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let me tell you all the ways that the meat industry is tearing this family apart

ahem. yes i actually have to clear my “throat” for this one because there are SO many things wrong with the meat industry. aHEM.

liSTEN UP! The meat industry is the NUMBER ONE cause of climate change and water pollution AMONG OTHER THINGS.

just skipping ONE meat meal a WEEK is the equivalent of taking 500,000 cars off the road.

it’s not just the animal farts and burps that are gassing up our world (animal farts and burps make up 20 percent of US methane-gas emissions mind you). animal agriculture is to blame for more greenhouse gases than all transportation COMBINED. More than 1/3 of raw materials and fossil fuels are put towards raising animals for meat in the US.

meanwhile, the meat industry wastes TRUCKLOADS of water. How much water does it take to make 1 pound of meat? Wait for it, wait for it… 2,400 GALLONS. And just as a comparison, it takes 25 gallons to make 1 pound of wheat.

you would save more water by not eating ONE POUND of meat than you would not showering for SIX MONTHS.

…six month ;-;

to top off this unglorious raw meat cake of shame,


The Environment Protection Agency states that animal agriculture is the number one cause of water pollution. More than all industrial sources COMBINED, the meat industry takes the #1 place as completely shitty. LITERALLY, because a disgusting amount of shit gets into our waterways.

oh and if you like air then by extension you automatically don’t like the meat industry! because the meat industry is a MENACE to our forests and trees. 14,400 ACRES OF LAND is cleared EVERYDAY to make more meat for our 11 inch dinner plates :)

90 PERCENT of the land that has been cleared in the AMAZON RAINFOREST is for MEAT PRODUCTION

is this what we want our future to look like? our forests overtaken with DEATH FACTORIES?


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