. For as brilliant as Pepper Stark was, she had no hope keeping up with her boys once they’d fully slipped into techno-babble.

She was, of course, delighted Peter was even back for Tony to engage in such conversations with. Peter had asked, one night, haunted by ghosts around the corner, and she reassured him she was beyond happy he was back. It was just hard to sit through hours of conversation she didn’t understand without some reprieve.

Which, okay, Peter gets that. He had a hard time sitting through when she came back from work and listening to her drone on about business and politics and all that nonsense.

Pepper had laughed when he fell asleep once on her talking about her day, and said, fondly, “You really are just like your father.”

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Tony embarrassing Peter at school with the nicknames and bringing him lunch ect??? 💙❤💙

Sometimes, being half-spider was really inconvenient. 

For one, Peter was acutely aware of bugs. Specifically flies. It was single-handedly the most frustrating part of being who he was, now, because Peter didn’t want to be aware of flies, he just was. His whole body hummed with focus when one strayed too close to him, and it’s especially irritating when he has bigger things to focus on (i.e., a gun being pointed at him) and a fly buzzes past.

Once he’d nearly gotten shot for it and had to explain to his incredulous mentor that it was the fly’s fault, not his. Tony still chewed him out, but there was this look on his face that suggested he thought it was more hilarious than anything.

(He was still pissed about Peter almost getting shot, though, don’t misunderstand.)

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An AU in which Tony is shown what his life could be in the future and he desperately wants it to become a reality.

(Not good with prompts, nor am I good at plotting. When I write I usually just fly by the seat of my pants, so take this with a grain of salt. Whoever writes this please tag me. I’d love to see your take on it.)


♦ Late one rare night when Tony is sleeping he’s visited by Pepper in his dreams. Confused, he wants to ask what she’s doing there, but before he can speak she starts to. Her voice sounded like an echo in the void, going on about Tony losing himself somewhere along the way and not letting anyone in. Even Peter.

♦ The last thing he remembers after his talk with Pepper was a blinding white light and then waking up in his bed, a warm body next to him. It was Peter, his arms wrapped tightly around a pillow, peacefully sleeping.

♦ Confused, Tony gently shakes him awake. Peter’s eyes slowly open, his hazel eyes meeting Tony’s and contented smile taking over his lips. “Morning, baby,” he said.

♦ Tony opens his mouth to speak to say that this was a joke. It had to be. But before he could even think to get a word out, the door of his room was thrown open, and then someone was jumping on the bed with a squeal. “Daddies wake up!”

♦ And at that Tony pulls his knees up to his chest and hangs his head low with a groan. “What the hell is going on?” he whispered.

          —Pepper had thrown him into an alternate reality sometime in the future. Where he was married to Peter (his protégé and intern at Stark Industries).

(Edit): Added the three below because I forgot to add them.
♦ After a while, he’s slowly but surely getting used to waking up next to Peter every morning and taking care of their daughter Morgan, when he’s not at work. 

♦ But then after a while, after he’s finally gotten used to his new life Pepper visits him in his dreams again. There’s another blinding white light and when he wakes us this time he’s back in the present. Peter isn’t his husband anymore and Morgan doesn’t exist.

♦ It is now up to Tony to make his possible future with Peter a reality.

Tag list: @starkermydaddies@darker-soft-starker @sthefystarkersworld @softstarker @smidnite @starkerslut @starker-stern @starker-thorki @starkerthanreality @redyelloworangegreenblue @mokutonprince @stereksoulmates @aoifelaufeyson @cipherstars @cipherstarker @starkinabox @chaoticneutralarmy @spidony @spidony-starker @starkerparkerpony @supernaturalyloki @starkerislife @starkerdayss @justpretendthisneverhappened @spadestorm696 @starkerwhoops @starker-prompts @im-a-goner-foryou @im-a-goner–foryou @starkerprince @thirsty-for-problematic-ships @snowydisco @camillastrangestark97@starkerthanreality

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i’m very deprived of soldier peter surprising tony when he comes back from tour and i feel like you are the best person to ask for that ! lil drabble for lil old me ?

bro, those homecoming videos are quite literally my favorite thing ever hhhh, I cry every time I swear

If you were to ask Tony, he’d say even half a day was too long to go without seeing his son, more or less eighteen months. 

