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#traitor who you love

Okay but does anyone else remember “traitor who you love”?!


What was that

We lost our minds over that

Was that ever addressed?!

Was it just swept under the rug?

Did we ‘misinterpret’ that too?!



Originally posted by xbellarketrashx


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Do you think that the algae Bellamy used to put Octavia in a coma was brought up even just in conversation because it’s going to get brought up later?

I think it was brought up again because they needed it for Kane.

I think it’s coming up again because it’s a storyline that is not done and secret that Octavia is holding for when she can use it to her best advantage.

I think bringing it up again and having Belamy look shifty about it is a reminder for the audience about how shifty it was for him to USE the algae and a reminder of WHY he used the algae, which is the secret he’s keeping about HIS FEELINGS for Clarke.

The algae is part of the plot of Marcus’s healing and it’s also part of the plot between the Blakes. And it’s ALSO part of the plot between Bellarke. And that means it’s ALSO part of the plot between B/E, because it is the evidence of Bellamy being in love with Clarke while he is with his girlfriend. Another traitor who you love.

The algae is a plot element that is already coming back because the story is not done.

Gimme story. 

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I bet she’s going to say something to Echo. She has to. There’s so much tension between the two of them. O literally hates her. One day she’s gonna snap

yeah but she’s sneaky. she could say it to raven, and have it knock down all sorts of dominoes so she could see how it plays out. 

i think her main interest is bellamy. and the question is what is her agenda. what does she WANT? 

Does she want power? Does she want forgiveness? Does she want to change and be better? Does she want to mess with people? Does she want revenge? 

I don’t know what she wants yet, so that’s going to change things. If she wants to be better, she’d nag Bellamy about it, and encourage him to choose clarke. If she wanted forgiveness she might tell Clarke to give her hope and say she still cares about her and bellamy. If she wants to mess with people, she’d tell raven and let raven stew with it and bring up old issues. If she wants revenge she’d tell echo and rub it in. If she wants power? She’d wait and find the most strategic moment…. but shes not real good at strategy so it would probably fall apart. 

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So if they’re going to address alll these things (radio calls, poisoning, etc.) I feel like they’re gonna have a blow up conversation, there’s too much up in the air with too little time for it to come out slowly. They’re gonna talk. And hopefully it ends more romantically dramatic than hakeldama did

I felt like it would be slow and developed, but no. That’s not what happened in the story. They delayed the reveal of the 2199 calls, and never brought it up, and put barriers between bellarke instead, which makes the issue bigger.

And the same thing happened with the “traitor who you love.” Instead of facing these things, more obstacles were placed in the way.

So, yeah. I think you’re right. Only a couple episodes left to deal with the reveal from LAST seasons cliffhanger. 

They maintained the pattern of all 4 seasons of Bellarke where they were together then separate then together again in the finale. Season 2 didn’t have them getting back together until the final episode. 

So at least we have two episodes hopefully? And yes, I think we’re getting those issues addressed, or so say Eliza and Bob. And we’re also getting a finale that is very emotional… both heartbreaking and heartfelt.

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The thing is, of course Bellamy loves Clarke. They’ve been each others closest supporters since season one, sometimes personally risking everything so the other can survive. But it’s not what Octavia is saying. Its how she leans back, pauses before she utters the last words and stares Bellamy down accusingly, to which he looks away. It’s obvious he loves her, that is a given, but Octavia is challenging Bellamy in a thousand different ways with the statement, a challenge that shows her knowledge that it’s a different kind of love, and he doesn’t deny any of them.

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TAG DUMP - VERSES / AU & Canon Div.

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