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Anyone else have really controlling/criticizing parents? My dad makes fun of every little thing I do. I’m so insecure I feel like I’ve been 14 for 6 years now because if I make a change in my appearance I’ll never hear the end of it. I’ve wanted to get my septum pierced for 3 years now but I can’t get myself to have it done because it’s all I’ll hear about for years.

I feel like I can’t be myself until the day I move out.

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Illinois, 11?

11: Trapped in a tomb or mausoleum

Hey! Someone help me!

Illinois banged his fist desperately against the heavy stones of the cave-in, tears pricking at the corners of his eyes without him really noticing. It was his own fault, he’d been too eager, he knew the tunnel wasn’t secured yet but it wasn’t every day one got to unearth an Egyptian tomb –

“Illinois?! Are you down there?!”

He nearly melted in relief at the voice, a member of the research team he’d come with. He’d never been more grateful that for once in his Goddamn life he hadn’t come alone. “Yes! Yes, please, for the love of fuck get me out of here!”

“Hold on, we’ll clear this out as fast as we can but – the tunnel still isn’t stable! It – it might take a while.”

Illinois’ blood ran cold. “How long is a while?”

“A day? More? We’ll get an air vent dug as fast as possible so you don’t suffocate, but just – I’m sorry.”

Illinois swallowed, hands sliding away from the cave-in. “Right. It’s okay! I’ll just be…down here…with a mummified corpse…” Illinois felt his skin crawl, and he turned hesitantly around to face the tomb. Under different circumstances, he’d marvel just how beautifully the tomb was preserved, but…he didn’t feel like poking around anymore. The sarcophagus sat heavy in the middle of the tomb. Illinois couldn’t see inside of it, and he had no intention of opening it, but…knowing there was a body in there…undisturbed for thousands of years…

He elected to squeeze his eyes shut and curl up in a corner as he waited for rescue.

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I am trapped behind concrete walls and steel bars. The air burns my lungs with car exhaust and cement. Shades of gray cloud my vision and light dulls the dark. Where is the soft grass and the tall trees? The smooth earthy air that embraces my lungs with every deep breath? The blue’s and green’s and a night sky freckled with stars? For they were home, and this is not.

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“The one you saved” Part 1 / 2

“I want you to come with me. There’s something you need to learn.”

Great. How wonderful. Another one of his “lessons”. She’s as good as dead.

That was a few moments ago. Then Imbros walked through town with her, making sure that everyone was thoroughly terrified of the both of them. He is smart, she’ll grudgingly admit, to make a big show about her being his apprentice… Wanting everyone to hate her as much as she despises him. 

If she’s being honest, the harsh looks thrown their way didn’t bother her too much— she’s unfortunately used to those. But when those people pulled back, muttering hisses of “traitor” and “healer turned killer”, it was hard to keep her chin high.

He guides her, one hand resting on her shoulder in his normal controlling manner, into a closed and abandoned shop in the center of the town. Then Imbros makes another big show of closing the door, his body language making it very clear that any attempt to leave will not end well for her.

His voice is as calm as ever when he turns back to her, only the slightest hint of his cruel nature buried beneath his honey-sweet voice. “Did you see?” He says softly. “Everyone out there watched us walk into this building.”

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I kinda don’t want to loose weight anymore. It’s so frustrating to not eat what I want or how many I want.

But I can’t stop. It would feel like a failure if I stoped now. And it would make me sader then I am.


My whole day Is just „oh how many kcl is this“ „I need to drink more disgusting water“ „workout fun fun fun…n“.

But if I stard eating normal by now, my stard weight would easily come back and everything I’ve done by far would be meaningless.

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