Missing Peter went from an ache to a burning, gaping chasm in his chest; breaths came short, and the yearning could only be temporarily abated, but not soothed, by the spare phone calls Peter could make home. Last night, they’d told Peter he wouldn’t be home for the holidays and broke the news to Tony he wouldn’t be coming back like he’d expected.

Tony still lit the first candle on the menorah, alone, and pretended, when Morgan came up to sit in his lap, he hadn’t been crying. The first night had always been Peter’s favorite, since it was when they’d bake latkes and go around the neighborhood handing them out.

Without Peter there, neither Hanukkah, nor Christmas, felt the same.

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ive been a sucker for dad peter and grandpa tony fics lately, maybe a drabble about that please?

i’m always down for grandpa tony. 100000%

Tony couldn’t believe how time had flown.

Morgan was in high school, which Tony couldn’t begin to explain how terrifying that was. Every day she came home talking about a new technique they’d learned about in art class, splattered from head to toe in paint, but eyes shining with excitement as she talked about her passion. She’d graduate in a year, and head off to Bard College to pursue a degree in painting.

Where she got her artistic talent, Tony would never know, but he’d encourage her to do whatever she most loved. If that was painting, he’d give her every last penny to paint her next masterpiece.

(Of his totally unbiased opinion, every one of her paintings was a masterpiece.)

Peter was graduated thrice over, first from high school, then with a bachelors degree, and now a master’s, too. He was half-way through his Ph.D. in biochemistry, and Tony couldn’t be prouder of his oldest kid. Two years ago, he’d reluctantly handed his baby off to Michelle Parker, nee Jones, and a year and six months later, they gave him his first grandchild.

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Can you do a sleepy peter with stomach ache getting put to sleep by Tony? I kinda have a stomach ache really bad rn and could use the escapism lol, also can the nicknames head canon be in there too please? Thank you so much! I love your writing honestly and you're very talented, you are seriously one of my favorite authors and I sincerely mean that 💓

;-; this touched my heart. thank you so soosososososo much it’s so crazy to me that so many people are enjoying my writing! also I hope your stomach feels better by the time this reaches you. :)

In retrospect, Peter was a bit naive to assume that, just because he hadn’t gotten sick since the bite, doesn’t mean he never could.

Then again, crazier shit had happened to him than a perfect immune system. For one, Peter could stick to walls and walk on the ceiling. And lift some three thousand times his weight, so, yeah, immunity to illness wasn’t too far off the mark.

Peter should’ve known his Parker-Luck would’ve come to bite him in the ass.

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Could you a do a fic were Peter and Morgan have to learn how to share and love each other? Or maybe jealous flash gets extremely salty when he sees peter and tony's natural intimacy as father and son?? 😊

As much as I enjoy the first idea, it’s too long for a drabble. Maybe one day I could write a fic! I hope you enjoy!

Ever since half the universe’s spectacular return from the dead, it’s been even harder than normal for Flash to ignore Parker. Not that he was obsessed with Peter, but the guy was just ever-presently there, even when he wasn’t physically in the room with them.

But that might also be Flash’s jealousy talking when he sees the other teen holding hands with MJ (how he swung that one, Flash will never know), or making private jokes with Ned, or when he brings Tony fucking Stark to every school event there was. Flash is decently sure he’d seen more of Tony Stark in a few months than he had in a lifetime. 

Every decathlon meet, Iron Man himself was just there. Stark even brought this way-too-high-tech-to-be-bought camera that hovered midair and filmed everything Parker said. He came to every PTSA meeting with freshly baked cookies while Parker slouched in the chair, like he was somehow fucking embarrassed Stark was there, chatting up the nearest Linda or Karen.

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