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#tpp spoilers

“Even his smile is unbefitting for a thief. It’s so… naive.
    With every flicker of feeling that smile shifts, daring a
    confident second in the sun, then hiding away behind his
    lips, then peeking again. You can read a man’s soul with a
    smile like that, can see his every hope and fear and love, 

“Smiles from Juno Steel come like shapes in firelight,
    flickering and unsure and inconsistent. I hold my breath
    near this one, lest a stray exhalation put it out.”

(Nureyev catching Juno in 3:01 / Nureyev dipping Juno in 3:02)

(i love tpp,,, so much,,,,,)

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yeah you read the post title you know what this is about

so chapter two is here!! man in glass part two inspired me to crank out another three thousand words or so. kabert out here giving the gays everything they want

here’s the ao3 link if you want to read it over there with all the tag warnings

Jet knows, in the grand scheme of things, very little about Juno Steel.

He knows the lady is thirty nine years old, and that before he joined up with Buddy’s family he had never before left Mars, and that he is light enough that Jet can pick him up like a sac of stolen creds. He knows that Juno, for a brief period, worked for Ramses O’Flaherty, and that the politician had given him one of the most expensive and invasive cybernetic prosthetic eyes on the market, and because he ripped that eye out of Juno’s head Jet knows that Juno had a twin brother named Benzaiten that had died when the two of them were just nineteen. Jet knows that Juno is a former cop, that he is an above average detective with the ear of almost every socialite in Hyperion city, and that he does not like tea, but he likes it more than being uninformed or the idea of killing another person. He knows quite a bit about how much Juno detests the idea of killing another human being. Juno wears his feelings on his face and his shoulders and his hands, worn thin through years of exposure.

Juno does not like that he wears his feelings, for all that he cannot help doing so. Jet knows this, too.

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So at what point, if Juno hadn’t run off at the end of season one, was Peter planning to mention the massive debt he had hanging around his neck? He’d sold “we’ll run away together” as though they’d be free to go and do whatever they like. Bit of a bait and switch to say, AFTER they’d left Mars, “oh by the way we’ll both the spending the rest of our natural lives paying off what I owe.” Which makes me wonder 1) whether Peter thought Juno had already learned the truth from his jaunt into Peter’s memory or 2) whether Peter believed he wouldn’t be in debt forever because Juno could help him escape.

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