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Wouldst thou like the taste of a most luxurious and delicate homemade butter? I would be most glad to give it thee, but first, canst thou provide thy signature in this, mine book of travels?

Do I know you from somewhere? Hmm… Perhaps I’m just being paranoid. I’d be happy to sign it though I don’t have a name in the strictest sense.

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This is my first ever “draw this in your style”! I thought I could use something to post while I’m still working on school and bigger art projects. This time I’m participating in mokkapun’s (on instagram) #mokkapun_dtiys and I like how it came out. I definitely took a couple liberties but I kept swapping between doing exactly what the prompt does and going off on my own :P

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*агрессивно печатает* Я? Я! Хочу трейд… Ну вот нравится мне рисовать чужих ос/персов, набивать руку под все разное и.т.д Так что блиииин, видишь пост? Ну напиши, предложи, это же бесплатно! Рисую по дедлайну по разному, могу день, два, ну мб три но точно не неделю! Крч, ждать долго не заставлю! Рисую, ну вроде относительно не плохо… Все, жду тебя, человек!!!

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(SLP) CURSES! FOILED ONCE AGAIN! this time, I bring an orb of scrying. Use it to talk (audio/video connection) to any other holders. I kept it with my grad ring, as 'twere.

In return a tiny paint brush. Any mark left with it will be unique and captivating but contain barely visible patterns that reflect whoever left it.

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Hi there, I have something you might be interested in. A knife made of polished obsidian, that whispers to those who hold it in ancient tongues. I removed it from a patient recently, and the dark powers within seem to be better suited for your collection. -Clinical manners

In return a soda stream machine that imbues any drinks it creates with pain dulling tendancies. Odd but useful in your trade maybe, and certainly more fun than Advil.

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