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you know united players (for the most part) run their own social media because they’ve posted some hilariously messy things over the last couple of years. like just in the past year there was the martial “sorry for the evil I’ve been able to do, it won’t happen again 🙌🏾” post in response to getting caught cheating. there’s that Jesse Instagram story. there’s players liking negative things about Mourinho. there was Matic liking posts about how he’s better than his teammates. there’s shaw basically mocking lukaku. there’s Lukaku leaking training data. it’s all HILARIOUS.

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every time i hear or read the word stable i immediately think of out stableboy lance and my love for ftctmh overwhelms me like. i love it so much and i just wanna read it constantly and just live in that story, you know? you did such and amazing job and i just! love it so much!

sjdjdj that’s so adorable and sweet!! thank you very much. I really love that fic, it will always have a special place in my heart. It’s actually probably the thing I am most proud of writing. So thank you for the kind words and thank you for brightening my morning today 💖

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i’ve worked in building services (1 yr), procurement (2 yrs), and credit/credit risk (1 yr) and credit is definitely my favourite sector to work in, i basically get paid for being a nosy bitch into people’s finances

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please i can’t stop thinking about maniac im so :ooooo can’t wait for halsey to go off 

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some celebs just fully act like stans?????? it’s so weird like shdjshd 

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dua lipa……………………… im impressed

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remember when zayn tweeted “remember when you had a life and stopped making bitchy comments about mine?” i think about that every day it haunts me

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thinkin bout me at 10 w the email iluvnadal like jsdhjshds was i ok

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i know i have been IA for a while but i am almost done with this semester!!!!! tomorrow is my last final and i will be on break for a month so i will try my best to post a lot of content t___t ty for following and supporting me <3 (also good luck to everyone who is also going through school and finals!)

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there are 2 wolves inside u: 1 wants to demonstrate to the public how useful a fundamental understanding of history is in a variety of ways and what is at danger when we cease to examine the past & 1 says that trying to prove history’s usefulness is a byproduct of capitalistic thinking that demands everything have a use in order to have value and thus studying history despite its “worthlessness” is anti-capitalist and punk

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I need for someone to go into my brain and remove the part that makes me love Star Wars

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I woke up too early from my nap earlier and was having a dream where harry was introducing his boyfriend to the world and talking about how much they love each other (they did it together) and it was so chill but on a late night show?? It was so fucking great but weird but then I started waking up but was stuck in that weird limbo where you can feel ur physical body still paralyzed seeping into ur dream body and my dream self thot I was getting possessed but then i was like ‘what? shut up’ then i woke up

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hello I’m just here to say that king carlo is available and he would do a very good job for a great many clubs.

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